Maintenance Tips for Excalibur Crossbow

Believe it or not, effective hunting will require a decent amount of effort and time. The excellent hunting techniques depend all on how the equipment is working to provide you a lifetime shot. If you want to get maximum lifespan and of your crossbow, it's crucial to maintain it. You need to do this at every cost if you desire safety and performance.

With the right Excalibur Crossbow Broadhead, you will get a great experience, no doubt. Here in this article, we will explain to you an effective way to maintain the crossbow. Moreover, you will get to know the common problems experienced by crossbows. Let's get started!


Maintenance tips for Excalibur Crossbow

Before heading towards the problems, you must know the essential maintenance tips to help you maintain the crossbow with ease. Here's a complete guide to the standard advice you should address:

Maintain the cables and wax strings 

Whenever you snap your crossbow string, it ultimately ruins the entire equipment, seriously. You have to wax the strings regularly as it helps you eliminate the crossbow string. The crossbow wax ensures high-end protection and is practical and budget-friendly to restrain it from damage.

Moreover, it also allows the string to get highly brittle and dry, reducing the wear and tear on the crossbow. Most importantly, it would help if you got a wax that is mainly designed for this purpose. The application process includes:

  • You have to apply a decent amount of this wax on the crossbow string
  • Rub the wax on the index finger and your thumb
  • Lastly, the heat present will enhance to smooth the wax

Replace the Cables and Strings

Do you know the string on your crossbow holds a massive amount of weight? The string is generally under a lot of stress and can wear at any time, so you should check it regularly. Generally, the strings are affordable, and every hunter can afford them. The crossbow strings must be replaced after every year.

Lubricate the Rail

Generally, it’s beneficial to apply an oil-based lubricant to the rail as it minimizes the friction up to a greater extent while ensuring smooth traction, no doubt. Follow the steps for effortless application:

  • Add a few drops of this oil-based lubricant on both sides of the rail
  • It helps you use the fingers for working the oil up towards the rail
  • Ensure that you spread the entire oil over the rail length to make it effective
  • Now it's reliable to apply the oil again within 50 or 60 shots.
  • But if rail is truly dry, you should apply more lubricant repeatedly.

What needs your consideration? It's unreliable to use gun oil or petroleum jelly for lubricating the rail. The worst thing is that the substances are addressed to produce a strong smell making it highly unreliable. Therefore, it is a necessity to lubricate the rail at every cost.

Scrutinize the equipment before shooting

It is necessary to inspect the crossbow whenever you plan to go on a hunt or when you hit targets. It needs your recommendation by firing the crossbow. Besides this, you need to tighten the crossbow belts, ensuring that you have a screwdriver in the case whenever you are in the field.

Unfortunately, check the crossbow belts before firing as it is critical for any bending or splintering. Check whether the fletching’s are right and feature a decent shape. Lastly, nocks need your consideration as nothing can be worse than firing a bolt when the nock is damaged.

Storing Your Crossbow

Storing the crossbow is also essential if you want to protect it from excessive damage. Nothing is worse than getting the crossbow damaged just because you couldn't keep it properly. Getting a hard case will help you protect the crossbow from high-end damage as it also protects the equipment from moisture and dust. You should invest in getting a hard case as it provides additional protection.

Common Crossbow Problems

The crossbow can cause many troubleshoot problems, and you should be aware of them. Consider the common issues before getting into the details. Let's get right into the details!

When the crossbow loses power 

The main problem considered is when the crossbow is losing its real power. It would help if you inspected whether the limbs are damaged or not. You will find that there might be a problem with the strings, and check the manual before working. Besides this, the crossbow is adequately lubricated, and it should be working reliably.

When arrows are not correct 

Generally, accuracy is the first thing you should consider when arrows are not working straight. Ensure to check entire fletches for damage. It needs to be well-waxed and debris-free to help you get the maximum out of it.

Frayed cables

The frayed cables occur when there is a complete lack of correct maintenance. In addition to this, you should lube the cables after every ten shots as it makes them run smoothly. But wait! If you feel that the wires are fraying, it's beneficial to replace them and avoid getting any injury to the crossbow and yourself.

When a string isn’t Latching Evenly

Lastly, a common troubleshoot problem is when the string isn’t latching evenly. Ensure that the string is pulling back evenly as failing leads to uneven results.

The Bottom Line 

Crossbow maintenance is highly demanding than other regular bows, trust me. However, people misunderstand this fact by taking it of lower importance. If you desire to get shooting accuracy, it's necessary to maintain the crossbow and its components. With the crossbow in a tip-top working situation, you can enjoy the best-in-class experience.

Nothing can be worse than not maintaining the crossbow and reducing its accuracy and lifetime that may result in any personal injury. Therefore, it's pretty essential to protect the crossbow and get the most desired results. We have mentioned everything you need to know about crossbow maintenance, from multiple maintenance and safety tips to common problems.

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