Hunting Safety Tips for Hunting Season

When hunters follow the rules and guidelines in place, hunting is in fact a very safe sport for people to participate in and enjoy. What’s more, many states such as Missouri require aspiring hunters to take and pass a hunting education course for those born on or after January 1st, 1967. However, taking a singular course does not make you a hunting professional. You need to put what you have learned into practice and continue educating yourself on the best hunting safety tips so that they do not become forgotten.

Hunters need to be properly educated on how to hunt without putting themselves or others at risk. Here are the best hunting safety tips to prepare you for the upcoming hunting season:


1. Follow the Correct Gun Safety Measures

Get the Correct Gun License

In general, hunters typically only need a hunting license and do not require a gun license if they are firing with shotguns, muzzleloaders or rifles. However, if you are shooting with a pistol, then certain states and countries do require you to have a license.

Failure to have the appropriate gun license can be viewed as a weapons and firearms offence and may require legal action, but differing state laws can lead to innocent citizens being wrongfully charged. If this is the case for you or someone you know, then contacting a certified attorney who practices in weapons and firearms offences, such as those at Edelson Law Barristers, is the best course of action. 

Have Your Guns Unloaded When Not in Use

Remove any ammunition from your guns when you are not using them and keep them stored securely to reduce loss or theft. This will reduce the likelihood of an accidental firing that could be fatal for other hunters.

Keep the Barrel of Your Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction

Never swing or move your firearm erratically or point the gun towards another fellow hunter. Not only is this seen as threatening, but it also increases the risk of an accidental misfiring if someone forgot to remove the ammo from their gun. You need to constantly be surveying the area and recognize a safe spot for you to point your firearm. A safe direction is free from hunters and is clear and easy to survey.

No Gun Modification is Allowed

Modifying your gun can make your firearm less reliable. While you may wish to change the appearance of your gun or make it easier and quicker to reload your gun, a mod can increase the risk of an accident taking place during the hunt. Not only is this a risk for you, but it is also a risk for surrounding hunters.

2. Wear the Proper Clothing

Wear Hunter Orange

Wearing bright colors is not enough. By hunting law, you are expected to wear hunter orange so that you are easy to spot and can be recognized as a fellow hunter.

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Wear Proper Eyewear and Ear Protection

Eyewear and ear protection can protect you from the loud noises of gun firings, but also any dirt that may be kicked up from fleeing animals. Furthermore, properly padded eyewear will protect you from any gun recoil that may knock you in the face.

3. Learn to Read Your Surroundings

Never Shoot at Sound or Movement

Hunters will be moving in the woods or fields, meaning you need a keen eye to notice the difference between a hunter and a wild animal. You should not fire until you see the animal, otherwise the sound or movement could be another person.

Identify Your Target

The rule is: identify your target from “tip to tail” before firing. You should never allow your brain to fill in the missing pieces, as this can lead to the shooting of another hunter. What’s more, it is illegal to shoot certain game or genders of animals. Here’s a list of the animals you can legally hunt in the USA.

  • Wild Hog
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Dall Sheep
  • Black Bear
  • Wolverine
  • Pronghorn Antelope
  • Caribou
  • Whitetail/Blacktail/Mule Deer

Being in the great outdoors with a bunch of fellow hunters can make for a great day out that is full of fresh air and adrenaline. However, to remain safe and ensure the safety of others, you need to take the proper hunting tests and learn the rules. 

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