What is the Best Cooler to Buy? 8 Amazing Options

Did you know that the earliest domestic coolers globally first appeared in the 1930s? Well, back then, affording such appliances was a reserve for the wealthiest in society. Also, due to the limitations in innovations, these machines were bulky and highly susceptible to malfunctions.

Things have changed a lot since then, with the emergence of portable domestic coolers that serve you with greater efficiency. Coupled with the increasing levels of disposable income, more Americans can now afford to keep their drinks cold and enjoy the convenience of a cooler while outdoors.

Are you shopping around for the best cooler in the market? You are in luck. This article provides a list of options for eight of the best coolers any shopper should consider.


The Best Cooler Options Today

When shopping around for a cooler that fits your specific needs, there are particular aspects you must consider. The material and design matter in the long-haul. You must also consider the size and the construction, depending on your intended use. Before settling for the best cooler, you should also consider durability and portability as some of the other critical considerations.

All these factors are inherent in each of the following best cooler options. All you need to do is to get down to the details and decide on the specific cooler from these top of the range coolers.

1. Yeti Roadie 24 Portable Cooler

YETI continues to carve a niche in the development of top of the class coolers. The YETI Roadie 24 model has lived up to the expectations of most users due to a wide array of spectacular features. YETI’s Roadie 24 model has a 100% leak-proof design and a unique insulation technique that ensures the cooler maintains efficiency at all times.

With a weight of 24 pounds of ice, this cooler is conveniently portable. The model has a higher capacity to store foods and drinks compared to all other earlier versions. YETI Roadie 24 also has a food-grade liner, which has undergone full approvals from the FDA.

This model’s core design is notably similar to the roto-molding technology. The model has become the hallmark of most of YETI’s hard coolers.

For more on YETI Roadie 24 review here.

2. Coleman 54- Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman is a trail-blazer in this field. The company was the first to launch domestic coolers on a large scale.

As far back as 1954, the Coleman brand was dominating the market with incredible innovations. As such, the latest Coleman 54 qt is among the best coolers you will ever find in the market.

The model operates on the retro- design with a 4-day retaining capability. Coleman 54 qt is corrosion-resistant due to the stainless steel hardware. This model has a capacity of 19.4 pounds, which is lower than the YETI Roadie 24. Comparing to a rotomolded cooler they take up less space. Ice keeps for 2-3 days. You can freeze water bottles, keep it out of the sun, etc and maybe get 4 days.

The Coleman 54 model is durable and sturdy, which makes it highly versatile.

3. Igloo MaxCold Cooler

While cost shouldn’t always compromise your resolve to settle for the best, it’s a factor you can’t ignore. The Igloo MaxCold cooler is the best option you have when balancing between quality and cost. Compared to other brands, the MaxCold refrigerator has a drainage sprout and a latch for the lid, which is unique at that price range.

You also get to enjoy a sturdier and more versatile hardware design; this is perfect for outdoors. If affordability is anything to go by, then this model is the best cooler you can consider.

4. Pelican ProGear Cooler

The tank-light aura in the Pelican ProGear guarantees you both freshness and dryness. When it comes to the preservation of perishables, this model has a retention of up to 10 days. Compared to other models, the Pelican Progear is a bit bulkier, weighing around 35.9 pounds.

If you are looking for the best cooler with sturdy hardware, look no further. The model has hinged and molded-in handles and corrosion-resistant hardware, which limit the risk of damage. With an ice retention lid gasket, you won't find a better deal than this in the market.

5. RTIC 65

If you’re constrained for cash, but still need a quality cooler, the RTIC would be a good pick. The RTIC uses the roto-model, which adds significant value in the process of cooling. Compared to most other coolers, the RTIC has an incredible capacity, which is twice what you get in the other options.

The RTIC fits the bill when evaluated based on cost, capacity, and steadiness. With a nifty drainage system and freezer grade gasket, this cooler is the best alternative for long outdoor trips. You also get to enjoy the benefits of non-slip locks and t-latches, aspects that help to keep the locks box well-sealed.

6. AO Canvas Cooler

Are you an outdoor kind of person who enjoys hunting, boating, and fishing? You can't resist this deal. The AO canvas cooler is a lightweight model with a moisture-proof polythene film that adds a layer of preservation for your foods and drinks.

AO canvas is durable, reliable, and is sweat-resistant, which makes it ideal even in the hot summer climate. Compared to most other options, the AO canvas has fully-welded seams. These seams reinforce the model’s functionality.

Your outdoors are complete with this option.

7. Stanley Adventure Cooler

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet built to last option, then you need to consider the Stanley adventure cooler.

This cooler comes with a durable construction model at incredibly low prices. With the Stanley adventure cooler, you get to enjoy 36-hour cold retention. At just under 14 pounds, portability is a guarantee with this option.

The Stanley adventure cooler can hold up to 21 cans and has fully-adjustable tie-downs. If adventure is your middle name, this leak-resistant model is all you need.

8. Engel USA 19 Quart Cooler

Old is gold, and this list is not complete without an Engel model. If you are keen on durability and enough power to stock dozens of cans into your cooler, then an Engel USA 19 Quart cooler is your go-to option.

The model has a 2-day cold retention capacity and a 19- quart storage capability. With this option, you get dual functionality, which is a larger cooling capacity and a dry box. Weight is of the essence when it comes to portability, especially for outdoor activities, and this 6.6 pound-heavy cooler is lighter than other alternatives in the market.

Make Your Choice From These Best Cooler Options

Nothing beats a cold sip of your favorite drink during a hot summer outdoor adventure. But a chilled serving of your preferred beverage depends on the efficiency and portability of your cooler. These eight options are the best cooler alternatives you’ll get in the market, so take your pick wisely.

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