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Frequently Asked Questions about Deer Hunting answered by Musket Hunting

Try These 7 Fantastic Genius Camping Hacks on Your Next Hunting Trip

You are probably busy preparing for your next hunting trip.

Of course, who does not want to enjoy a great day out there in the deep woods?

No one.

We all want.


We all want to have a ball while playing out in the thick of the woods.

Of course, this is the big question:

How can you become an excellent deer hunter so that you can bag every buck targeted in the deep woods?

Well, let's right away, get to the point!

You certainly need the following 7 camping hacks to help you in your next expedition.

What is more, the tricks are all gorgeously inexpensive!

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Why Do Deer Rub Their Antlers On Trees?

For the animal world, both scent-marking and granular secretions are an important communication role, even more, important compared to vocalizations and visual signals sometimes! This is because scent marks can provide the extension of animals themselves, remaining functional even after the annual left the area.

That’s where deer rubs come to play, one of the main scent-marking behaviors. But exactly why do Der rub their antlers on trees in the first place? There are different reasons why so read on to learn their ways of communication through rubs, which go beyond the usual calls and short-range actions.

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How to Find a Deer With No Blood Trail: Easy Ways to Follow

When you’re hunting deer, I’m sure you’ve already experienced the frustration of tracking them without blood trails! While you might think it’s the end of the hunt, it’s still possible to find your catch without trails! But how can you do that?

There are a lot of ways on how to find a deer with no blood trail. So read on as I show you different tips you can follow to track your targeted deer even without any signs of blood and whatnot!

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Deer Hunting In Windy Conditions: A Helpful Guide

When I first began hunting, one of the first things I was told was to forget hunting in the wind. Many hunters have experienced unsuccessful hunting days trying to catch deer during windy conditions, after all. But what if I told you that it’s still possible to go deer hunting in windy conditions?

Sure, the wind does affect deer movements to a certain extent, but you can still hunt successfully as long as you know your stuff! So if you're about to go hunting on a windy day, plan ahead and read my tips!

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Can Deer Smell Human Urine? The Answers Here!

Whether you’re hunting on a tree stand or on the ground, we’ll out in the field tracking deer for hours. Even those with the most powerful bladder won’t be able to hold their urine for that long, especially since we need to stay hydrated! But wait, can deer smell human urine?

Many hunters worry about being detected by deer when urinating, carrying bottles and finding other ways to hold it in. If you’re worried about human urine scaring off deer, read on! I’ll be answering the question if deer can smell human urine and what you can do about it.

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The Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer Late Season: All the Answers Here!

A lot of hunters claim that late-season hunting is impossible, as you won't be able to get as many games! While there is some truth to that, it's not entirely impossible to catch a few deer. All it takes is the right methods and tips to have successful hunts, with time being the essence.

So what’s the best time of day to hunt deer late season? Read on as I’ll be sharing to you when you should hunt deer during the late hunting season and some tips on how to do so!

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How to Attract Deer Without Baiting: Tips You Should Try

A lot of hunters want to achieve more goals as they progress and hone their hunting skills. One of the goals many (including me!) want to achieve is to learn how to attract deer without baiting. It’s not just a goal, but a necessity for some hunters as well, since it’s illegal to hunt with bait in some states.

Besides this, it also has more benefits, such as saving money and effort on using bait. But what exactly can you do to attract them without the helpful bait? Read on as I show you some helpful tips to improve your hunting skills!

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What Do Deer Footprints Look Like? Be a Better Tracker Now!

Whether you’re a highly-skilled hunter or just beginning, you need to learn how to track deer! One of the things you need to learn is to follow their footprints, so you know where they go and what type of deer you’re following. But what do deer footprints look like, exactly?

You’ll be surprised that there are different types of deer footprints to track, which you have to know about! So read on as I show you what deer footprints look like and how to track them properly.

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4 Reasons To Take A Thermal Monocular To Your Next Hunting Adventures

Once upon a time, it was either a binocular or nothing. This tool was widely embraced by hunters for sporting a kill in the wild. On the other hand, thermal imaging was primarily used by the military and hardcore law enforcement agencies while on the field.

But a lot has since changed and the affordable cost of infrared technology, thanks to recent developments, has led to the widespread availability of consumer-level thermal imaging devices.

Unfortunately, if your loves for hunting dates back to the 80’s and you have not kept up with modern trends, then you may not see much use for a thermal monocular. To help meet this need, we have put together some interesting reasons for an infrared monocular in your next hunting adventure.

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