Understanding The Importance Of Gun Safes

No matter the gun you hunt with, keeping your hunting rifles safe and secure when not in use is extremely important for many reasons. Some gun owners own them for sport, some for safety, and others as collectors. It doesn’t matter the reason why you have guns in your home, what matters is keeping them safe, protecting yourself, and protecting those around you.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should invest in a gun safe.


• Home Safety 

Not having your guns stored in a safe makes them accessible to anyone. This could be a curious child or a burglar with bad intentions. Neither of those individuals should be handling your firearms. So make sure you invest in a gun safe for the protection of you and your family.

• Showcase Responsible Gun Ownership

Leaving your rifles or sidearms within reach of a child is irresponsible and will give an already frowned upon industry another strike against it in the public eye. By securely locking up your guns in a gun safe you are showing responsible gun ownership and leaving the tragic stories of gun accidents out of the mainstream media. This is beneficial to all gun owners who want to continue the right of ownership.

If you have some reservations because of the size and weight of the safe, there are some great articles that talk about moving your gun safe if you decide to sell your home. 

 children try to play parent's gun on table

Children try to play parent's gun on table

• Avoid Criminal Prosecution

In some states across the U.S., if an underage child acquires your gun and commits a crime, you could be held responsible and charges in a court of law. Understanding the severity of the charges that could be brought against you should give you just another reason to purchase a gun safe and securely store it in your home.

• Criminal Access

Burglaries happen at a high rate all across the U.S. and people are getting guns stolen every day. These stolen guns are then used to commit other acts of violence, or they are sold on the streets to other criminals that will use them for criminal activity. Protect your investment with a gun safe and keep your guns off the street. Learn all about the gun laws in your state.

• Fireproof Gun Safe

Let’s be honest with ourselves, homes burn down all the time and families lose valuables during those house fires. Owning a gun safe that will protect your investment from going up in flames is one of the smartest things you can do. A gun safe can also double as a safe for important documents like social security cards, passports, jewelry, birth certificates, and other valuable items.

Some may argue that using a gun safe may defeat against having a firearm for home security reasons. While this point may be valid, it should also be noted that there are alternatives to large gun safes for keeping your home defense weapons safe. There are gun safe articles out there that talk about choosing a safe that is right for you.

If you have a handgun, there are plenty of small “under the table” types of gun safes that can be opened quickly with fingerprints or quick combo locks. Larger safes used to store hunting rifles and shotguns probably aren’t ideal storage solutions for HD weapons. A handgun can be hidden atop dressers and bookshelf, far out of reach of wandering children. Even if it’s out of reach, there should be some temporary lock or small concealed case to prevent anyone from accessing the gun that shouldn’t. 

Americans should take pride in the fact that we have the right to own guns, but with that comes the responsibility of ownership that requires you to keep your guns away from anyone that shouldn't be handling them. Know your rights, protect yourself and those around you with responsible gun ownership and invest in a gun safe to keep your investment secure. 

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