Top Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

Wild animals, loaded firearms, difficult terrain, and sometimes, adverse weather conditions. These are all things that are associated with hunting. Despite these hazards, surprisingly enough, hunting is actually a much safer activity than golf and many other sports according to this article from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But be that as it may, we can’t overlook the fact that there will always be an element of danger in hunting. It is an activity that enforces strict safety standards because all it takes is one mistake to cause injury, or worse, death. So, what are some of the mistakes that you should never commit when you’re going on a hunting trip?


1. Improper Weapon Transporting And Handling

Firearms are extremely dangerous when not handled properly. Transporting a loaded weapon is both dangerous and illegal as a loaded weapon can accidentally be discharged during transport. You should never point your firearm at anyone, even if it’s not loaded and be sure to unload your weapon when you get back to camp.

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2. Wrong Hunting Attire

Being overdressed and underdressed for a hunting trip may seem like a trivial matter, but hyperthermia and hypothermia can put your life in danger. It’s important to not only check the weather of the hunting area you’re going to, but to also buy the proper tactical apparel that suits the environment you’re hunting in. Companies such as sell a wide variety of apparel as well as tactical gear that will keep you comfortable during your trip.

3. Not Bringing Extra Ammunition

If you don’t have extra ammunition, you’re not going to be able to hunt for long. Even when you’re a capable marksman, there’s no harm in bringing extra ammunition. It’s also important to only bring ammunition for the weapon you’re using, as using mismatched ammunition can be dangerous.

4. Forgetting To Bring First Aid

For the times that you’re simply unable to avoid accidents, first aid kits and other emergency supplies are going to spell the difference between life and death. Always carry emergency supplies, especially in the wild where even a small wound can become infected and present bigger problems later on.

5. Not Being Aware Of Other Hunters

One of the worst mistakes that you can make is in not being aware of the location of other hunters in your area. You wouldn’t want to risk mistaking another hunter for game. Aside from the danger, it’s just plain rude to take another hunter’s hunting grounds, especially if there are strict guidelines of where each hunter will be located.

Accidents are meant to be prevented. Being prepared and being aware are two of the simplest ways to avoid accidents. Even though hunting is one of the safest recreational activities, that shouldn’t be a reason to become negligent. Remember, the only reason that it’s safe is because people follow rules and adhere to certain standards. You don’t want to be the person who causes an accident simply because you failed to follow standard procedures.

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