Hunting Essentials for Beginners!

Hunting is such an exciting and challenging activity. Just from the moment you hear the word “hunt”, you can already imagine hitting a target. However, before the excitement and thrill, you cannot escape the preparation part.

For hunters, especially those who are beginners, preparing for the hunt is a fundamental process everyone must go through. It covers physical readiness, skills in hunting, license to hunt and things or items to prepare.

Before going out to the woods, it is important to know everything to be prepared, especially when you are hunting for the first time. Below is a helpful checklist of the things you should consider as a beginner-hunter.


1. Hunting Gear


One of the basic facts everyone knows is that hunting requires bows along with arrows. There are plenty of types of bows, but the most common and major types are the recurve and compound bows.

Compound Bows

While recurve bows are mostly used in the Olympic games, compound bows are the prominent ones for hunters. Recurve bows are a lot simpler to use. They are made using fewer parts and is made from lesser strings. This is why it is lighter to carry and is ideal for those who are traveling to far places to hunt from time to time. Meanwhile, compound bows are the ones ideal for experienced hunters. They are more powerful than recurve bows, and you do not have to exert too much energy and strength while holding it. Compound bows will allow you to have a heavy draw, and it will be easy to aim at the target. These bows are ideal for hunting as well as for kids because of its adjustable and power features.

Both bows have similarities and differences. However, even though each of them has distinct features, both can be used in hunting. Nonetheless, for beginners, it is ideal to practice using recurve bows at first then use compound bows later on.

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Like bows, there are also a lot of types of arrows. The most common are composite, carbon, aluminum, wood, fiberglass. Some of them are defined below.


This type of arrow is prominent and recommended among hunters. They are fast, and they weigh lighter than other types, they are straight and are not that expensive to purchase. You can see more detail by clicking here.

Fiberglass arrows

This type of arrow is best for beginners. They are commonly used in training camps and other training places. Unlike other arrows, the ones which are made from fiberglass cost lesser. They work well in short distances.


Aluminum arrows

This type of arrow is commonly used in competitions. They are also great for beginners who want to have a quality set of arrows. They can make you look as if you are already an experienced hunter because, with aluminum bows, you can perform at a competitive level of aiming at the target. Among the types of arrows, they are also the most durable ones because they are made of aluminum. They are also practically safe to use, so even when you shoot at short distances, you don’t have to worry about splintering.

Note: Before buying arrows, you must determine first your draw length and draw weight. This will help you know if you are buying the right hunting shafts. It is better to go to the nearest archery store to ensure you are making the right decision.

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Bow Release

Best Bow Release

Bow release is essential, especially for beginners. They have trigger release features and caliper to improve accuracy when shooting the target. It is usually attached to the wrist, which makes it easier for beginner-hunters to aim at the target. For recurve bows, bow releases are easier to use, but for compound bows, it is pretty complex to understand and use. 


archery arm guard

This gear is necessary to be worn at all times during hunting. This will help guard your arm, especially the part which might be hit by the bowstring as you draw a shot.

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Best Bow Quiver

All hunters will probably need quivers during the hunt. They are used to hold the arrows altogether and make it easier for you to grab arrows. There are various types, such as back quivers, hip quivers, and quivers. We also have an article about this quiver. You can click here for more information.

2. Hunting Rules and Regulations

Of course, before going out to the woods, it is important to be knowledgeable of the hunting regulations of the location you are heading to. Even if it is far away from home, you need to know the rules and regulations of the place to be aware of the things you should and should not do in the hunting site.

The rules and regulations vary from one place to another. Some places or states commonly include the exact distance you need to follow when hunting, protective gear to wear and legal and illegal areas to be familiar with.

3. Hunting Permit

While preparing for your first hunt, you have to remember the rules and regulations of the location. One may require you to purchase a hunting license or permit. To hunt legally, make sure to get yourself a hunting license or landowner’s permit. 

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