What Are The Best 10 Breeds Of Dogs For Hunting Game?

When talking about the best breed of hunting dogs, it’s best to consider them in terms of different game because different hunting dogs are perfect for different game.

Suppose you’re looking to buy a hunting dog. You might want to consider any of these, which of course, depends on the type of game you’re chasing. Also, if you are a dog lover, you might allow these beautiful hunting dogs to inspire your decision to buy Litecoin


However, this article will consider the best hunting dogs for different kinds of hunting. Below is a brief breakdown of dog breeds and what hunting they’re most suited to. 

  1. Labrador - duck hunters 
  2. Springer Spaniels - pheasant hunters 
  3. English setter - Grouse hunters 
  4. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers -water bird hunters
  5. English pointers - quail hunters 
  6. Beagles - rabbit hunters 
  7. Appalachian turkey dogs - turkey hunters 
  8. Argentine Dogo - hog hunters 
  9. American foxhound - deer and fox hunters 
  10. Treeing walker hound - squirrels and raccoons 


Labradors are built for hunting water birds, with a water repellent double coat to keep them warm, an otter tail for balance and navigation, webbed feet for swimming, and a muscled body. These features make them excellent duck hunters. 

Springer Spaniels 

Sprinters are also excellent for hunting water birds and especially pheasants. They are smaller compared to the labradors and are famous for their high energy levels, enabling them to keep up with chasing pheasants. Sprinter spaniels are very loyal hunting dogs with good noses. 

The English Setter 

The English setter is very famous for its regal appearance. The English setter has a good nose to spot birds like the grouse in the woods. They stay in sight, providing the hunter a point to shoot from, making it easy to hunt spooky birds in dark forests. 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers 

These dogs are bred in the United States and are known for their ability to survive the rough and extremely cold water of Chesapeake Bay. 

Although they have similar features to the Labrador, like the webbed feet, the retriever has an oily, thick coat of fur to protect it from the cold water, and they have a more solid build than the labradors. 

The Chesapeake Bay retrievers are very good swimmers, and their main task is hunting and retrieving water birds shot by the hunter and protecting the hunting gear and game, while the hunter focuses on making a good shot. 

English Pointers 

The English Pointer is a medium-sized pointer that is fast, slick, and excellent at hunting birds. This hunting dog breed is known for high endurance levels with a fur coat that keeps them cool in the heat. The English pointer is an excellent choice for quail hunting. 


Beagles are a small scent hound breed of dogs known for their ability to hunt small game.  Beagles are full of energy, and their good nose, agility, and speed make them a good choice for rabbit hunting. They also make good house pets because of their size and friendly nature. 

Appalachian Turkey Dogs

These hunting dogs combine features from setters, Plott hounds, and pointers. They are stylish, fast, and have a lot of stamina, among other features. 

The Appalachian turkey dogs are known for their ability to sight birds in a flock, and they act by scattering the flock of birds into singles and letting the hunter take a shot. This feather-crazy breed is an excellent turkey hunter. 

Argentine Dogo

The Argentine Dogo is very similar to the American Pit Bulls, which are excellent catch dogs in terms of looks. 

However, the Argentine Dogo is larger, stronger, and more athletic than the Pitbull because they are built for hunting big game. The Dogo is also a friendly household dog that runs with chase dogs as a cooperative pack. They are perfect for hunting hogs. 

American Foxhound

The American foxhound is also called George Washington hound because they were the choice dogs for George Washington, referred to as the father of the breed. 

Foxhounds are running dogs that prefer the chase to the actual hunt. They are excellent runners, suitable for hunting foxes or deer. The foxhound can run cooperatively in a pack with other dogs to keep the prey on its feet. 

Treeing Walker Hound

Walkers are known for their wonderful sense of smell, speed, stamina, and ability to chase different game types such as squirrels and raccoons. They are referred to as the all-around walkers and descendants of the English foxhounds. 

The treeing Walker hounds are great for quick hunts and competitions. 


In recent times, hunting dogs have inspired more than game hunting, e.g., Bitcoin-wannabees like Shiba Inu coin, which was said to be inspired by the Japanese hunting dog. There are also other dog-inspired cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin. 

Of course, owning a hunting dog means taking the time to train it appropriately. You should do additional research about retraining your Pointing Dog, and other hunting dog breeds. 

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