The Right Gear Can Take You From Fly Fishing Amateur To Master

Fly fishing is a great pastime and a different way for hunters to make their kill. There's a huge competitive element to it, with sports news service For The Win reporting that a 21 pound permit fish catch would smash the world record, showing that hunters can make a name for themselves with the right dedication. 

Elevating yourself from a fly fishing amateur to a pro is quite simple, too – once you have all of the basics down and figured out, it’s time to focus on gear to take you the next level.


The fly

Box with fly-flies

The most fundamental part of fly fishing is found in the name. The fly.

You can do well with a simple or home-made solution, but to truly excel, you’ll want to pick out your own flies. Pick fishing flies that are sturdy, sharp and suitable for your catch. Having something brightly colored can help to attract certain species of fish and will help you to reel them in too. 

They can also be a great option for showing your personality; some fly-fishers like to go by kayak, for instance, on Texas river bends. Why not use a lone star piece, or something that reflects the cowboy and wildlife heritage of the state? This applies elsewhere too. Go for something to make you feel attached to your hook and line.

The rod

fly fishing rod with reel on the shore

Fly fishing rod with reel on the shore

Your fishing rod will be crucial in your success. If you opt to go for larger, more powerful fish species, then there is a risk that your rod will snap clean in two. Other times, splinters and bends can impact your ability to reel fish back in.

Boys' Life recommend certain lines for children, and the advice is suitable for adults too. Start small, get comfortable with an all-rounder material like carbon fiber or fiberglass. Bamboo rods, or other wooden types, should be reserved for experts or small catches.

Be safe, be secure, and be prepared for your catch.

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Staying safe

Being safe while fly-fishing is not just confined to the quality of the fishing equipment. You must prepare for the weather, regardless of heat or cold or rain; and you must be ready to spend a long time out on the boat or shore, often quietly.

Being patient and engaged is crucial to ensuring your don’t scare away your potential cast, and a big trait in fly fishing pros. Many of the best flies operate softly on the water, to ensure that fish aren’t deterred.

Similarly, the best line on rods – operated freely by thumb – are lauded for their stealth. Being able to be patient and enjoy the quiet without risking your health against the elements will help you to become a master.

Aside from that, doing well in fly fishing is a bit like doing well in hunting – it’s all about perseverance. Don’t be deterred by a bad fishing trip, and use the downtime to enjoy nature. You’ll be fishing record catches before you know it.

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