Hunting Knife 101: A Complete Guide for Novice & Aficionadas Alike!

Do you have any idea about the humble, yet effective hunting knife? Many aficionadas along with the novice may mistake a hunting knife for a bush craft and vice versa. It is important that you understand the basics of a good hunting knife. Why make such mistakes, when you want to become a knife specialist?


Whether it is a hunting knife fixed blade or the foldable one, they are definitely different from the other types of knife. To understand all the differences, you need a detailed guide. Before you delve deeper into the hunting knife, you need to start with the basics.

The primary function of hunting knives is cutting, so most knives have a single sharpened edge. On most models of the hunting knife, you will find that the blade of the knife is slight curve. Some of the knives also have both curved portions and straight portions.

Curved portion helps for skinning the game meat and the straight portions come handy for cutting and slicing the meat. A “gut hook” maybe present in hunting knives used by fishermen!

Whatever type of hunting knife you have, you will be able to find use in prepping the game meat!

Which Knife To Choose: Foldable or Fixed Blade?

Many hunters might feel comfortable with a folding blade, but an expert would go with the fixed blade. Why, you ask? The simple reason is the numerous perks that such a blade offers. Here are some of them:

  • Fixed blades are much stronger than the foldable kind.
  • No need to worry about the spring not working and the blade folding involuntarily.
  • Fixed blades offer you much better control over the application of the knife.

Still feeling inclined towards the foldable kind, just because it is lightweight? Then go ahead, but, remember by doing so you are hampering the strength and avoiding the perks of a fixed blade hunting knife.

Hunting Knife 101

What Aspects Should You Concentrate On For A Hunting Knife?

When you go for the fixed blade, you will have to decide on different aspects of the knife. These dictate the strength of the knife blade. The aspects include:

1. Tang of the Knife

Do you want a partial tang or a full tang hunting knife? The votes are in and the crowd is swaying towards the full tang, as it has better balance, durability and strength. Partial tang, on the other hand, is lightweight. The decision is yours, lightweight knife or a stronger blade?

2. The Blade of the Knife

The types of knives that the shops have include many types of blades. The choice, however, boils down to three options.

3. Drop Point

This is a specialized blade for the hunting knife. It is good for dressing meat, but not for camping tasks like cutting rope or wood. The blade is quite thick and curved. It is great for skinning, as it lacks a defined point. You get to use the entire blade, hence neither is the meat damaged and the process is completed much faster. The design of the knife is somewhat robust and this allows the user to help in tasks like gutting.

4. Clip Point

The blade is thin and flat, with a well-defined point. It is a versatile blade that can accommodate various camping tasks along with hunting jobs like dressing and skinning the game meat. If you are looking for an all-around good knife, then go for the clip point blade.

5. Skinning Knife

When you have big game animals to skin, then you need to use this kind of blade. It is perfect for separating the meat from the skin. The specialty of this blade is skinning, but you can definitely use it for other hunting tasks as well.

In Conclusion

When you are done choosing the tang and the blade, you need to think about quality of the knife! For this you need a reputed knife maker. There are numerous knife makers, but you need to find one that is reputed and that makes their services reliable. Large blade or short blade will not matter if your knife breaks down fast. In the wild, you might face adverse situations and you have just the hunting knife for your support. Such situations demand a strong blade, which is possible, when you get the knife from a reputed knife maker!

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