The Best Places To Go Fly Fishing In The United States

Anyone who does it knows that fly fishing is not an easy sport, but once you master it and catch your first ever fish, it is a pastime that is hard to stop doing. One great thing about the sport is the quiet and solitude that you experience whilst out on the water. Some of the best places to get this peace and to catch the best fish in the United States (US) are listed below.

Tanasee Creek, North Carolina

Just off of Tanasee Creek Road (to the east of Tuckasegee), is a long stretch of river that is home to a plethora of wild brown trout. Tanasee Creek is located within the stunning Nantahala National Forest and is only one of fifteen different spots that are accessed through the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail – this is the only fly fishing trail located in the United States.

Florida Keys, Florida

It is not always the case that you have to head to the mountains in order to do some good fly fishing. Doing it in saltwater is equally rewarding, especially when you end up reeling in a 200 pound tarpon. So if you want to try this for yourself, or if it is something that you already do, then there is nowhere better for it than the beautiful Florida Keys. After all, it is home to lots of great fish, including permit, tarpon, and bonefish.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

The most northern state in the US is home to some beautiful rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, and Pacific salmon. The great thing about fly fishing in Bristol Bay is that even if you do not catch anything, you will be able to take in the wonderful scenery and may be lucky enough to spot some of the wildlife there, such as moose, caribou, or an Alaskan brown bear.

Yellow Breeches Creek, Pennsylvania

This part of the United States is home to a wealth of limestone streams that is loved by fly fishing enthusiasts from across the country. If you are a beginner then head to Yellow Breeches Creek or for something more challenging try Big Spring Creek instead.

Blue River, Colorado

This river splits away from the great Colorado River close to the town of Kremmling and then makes its way down through gores and ranchland. Thanks to how secluded this spot is, you will be able to fly fish all day in peace, although you may be interrupted by the odd canoes passing by every now and then. If heading out there during the summer months, make sure that you take some sunscreen with you and a hat to keep you protected from the intense Colorado heat.

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