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Frequently Asked Questions about Deer Hunting answered by Musket Hunting


When Do Deer Move The Most? The Facts You Need To Learn Right Now!

If there's one thing you have to learn when hunting deer, it's that not everything revolves around the best equipment you have. Sure, you have ground blinds or the best scope mount, but these will not work if you are incapable of knowing how to use it and create the best hunting strategies! And how can you begin with strategizing? Through knowing your game, of course. You will need to know when to hunt and the times deer move most throughout the day so you won't waste time. So, when do deer move the most?

Read on as I show you all the answers you need to know!

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Where Do Deer Sleep? The Important Facts You Need To Know

Just like us humans, deer will need a bit of sleep as well! After all, how will they be able to jump great heights or run very quickly without the energy they get from resting? There have been little studies or observations said about the sleeping habits of a deer, as we would usually focus on their action! But it's high time to know about their sleeping conditions and answer the question: "Where do deer sleep?"

To help you answer that question, I'll be talking about their sleeping habits. So do read on to learn more about the deer and how they rest.

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How Long Do Deer Live For? The Surprising Truth Revealed!

Have you ever wondered about the age of the deer you capture? It makes you wonder how long deer would usually live for when out hunting! But because of the many variables that contribute to a deer's life, this can be quite hard to answer the question with confidence. There are a few factors to look into, but there is an average number to base one! So if you're wondering: "How long do deer live?", read on as I show you the answers to help you become a better hunter, knowledgeable about your game!

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When To Plant Buck Forage Oats: What You Need To Know For Healthy Deer

When it comes to hunting deer, then it's best to begin setting up and preparing a few things to attract deer! This doesn't only mean trying out tactics such as a deer decoy or hiding in a hunting blind, but to also use food as a way to keep deer healthy while having a sure space to keep them in one area for hunting. One effective grain to plant would be buck forage oats, which are great for deer. But it might be confusing as to when to plant buck forage oats, especially if you don't have a green thumb!

So read on as I show you what you need to know about these types of oats and how you can plant them yourself!

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How Rare Are the Piebald Deer? What You Need To Know For Future Hunts

I'm sure many of us hunters focus more on the whitetail deer and are most familiar with this species. But there are many more types of deer out there to scout and hunt, including the piebald deer! But wait! Before you begin hunting this species, let's first tackle the question: "How rare are Piebald deer?" This will help you know if you should target and hunt this species.

So do read on as I show you the information you need to know about the Piebald deer and if you should be hunting them. Check out how interesting and unique they are!

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How To Cook Deer Sausage: The Easy and Simple Guide You Need

Congratulations! You have now caught and dressed your deer, giving you delicious venison to enjoy. It's the perfect way to end your expedition, as you'll have the chance to prepare and serve the meat, a showcase of your hard work on the field! A simple and easy way to serve venison is as a sausage style. It's perfect for a camping-themed party! But how to cook deer sausage?

I know how difficult it may be for those who aren't natural cooks. That's why I'll be showing you how to cook deer sausage for your next celebration with loved ones.

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Do Deer Move In The Rain? The Facts You Need To Check Out For A Great Hunt!

Sure, a lot of you have already hunted under the blazing heat, or even began targeting your game on tree stands and transporting guns to your boat, but have you ever attempted hunting during inclement weather? It seems difficult, especially when predicting the way your game moves during the rainy season. It has people wondering: Do deer move in the rain?

Instead of just guessing and missing out on a good hunt just because of a bit of wet weather, read on to learn more about how deer move during the rain and how you can successfully have a good hunt despite these "limitations!"

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What Do Deer Eat In The Winter? How to Feed Deer During the Cold

When it comes to ensuring that you get the best deer for venison, then you shouldn’t only invest in the best hunting blind for concealment. You must feed the deer properly, too. But if it's out of your control, it's still important to learn about what they eat and how they survive. It has always made me wonder how animals, mainly deer, survive in the winter. I mean, what do deer eat in the winter when it's too cold to go out and feed them yourself?

After doing some research, I found out some remarkable facts and learned some tips on what you should feed them during the late season when given a chance. So read on to learn all about it!

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How High Can A Whitetail Deer Jump? The Facts You Need to Know

There are a ton of things hunters need to know for a successful hunt, and one of those things would be about the game they are capturing! When hunting for whitetail deer, you'll want to ensure that you do not only know about how deer sound, but also how they move. And yes, this includes how high they jump. It isn't only for estimating their movements when targeting, but it also prevents them from getting into your property. So, how high can a whitetail deer jump, exactly?

Read on as I show you the facts you need to know about the whitetail deer, specifically on their jumping capabilities.

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How Much Does A Deer Weigh? All The Facts You Need to Know Now

When it comes to deer hunting, you'll need to make sure that you know everything about your game. After all, you won't be able to properly capture deer if you don't know about how much meat you will get on average, or the strength you have to exert to take it down. That's why it makes you wonder: "How much does a deer weigh?" It really varies through a number of factors.

To learn more about deer and how much meat you will be able to get (depending on its average weight), then read on as I inform you all about it to help you out.

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