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Six Helpful Tips On How To Train A Squirrel Dog

Dogs are man's best friends in almost everything, and hunting holds no exception! These loyal and furry animals are one of the best companions to take along with during the hunting season, as they have the impeccable sense to look out for predators and the potential game you can capture. Squirrel dogs, in particular, are great types of dogs to bring along with. But how can you make sure that they are well-trained to handle the hunt? It's not too early to begin training your furry friend! So read on as I show you a helpful guide on how to train a squirrel dog.

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Where Do Deer Sleep? The Important Facts You Need To Know

Just like us humans, deer will need a bit of sleep as well! After all, how will they be able to jump great heights or run very quickly without the energy they get from resting? There have been little studies or observations said about the sleeping habits of a deer, as we would usually focus on their action! But it's high time to know about their sleeping conditions and answer the question: "Where do deer sleep?"

To help you answer that question, I'll be talking about their sleeping habits. So do read on to learn more about the deer and how they rest.

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Which Material Provides Warmth Even When Wet? What You Need To Know

When it comes to being outdoors, there are quite a few things you will need to consider, and it isn't just about the best carbon arrows got to invest in for capturing game! You should also consider your wellbeing, especially with the clothes you wear for safety from predators or even the weather. If you plan on hunting during the rainy season or cold weather, you may ask yourself: "which material provides warmth even when wet?" While you might think it's impossible, there are actually specific types of clothes to wear that help keep you warm and dry no matter the weather!

So read on as I show you the types of clothes and materials to wear while you are out hunting during the wet weather!

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How Long Do Deer Live For? The Surprising Truth Revealed!

Have you ever wondered about the age of the deer you capture? It makes you wonder how long deer would usually live for when out hunting! But because of the many variables that contribute to a deer's life, this can be quite hard to answer the question with confidence. There are a few factors to look into, but there is an average number to base one! So if you're wondering: "How long do deer live?", read on as I show you the answers to help you become a better hunter, knowledgeable about your game!

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Best Deer Attractant 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

There are different ways on how one can attract deer. You can find the best deer decoys, create hunting strategies, or even plant turnips to have deer come to you! But if you want something small and simple to use to have deer come to your area without seeming scared, then the best deer attractant will help you out with that. But wait! What are the different types of deer attractant and which is the best to invest in?​​​​

Read on as I show you all about the deer attractant, as well as the top five choices to help you out.

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Best Deer Calls 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When out in the fields, one common problem hunters experience is finding and attracting deer. There are some days I end up going home empty-handed because no matter how many hours I spend either on an elevated stand or hiding in a hunting blind, deer are nowhere to be found. But I found out that using the best deer calls are an effective way to attract bucks to wherever I am, and I was shocked to see how much better my hunts became because of this small tool!

So if you're looking for a strong and accurate deer call, read on as I show you my top four choices!

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When To Plant Buck Forage Oats: What You Need To Know For Healthy Deer

When it comes to hunting deer, then it's best to begin setting up and preparing a few things to attract deer! This doesn't only mean trying out tactics such as a deer decoy or hiding in a hunting blind, but to also use food as a way to keep deer healthy while having a sure space to keep them in one area for hunting. One effective grain to plant would be buck forage oats, which are great for deer. But it might be confusing as to when to plant buck forage oats, especially if you don't have a green thumb!

So read on as I show you what you need to know about these types of oats and how you can plant them yourself!

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How Rare Are the Piebald Deer? What You Need To Know For Future Hunts

I'm sure many of us hunters focus more on the whitetail deer and are most familiar with this species. But there are many more types of deer out there to scout and hunt, including the piebald deer! But wait! Before you begin hunting this species, let's first tackle the question: "How rare are Piebald deer?" This will help you know if you should target and hunt this species.

So do read on as I show you the information you need to know about the Piebald deer and if you should be hunting them. Check out how interesting and unique they are!

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Best Deer Decoy 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever left the hunting fields empty-handed or not being able to target deer successfully no matter how many times you've scouted the area? Then you may need the best deer decoy to help you out with that! There are many hunters who still haven't started trying to attract deer with a good decoy, though there are many reasons why you should begin doing so! But how do you know what the best deer decoy is anyway?

Read on as I'll be showing you my top five choices on the best deer decoy to help you have a successful hunt!

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Best Cold Weather Hunting Boots 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever attempted hunting during the cold weather? I know I have, and if it weren't for the best cold weather hunting boots, I'm sure I would have frozen or quit halfway through the frigid and wet conditions! It isn't just about having the best equipment for hunting, after all. You have to make sure that you take care of yourself as well, from the type of safety harnesses you invest in down to what you wear.

So read on as I show you the ultimate guide to purchasing the best cold weather hunting boots!

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