How to Use a Camping Percolator

The only thing that can make you ready for climbing the mountain on your camping days is a warm cup of coffee. And when you are at your camp, you can’t carry a bulky coffee maker at all! And this is when you need to buy a camping percolator!

Today, we will discuss how to use a camping percolator for your cold mountain days! Get ready with your favorite coffee and jump for making it!


Step by Step Making Coffee with a Camping Percolator 

A camping percolator is a savior when you are on a trip! For that, you have to get the right percolator too! Choosing a percolator can be confusing. To learn more about the perfect camping percolator, you can go to, which will aid you in purchasing the right device for your tours! 

Step 1: Right Amount of Water 

The first thing you need to do for dealing with the camping percolator is to fill it with water. While filling it up, you have to think about how much beverage you are going to make. You can add one cup or two cups.

On the other hand, you can go for filling the entire percolator to make the beverage for a bunch of people. During filling the pot, keep in mind that it is necessary to keep a tad bit of extra space above the percolator so that you can easily move it.

Never fill it up to the top. As you are going to make hot coffee, it will fall when you will move the percolator. And eventually, you will end up ruining your hands. Mostly, these sorts of ports have a marked line inside the pot that will help you decide how much you can fill it up! Follow the line and make it work!

Step 2: But first, Coffee 

This is when your actual work begins! Yes, here you will need coffee for making the beverage. People have different tastes for coffee. You might enjoy fresh coarse ground coffee. Also, you might love regular ground coffee.

They both have different making procedures. We will explain it, just try to be attentive! In the case of standard ground coffee, filters are a must. You cannot make this type of coffee without proper coffee filters.

Keep in mind that whatever filter you buy, should fit the basket you are using here! But if you don’t want to use any filter or you don’t have any, you can rely on ground coffee that is fresh and coarse! If you want to use a percolator for making coffee, it won’t be perfect until you are an expert. So, for this method, you will surely require enough practice.

First of all, you have to check and re-check what the requirement of your basket is. There are different articles on how much coffee you need to add to a percolator depending on which type of coffee you are using. Go through those and practice at home. Soon, you will realize how much coffee makes it better.

As soon as you realize it, you have to add the amount of coffee. Mostly, people love to use half tablespoons in every cup of coffee. For the pot, you have to add another half tablespoon. After adding the amount you need, you have to take the lid of your basket and attach it. Your next job is to take the basket and the entire tube and then get it inside your pot.

Step 3: Starting the Fire

Once you are ready with the percolator, you have to start heating it. But before you place it on the stove, you must re-check the lid. Certify that there is no chance of leaking the liquid when you boil it. Otherwise, all your work will be a waste of time and energy.

After this, switch on the stove first. Then, get your hands on the percolator and position it there carefully. Now, you have to boil you. As you are using a camping percolator, you can also decide to grate the percolator over a fire if you want! In most cases, when we boil something, we leave the place and come back to take it off.

But in the case of making coffee with a camping percolator, it is necessary that you are around and not away. While camping, at times, we use camping stoves. If you have a camping stove, make sure that the flame is at medium. If the heat is high, the taste of the coffee won’t be good. Even the strength is medium; you must not leave the area. Try to stay around the camping stove.

Step 4: Positioning the Percolator 

Most of how to use a camping percolator depend on where to place the camping percolator and when. In this step, we will discuss it. After setting the fire, you will see that the percolator has started boiling.

There will be bubbles all around and slowly, it will heat the beverage you are making. Once you see the bubbles, you have to get your hands on the flame and make it slow. As you are camping, you might be doing it on an open fire. In that case, move the percolator from the middle of the fire.

Position it on the sides. Now, all you need to do is wait. You might require waiting for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes or so. Slowly, the color of the coffee will start turning perfect.

Step 5: Enjoy the Coffee 

Once you see that the coffee is done, all you need to do is enjoy it! Take a cup and start pouring the coffee inside the cup. No matter how cool the weather is, your morning will be as warm as your coffee cup!

Wrap Up 

Making coffee can be easy but if you are camping, this method of how you can use a camping percolator will help you a lot! Make your mornings better easily!

Check out the other coffee-making procedures here too! We blog about all the coffee-lovers because we too love coffee!

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