Is The Norwegian Forest A Good Family Pet?

In case you have fallen in love with the feline known as Norwegian Forest and in case you are thinking of bringing it home to your family, I can completely understand this desire. These animals are so majestic and beautiful that everyone is bound to fall in love with them. Yet, there is something that’s stopping you from making that final step and finally bringing this kitty home. Could it be their size, which is, as can be seen on this site, pretty unusual when compared to some other breeds?

Well, the size is undoubtedly one of the reasons. It, however, leads to some other concerns that might be stopping you from getting this adorable and majestic pet right away. Your biggest concern is that it might not get along well with your whole family, especially if you have children and other animals around the house. This is something that pet owners should always think about before they get a new animal, since they don’t want to put anyone in danger.


Your concern is definitely justified and I am actually rather happy that this is something that has crossed your mind before you got this animal. Instead of being reckless, you are actually doing the responsible thing and getting appropriately informed before getting any new pets. Well, it is time to answer your question about whether the Wegie, as Norwegian Forest felines are also called, is a good family pet or not. Consequently, you will finally be able to stop agonizing yourself and to make this important decision and either bring this cat home or give up the idea.

Of course, I am not going to simply answer this question with a yes or no. After all, why would you take my work for it without actually getting any more information regarding how this animal would get along with the people and pets in your family? The key is to provide you with the information you need and then let you decide all on your own if getting this cat is a good idea or not. So, let’s begin giving you the info you need.

It Isn’t Aggressive

Due to its imposing and sort of threatening appearance, you might come to the conclusion that the Norwegian cat can actually be aggressive and hostile. Yet, this is far from the truth. On the contrary, these felines are actually extremely gentle, caring and loving. They don’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies, which is a huge plus for you if you want to keep them at home.

You should, however, keep in mind that the way your pet will behave also depends on its upbringing. This means that you will be responsible for ensuring that this animal feels safe in your home. The only thing that might make them aggressive is not feeling safe, but I am sure that you won’t let that happen. If you raise it right, you will get a rather affectionate and tender cat with a caring and devoted personality.

It Loves Children

In case you are worried about the relationship that this animal will form with your children, I only have one thing to say. Your kids will love the Norwegian cat and it will love them right back. There is a pretty specific reason for this. For starters, these felines can be pretty gentle, yet protective, of babies. Then, when those babies turn into energetic toddlers, they will always have a buddy to play with, since these felines are extremely active and they will enjoy your kids’ liveliness and energy.

It Can Get Along With Seniors

If you aren’t concerned about children, but you actually have seniors at home and you aren’t sure whether these felines might do something to accidentally hurt them, let me stop you right there. This breed is extremely considerate and thoughtful and it will probably try to stay out of the way of anyone that might feel threatened by them. The only thing is, if the seniors in your home end up loving this cat, you will probably frequently find them taking a nap together, since being active is not the only thing that the Wegies love. They also like cuddling and sleeping with their humans.

This could help you understand why this breed could be perfect for families: 

It Has A Good Relationship With Other Pets

Apart from worrying about children and seniors, you are probably also not quite sure whether the Wegie would get along with some of your other pets if you have them. This will especially be a concern for those people that own dogs, since there is a general belief that dogs and cats don’t get along. This, however, isn’t actually true. The relationship that your pets will develop will certainly depend on all the parties involved. As for the Norwegian Forest feline, you can rest assured that they will play that part in forming a good relationship with other animals in your home, since they are pretty friendly towards everyone.

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The Bottom Line

Let me now quickly sum things up for you and thus help you decide if this is the right pet for you. Basically, this Norwegian breed will get along well with everyone in your family, including other animals. It will especially be fond of children, but there is no reason to worry about anyone else either. In conclusion, this cat can definitely be a great family pet.

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