can you hunt raccoons at night

Can You Hunt Raccoons At Night?

Can you hunt raccoons at night? Hunting raccoons at night introduces a unique and challenging dimension to the pursuit of these elusive creatures. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, and their activity …

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raccoon gestation period

All About Raccoon Gestation Period

Because raccoons have a relatively short lifespan, their gestation periods are also relatively short. The raccoon gestation period usually takes place in the spring. Most raccoons begin mating in January …

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when do raccoons sleep

When Do Raccoons Sleep?

Raccoons are usually active at night, so many people will wonder when do raccoons sleep. Raccoons are opportunistic animals so you can find them sleeping in many different places. Their …

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will a bb gun kill a raccoon

Will A BB Gun Kill A Raccoon?

Raccoons are intelligent and curious animals. Raccoon hunting is no longer strange and has become a favorite of many people. While trapping and relocation are often the most humane and …

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