Top 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners You Shouldn’t Miss

Skateboarding is a fascinating sport that uses the legs and body movements to maneuver the skateboard and perform some cool stunts. You can perform skateboarding tricks and people will applaud how skillful you are.

To a skateboarder, the most important item ever is their skateboard. So it makes sense that getting a skateboard that suits you is necessary, especially for beginners.

There are many skateboards with slight differences in shapes, size, style, weight, and more. But what are the best skateboards for beginners? Let’s take a look.

Top 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners For You To Choose

1. Enjoi Negative Space 8″

Enjoi Negative Space

The Enjoi Negative Space 8″ sets itself apart with a full Panda logo graphic. Now you can stand out in the crowd as you learn and conquer the skate park.

Enjoi Negative Space 8″ features 5.25″ Tensor trucks, along with Enjoi 52mm 92a wheels, and Abec7 bearings to ensure smoothness when you use the skateboard.

This skateboard is perfect for all types of street skating. You can use it to climb ledges, grind rails, and go up ramps and small transitions. Just step on the board, and you are ready to learn to perform cool tricks.

2. Anti Hero Face 7.75″

Anti Hero Face

The Face 7.75″ from Anti-Hero is perfect for rail grinding while at the same time has enough size to go for the coping. It is light and tight with Anti-hero’s signature.

This skateboard is a perfect setup that requires little to no further modification for beginners. You can hop on the board and start learning right away, whether in the street or the skate park.

The board’s size is suitable for most beginners so that you can gradually build up your skill and perform tricks like grinding rails and ledges, or doing kickflips.

3. Toy Machine

Toy Machine complete skateboard is ready right out of the box so that you can hop on and learn right away. The catchy design makes your skateboard stand out in the crowd.

The brand was created by Ed Templeton in the 90. And since then, the brand has been trusted by lots of skaters for its excellent quality skateboards.

The skateboard comes with 5.25″ Ruckus trucks, along with 52mm 99a wheels and ABEC 5 bearings for great executions of grinding and doing kickflips.

4. Almost Dark Knight 8″ R7

 Almost Dark Knight

The Almost Dark Knight 8″ R7 is a high-quality skateboard that is ready outside of the box. It has premium construction with a single press deck.

During manufacturing, Almost skateboards press 1 deck in a mold. This means you can guarantee that the deck’s concave shape is perfect and feels as it should be.

This skateboard is made of epoxy-based resins so that it is stronger and lighter at the same time. 8’’ size is ideal for beginners who just started, or those who want a solid skateboard to use at the park.

5. Real New Light

Real New Light

The Real New Light is ideal for big skaters with the Anchor trucks along with 52mm wheels and smooth ball bearings. The size is perfect for beginners to learn skateboarding anywhere.

Real New Light comes with a 100% hard-rock maple deck for rock-solid performance. You can rest assured that the board will last for a long time so that you can enjoy skating as long as you want.

With the Real New Light, you don’t have to find additional parts. This skateboard has been built perfectly with the parts you need so that all you have to do is hop on the board and start skating.


Overall, these are our picks for the best skateboards for beginners. Depending on your style and skill, you should take a look at the boards’ size, shapes, weights, etc. to pick the most suitable skateboard for yourself.

Now go ahead and grab a skateboard and start learning, and thanks for reading.

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