Picking the Best Bow for Your next Deer Hunting Expedition

Big game bow hunting has skyrocketed in popularity ever since Hollis Wilbur Allen patented the very first compound bow more than 50 years ago. Although hunting deer with a rifle will always remain a very popular sport, there are many reasons why hunting with a compound bow, in particular, has become both easier and more successful. Despite the market being inundated with many wonderful bows to choose from, picking the one that is right for your deer hunting expeditions remains somewhat of a personal process. Here are a few things to look out for when searching for the perfect bow.

Don’t be too Fixated on a Specific Brand 

Although brand names do matter when it comes to certain things, there are simply too many great bow manufacturers around to single out just one or two.  In fact, just about every manufacturer in existence has at least one very good bow on the market at any given time. In addition to this, the practical differences between the models of the top contenders are more often than minuscule. If you are buying your first bow and are not familiar with any of the brands, ask the shop assistant for advice after conducting your own research too. Some good options worth considering include Bowtech, Mathews, Hoyt, Elite, Xpedition, and Prime.

Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Even if it is your first time hunting deer it is important to make sure the equipment you use is not only safe and suitable, but comfortable as well. Balance, handling, and grip all contribute towards the overall comfort of a compound bow. When you hold the bow, does it balance perfectly or does it lean towards one side? While grip typically boils down to personal choice it is believed that thin grips decrease torque more effectively. Also, pay attention to the amount of hand shock you feel when firing the arrow as not all bows are adept at transferring energy and it may feel as if it is going to jump out of your hands. Other things to look out for are a smooth draw cycle and a comfortable valley.

Test as Many Bows as Possible

If you want a fruitful and enjoyable deer hunting experience, don’t be shy to test as many bows as possible before you buy one. By doing so, you will gain valuable insight into the variety of bows available and reduce the risk of ending up with buyer’s remorse as well.  When testing a bow there are a number of things to take note of. One of the most important is the draw weight which refers to the number of pounds you need to pull to fully draw the bow. Remember that you ultimately also want a bow that looks good so while testing its functionality, also look closely at the quality of the workmanship and compare bows in various designs and finishes to find the one you are most satisfied with.

Buying a compound bow is a big deal. Make sure you do everything in your power to find the one that is just right for you.

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