Top Camping Tent 2022

To have a home away from home experience while camping, it’s necessary that you get your hands on the finest camping gear. For a camper, the first quest before camping would be a camping tent. Camping tents can cost an arm and leg if you’re looking for spacious and rich features. But there are other affordable tents that would do the work just fine if you’re someone who likes to camp once or twice a year.

Not to mention, hunting for camping tents can be time-consuming if you’re at a store or surfing through Amazon. That’s exactly where we come into the picture. Together with Shoppok - one of the largest online sales platforms, we’ve spent countless hours trying to piece together a perfect list of top camping tents of the year. The list comprises 5 luxury as well as affordable tents that are ideal for your next adventurous vacation.


1. REI Co-Op Base Camp 6

Planning a vacation high up in the mountains with rowdy weather? The REI Base Camp 6 is a mountaineer’s friend and is best for weather protection. We personally like this tent for its sturdy build and easy-to-use features. The tent depicts a dome shape and has an overlapping five-pole system, which may seem like it would hinder the movement inside, but it does not. In fact, moving inside this tent is pretty easy. What’s best about REI Base Camp 6 is that it has powerful resistance against heavy and strong gusts.

The tent comes with two roof vents and reflective detailing on the exterior to help you see it in the dark. All in all, REI Base Camp 6 is an excellent mix of design features and quality functionality. If you’re planning to go camping in rough weather, this tent is the best option out there.

  • Floor area: 84 sq. ft.
  • Peak height: 74 inches
  • Capacity: Sizes available for 4 and 6 persons
  • Price: $469

2. The North Face Wawona 6

Wawona collection’s best, The North Face Wawona, is a hybrid double-walled tent for someone looking for a generous living space. This tent’s pole structure has been designed to make the setup easier as compared to the previous version of the tent, which had a tedious setup. Another feature that makes the North Face Wawona 6 a good pick for camping is the tunnel-like design and the large front vestibule. This adds more space to the tent and more floor area. However, you’ll need to purchase it separately. What we love about North Face Wawona 6 is that its hybrid double-wall makes ventilation much better. This means there will be lesser moisture collection during humid and rainy weather.

One thing that we did not really like about this tent is the rainfly which hardly covers the lower part of the tent. Plus, the mesh door could be problematic if you’re camping in cold weather because it will become a source of heat loss. As we mentioned before, the best thing about the North Face Wawona 6 is the generous space it offers.

  • Floor area: 86.1 sq. ft.
  • Peak height: 80 inches
  • Capacity: sizes available for 4 and 6 persons
  • Price: $450

3. Coleman Sundome 6

Looking for a tent that’s dirt cheap but also offers quality that gets the job done? Go for Coleman’s Sundome 6. It doesn’t have the fanciest build or the largest space, but it works great for summer campers who go camping only once or twice a year. The Coleman’s Sundome 6 is a steal because most tents with similar features might cost twice or thrice more.

Since you’re going cheap with this purchase, you can expect everything in mid to low-grade material, starting from fabrics, tent walls, clips, to poles. Also, you may notice that the rainfly of the tent only covers the main body of the tent and leaves the rest of the portion uncovered. However, these exposed sides shouldn’t cause an issue if you’re camping during mild weather and the summer season.

  • Floor area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Peak height: 72 in.
  • Capacity: sizes available for 2, 3, 4 and 6 persons
  • Price: $137

4. Eureka Space Camp 6

This tent from the well-known New York-based brand Eureka is a top-class tent for campers who love a good venting system and livable interiors. Not just that, the Eureka Space Camp 6 is also a current favorite of ours because of its durable and reliable build, which is also excellent for weather protection. While storage space and ventilation are top features of this tent, we also love Eureka’s Air Exchange System, which allows you to control airflow depending on the weather condition. This airflow system is enabled by 10 pockets at the top and bottom of the tent.

Additionally, the Eureka Space Camp 6 uses crisscross poles for better absorption of strong winds. What we most love about this tent is that it has a full-coverage rainfly. The brand also provides an additional door which makes entering and exiting much more convenient in a packed tent. With these features, we think this tent could be the flag bearer of reliability and protection.

  • Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
  • Peak height: 76 in.
  • Capacity: sizes available for 4 and 6 persons
  • Price: $420

5. Marmot Limestone 6

The Marmot Limestone is the most expensive pick on our list because if you’re looking for luxury plus high-quality construction, this tent got you covered. Limestone from Marmot is one among the unbeatable tents which offer easy setup, DAC pole design and full-coverage rainfly. One of the best features of the tent is the poles which stretch the walls outwards, making the interiors roomier. But the best part is that this tent performs excellently when the wind picks up during rough weather. It is also an ideal tent for warm weather campers because it has mesh designs, vertical walls and vents that make summers comfortable.

What we think you’d love about Marmot’s Limestone is that it includes a super-sized double door and another D-shaped door at the rear end, which has a massive front vestibule. This allows campers to get their gears easily inside. With all of these features, this tent is our favorite pick from the lot, and we don’t hesitate one bit in recommending it to you!

  • Floor area: 83 sq. ft.
  • Peak height: 76 inches
  • Capacity: sizes available for 4, 6 and 8 persons
  • Price: $545

Final Word

Our Top Camping Tents For 2021 come to an end here, but our fondness for good camping gear doesn’t. All the above-mentioned camping tents have been carefully studied, tested and tried to make this list very useful and reliable for our readers. They come at different prices with varying features which suit contrasting needs.

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