Optic Choices for a Better Hunting Experience

Every year, millions of Americans take to the great outdoors to participate in wildlife-related activities including bird watching, fishing, and hunting. While natural instinct and good knowledge of our natural surroundings are of great importance to a hunter, the gear they use can also make the difference being a successful and an unproductive hunt. 

When the terrain is rough, the weather is inclement, and visibility is poor, even the most experienced hunter can have difficulty making a kill. Thankfully, there is a range of optic tools available that can make it considerably easier for a hunter to land a difficult shot.

Red dot sights increase hit probability

The same red dot sights that give the military advantage in the field can be used with great success by hunters. A red dot sight makes use of a reflective mirror-imaging system with the appearing through a lens that is parallel to the barrel of the firearm. The dot and the target are placed in the same optical field, just like it would when a scope is used.

When using a scope, however, a hunter is required to also ensure that their head is in a perfect position before placing the crosshairs where you intend to shoot. A red dot, on the other hand, allows a hunter to keep his head in any comfortable position while shooting. As long as the dot is on the intended target, the trigger can be pulled.

Range finders provide accurate distances

If you are looking for an optic device that provides accurate distances, a range finder will prove to be a worthy investment.

They help a hunter zoom in on the exact location of the intended target from great distances. While range finders are by no means a new invention, they have undergone significant improvements over recent years to improve both their functionality and accuracy. 

Depending on the model you opt for, you can even enjoy features such as angle compensation and bullet drop settings that make it possible to adjust your elevation levels prior to taking a shot.

Spotting scopes are powerful optics

Although not quite as popular as red dots and range finders, spotting scopes remain a powerful hunting optic.

They are particularly useful when hunting in open country as it allows for a large expanse of terrain to be examined without actually having to explore it on foot. It also allows a hunter to observe animals from a distance without spooking them.

There are a number of things to consider when picking out a spotting scope. This includes choosing between a straight and an angled model. While many hunters find it easier to find their intended prey with a straight scope, an angled model also has its benefits.

Not only do these scopes make it easier and more comfortable to look in an upwards direction while also being substantially easier to use without a tripod.

There is a large range of optics on the market that can be utilized by hunters. While each has its own benefit, it is important to weigh up all your options before parting with any money.

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