Top Cold Weather Deer Hunting Tips

Hunting is a recreation for adventure lovers. In warm weather, it is easier since you don’t have to wear extra clothes, making your move easy to follow the prey. However, some extra care needs to be taken in cold weather, especially when you are on a deer hunt. Getting your hands on cold weather hunting clothes is essential to keep yourself warm in the cold hunting season. You must keep a check on your gear as well. If your equipment is not working properly, you won’t be able to get any trophies. And if you don’t have any trophies, you are not winning the game. So, here are some cold weather deer hunting tips.

1. Test Your Equipment

In cold weather, guns tend to stop working all of a sudden. A worst-case scenario is shooting at a dear while wearing gloves, a mask, and thick clothes. So, it is best to do some practice before reaching for the woods. Make sure to check all your equipment and keep them covered the whole time. Also, grab some thermal pads to keep your fingers warm. It will be quite hard to keep your finger from shaking while you are out in the cold. Also, when you spot a deer, take your time before you make a shot for the perfect kill.

2. Hunt near High-Card Food

Animals always eat a lot in winter, and they tend to eat foods full of carbohydrates. Therefore, you need to find the crops such as corn and soybeans because the probability of finding deer there is higher than in any other place. You can also hide in the nearby bushes to take perfect aim.

3. Locate the Forbes

Forbes plays a major role in a deer’s diet, and an average deer eats about 6-pounds every day. Therefore, locate a nearby Forbes field and set your camp there. Make sure not to get any extra attention so the deer will graze easily without any tension.

4. Camp Near a Water Source

Every animal in the wild tends to visit a nearby water source. The best time of that are the wee hours. You should camp near a water source, that way you can grab a deer in the early morning, and you’ll never run out of water as well. However, camping near a water source means the area will be colder than usual. Follow the next tip to see how you can survive in an area like this.

5. Stay Limber

To stay warm, the best way is to keep your blood running. That means keep walking or engaging in physical activity. But at night such activities are not possible, since your body needs to rest. Visit a nearby store before hunting season and grab a pair of cold weather hunting clothes. Make sure to get a pair of boots as well, so your feet stay warm and clean from the mud and dirt. You can always keep a bottle of hot water with you to make coffee to stay warm.

6. Sleep In

If you are not a person who wakes up early or you already missed your chance to catch the deer early, then make sure to sleep in and get lots of rest before going ahead. Then, you can catch more deer while grazing and taking a sunbath.

7. Follow Tracks

The best way to get a successful hunt is to read deer signs. Since cold weather brings snow and deer leave their tracks in the snow, it is much easier to find them. But there is no fun in hunting without some excitement.

Follow these tips to get through your cold hunting trip. Hunting in the cold brings with it excitement but extra care. 

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