Toilet Paper for RV Holding Tanks

What is a toilet paper for RV holding tanks? Why should you use it and not an ordinary toilet paper? It is for the recreational vehicle and mobile home use that has the specific qualities and characteristics.

These things make it the ideal choice for RV owners that don’t want to experience issues like clogging in the RV septic systems and pipes or the slow moving of waste from the holding tanks when emptying it.


This toilet paper can be quite pricier than the ordinary tissue papers you use at home or in the office are.

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What is a toilet paper for RV holding tanks?

What is a toilet paper for RV holding tanks

As the RV holding tank is not the same as the septic tank used at home, it is more sensitive. 

Clogging can become a common problem among these holding tanks, so you need to use quick dissolving toilet papers.

These toilet papers for the RV holding tank are biodegradable and quick dissolving.

They are rated to dissolve quickly, so they’re used for cabins, motorhomes, campers, tiny homes, marine and boat applications. They’re the more preferred type of tissue paper because they won’t cause clogging to the RV system in addition to being environment-friendly.

With them, you can also rest assured that they won’t be sitting on the holding tank. The toilet paper for the recreational vehicle is also skin-friendly, making it the choice especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is also not as bulky as the common toilet papers used in offices and at homes.

The quick-dissolving RV toilet paper is also versatile that it can be used for traditional and portable toilets. In this case, it is more preferred by those who want more applications for their tissue papers.

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What are the benefits of using the correct toilet paper for RV holding tanks? 

The quick-dissolving tissue paper for mobile homes is biodegradable that it can decompose faster as well.

That said you might not have to buy separate chemical dissolvers to break them down along with other solid waste. In the following are the other benefits of using the toilet paper for the recreational vehicle holding tank.

Smooth movement of the waste in your holding tank

In addition, the specialized RV toilet paper will help in the smooth moving of the waste in the holding tank. However, you must take note that its breakdown rate also depends on the material of the tissue paper you used for your RV.

Septic safe

Another advantage is its septic safety. The RV toilet paper is designed and tested for use in RVs. It is safe for mobile home sewer lines and septic system.


The toilet paper for the mobile home is also versatile. It can be used in cabins, boats, marine and tiny homes as well.

Quick dissolving and biodegradable

This benefit is perhaps the most important because it gives you peace of mind that it won’t be clogging the toilet because it is both biodegradable and has a quick dissolving rate.

There you have what to know about toilet paper for RV holding tanks as well as the benefits of using it over an ordinary tissue paper used at homes. Hope you learned something and be able to pick your RV toilet paper today!

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