What Should I Have In My Hunting Backpack?

Are you an adventure junkie? And eagerly waiting for your next hunting venture? Then you might be confused about what to carry with you if it is your first time. As while going for a hunt when covered with bushes, your hunting backpack is the only thing that you can rely on. The following are some of the essential equipment that you should carry in your backpack for hunting without having any extra weight:


1. Water:

If you want to survive in the forest, there are certain things you need to carry with yourself. And water is the most important thing among them. It is preferred to save the majority space in your backpack for water.

As you never know where you will get a river or lake in a forest when you are urging for water. You can use a bladder to carry your water supply, which will save a lot of space in your pack. If you want, you can also go for platypus collapsible that can be placed at the bottom of the backpack.

2. First Aid Kit:

No matter where you go for an adventure, especially if you are departing for hunting, then a first aid kit is a must. A small size first aid box can easily fit into your pack without consuming any extra space. It is one of the basic equipment ones come across while learning about best hunting pack

It can be as simple as three or two large, medium, and small band-aids, paracord, anti-itch cream, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial cream. These things are enough to add in your first aid to help you with your injuries.

3. Compass:

If you are a professional or have experienced many such adventures, then you are surely aware of the importance of a compass. There are no signs or maps drawn inside the forest. So you are your only hope to make way through the forest. And if you don't want to get lost in the woods, then make sure to carry your compass with you before every journey.

You can opt for magnetic compass as they are easy to handle; works everywhere in the under thick tree covers, valleys, etc.; and also they don't require batteries to work.

4. Knife:

Whenever you are going hunting, it is very important to carry some weapons for safety. It is essential equipment that must be present in any hunter's backpack. Hence, make sure you are having a strong and sharp blade while you are hunting. You can also carry those multipurpose knives that contain multiple blades, along with a boning blade, a saw, and a utility blade. Knives are very light to carry and make place in your backpack very easily. You can refer to the article about top rated survival knife reviews to get the best choice.

5. Lighting:

It is one of the most forgotten equipment. But one must be prepared for situations when the sun is down, and you do not have any camp set and fire. You must prepare yourself for such situations before leaving your home. You can carry several light sources like a headlamp, flashlight, and few glow sticks. Also, they sometimes help to keep away the preys in the dark.

6. Rain Gear:

The weather is not always predictable, especially if it is a rainforest. That is why it is important to pack your rain gear. Good quality rain gear is durable enough and goes a very long way. Also, they are packable and lightweight, so you don't have to face any hassle while carrying them in your backpack.


The things mentioned above are some of the essentials that one requires while hunting. Apart from them, there are several other things like a sewing kit, paracord, foods/snacks, game bags, etc. must be carried by hunters for a safe and complete hunting experience.

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