Try These 7 Fantastic Genius Camping Hacks on Your Next Hunting Trip

You are probably busy preparing for your next hunting trip.

Of course, who does not want to enjoy a great day out there in the deep woods?

No one.

We all want.


We all want to have a ball while playing out in the thick of the woods.

Of course, this is the big question:

How can you become an excellent deer hunter so that you can bag every buck targeted in the deep woods?

Well, let's right away, get to the point!

You certainly need the following 7 camping hacks to help you in your next expedition.

What is more, the tricks are all gorgeously inexpensive!


1. Learn to Cover Your Scent

If you have the ability to cover up your scent completely, this is a primary determinant of whether you will succeed in your hunting sessions or you won’t.

Keep in mind that the deer are interesting animals; they are capable of sensing human smell even if they are one mile away!

Don’t forget that they can also detect the smell left by you on the ground. Moreover, they can detect the smell left in the air long after you walk away.

Happily, there is some good news.

You can cover your scent quite easily by using a scent eliminator.

Moreover, the scent eliminator will prevent the deer from sensing your whereabouts or detecting the smell that is usually left behind.

And you don’t need to do much to enjoy this wonderful protection.

Simply spray up the bottom of the boots you wear. You should also spray your hunting stand in a similar way.

Yes the ardor eliminator is your answer to anonymity with regards to escaping detection by the dear deer.

But there is another way you can win this war.

You should bathe using a scent-free soap well before embarking on your next hunting trip. In the same way, this action will ensure that no scent is left behind in the air when you leave an area.

Moreover, to prevent the clever deer from detecting your presence, check your location regularly.

Make sure that you are always located downwind in relation to your range.

In this way, you will ensure that you are well insulated from detection by the deer.

Hopefully, you can now catch them easily.

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2. Create Your Own Cover Scent 

Create Your Own Cover Scent

Pick up various natural materials from your area of hunting.

Just pick them indiscriminately. It doesn’t matter if they are leaves, twigs, needless, pine or acorns.

Pick up whatever you can find.

Throw everything you have picked into a large water pot.

Make it boil up slowly.

For about 20 minutes, simmer it now. Let the mixture steep up for several hours before you pour it up into a spray bottle.

Well, everything is ready. Go ahead and spray!

3. Do Not Make Noise

Do Not Make Noise

Whenever you go out camping while on a hunting expedition, make sure of one essential thing: Do not make a lot of noise.

This is very important!

Keep in mind that if you make noise you will surely scare away the animals that you want to catch.

Yet, what can you do if you need to charge essential items like your flashlight, gps or walkie-talkie radio?

Yes, you guessed right!

Use a quiet generator that you can manually select in this great guide here.

Hopefully, you will catch the deer unawares.

4. Learn to Dry Your Boots Faster

Learn to Dry Your Boots Faster

Put your boots down, lying on their side. Then stuff some newspapers in. Once you place them on their side, moving air can now pass through them more easily.


The newspaper helps absorb excessive moisture.

Your boots have dried that faster!

5. Prepare Deer Feeders Using Peanut Butter

Prepare Deer Feeders Using Peanut Butter

You don’t have to buy those expensive feeders. Why should you?

Just take a few jars of peanut butter, screws, your pocket knife and a screw gun. Get out into the woods.

You will not believe what happens next.

You will have created an irresistible attraction for those dear deer that you so much crave to get. This will happen before you know it.

In reality, doing this can be the easiest job in the world.

Go ahead and try it. You will simply be amazed.

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6. Use a Duct Tape to Wrap Your Items.

Next, wrap your water bottle, flashlight or knife handle using a duct tape.

In this hunting job, you just never know when you might need a piece.

Of course, this is a lot easier than carrying a whole roll by yourself. Don’t try that!

Instead, you can fix up everything using a duct tape

7. Load the Deer Using a Piece of Plywood

Load the Deer Using a Piece of Plywood

Anyone who have tried their hands out there hunting know this situation well: Once you are done with the drop-shot, gotten up from your stand with the adrenaline coming down, you still have to load the deer carefully onto the truck bed.

And you do this sweating profusely.

Well, as you can imagine, this is no walk in the park.

It is a real job, especially after you thought the hunting job is over!

If you are doing this alone, you know that it is really challenging.

But there is a simple solution.

You merely need to keep a sheet of plywood onto the back of the truck.

A single plywood.

This makes everything much easier.

Next, drop the truck’s tailgate and use this plywood to create a ramp between the ground and the tailgate.

Then slide the deer high up the plywood. Lift it as far as you can. Finally, use your legs to hoist up the lower end of the plywood.

Now, slide the deer onto the truck’s back.

It is a done deal!

Final Thoughts

The 7 hunting tips outlined above are tried, tested and well-proven.

Hundreds of hunters from across the world have used them for years to increase the chances of success deep in the woods.

Yes, try the 7 fantastic genius hunting hacks on your next hunting expedition.

Most likely, you will come back with a truck full of deer!

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