How to Pack Eggs for Camping: All You Need Today

Eggs are very fragile when it comes to traveling with them. They might create a massacre if you do not pack them properly. This type of outrageous result might ruin your camping mood.

Getting the eggs mixed in your clothes is the most disgusting experience and we completely agree with that. And that is why we popped up to show you how to pack eggs for camping.

So, let’s see how to pack them right away because we are not ready to waste another second:


How to Pack Eggs for Camping: One Problem, Two Solutions! 

Eggs are the easiest and convenient way to start your day even if you’re on a camping trip. Having an egg in the breakfast might be more than enough to get you recharged for your day.

However, as eggs are fragile to pack on a camping trip, you might face some issues. But it’s possible to overcome those issues and pack some eggs for your beautiful trip.

We got two possible methods of solution in that case-

Bottled Eggs

This is the most portable solution when it comes to camping. So, how do you store the eggs in a bottle?

Here’s how:

  • Grab a bottle and a bowl
  • Wash all the eggs
  • Now crack the eggs and pour the eggs into the bowl
  • Mix all the eggs together
  • Then open the bottle and pour all the eggs into the bottle
  • Secure the bottle cap and make sure the bottle is sealed completely

Extra Tips

We have some extra tips because there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind.

  • Keeping the eggs outside the eggshell makes it vulnerable to bacteria attacks. So, make sure the eggs are not in the open for a long time.
  • If you’re planning for a long trip, we recommend that you keep the bottle filled with eggs in a refrigerator for a certain time. Or else it won’t last more than one day of camping.
  • Make sure you have fresh eggs. One rotten egg can make you throw away all of them.
  • Ensure that the eggs are well blended. It’ll keep the flavor and help you with the life expectancy.
  • Keep the bottle of eggs far away from heat. Because once they reach 40 degrees, bacterias will march left and right to attack your eggs.

Egg Holders for Camping

There are certain types of egg holders that you’ll find in the market. These are great options if you really wish to eat a fresh egg on your camping trip.

All you need is some fresh farm eggs and the egg holder for camping. Put the eggs in and there you go! Your eggs are totally secured and you have nothing to worry about.

The only downside is that you’ll be carrying more weight and it’s going to take a good amount of space while packing.

However, you still have the protective layer on your egg to protect it from bacteria attacks which you won’t get if you keep them in a bottle.

This certain method is quite reliable if you have no worries about space. It’ll at least keep the bacterias far away.

Getting sick is better than carrying some weight with you. And if you have an RV for the camping, you sure won’t have an issue with the storing.

At least not until your RV is up and running. However, is always there to help you in the time of need.

What Type of Eggs to Go Camping With?

Yes, the eggs have types too. Basically, they are considered different when they are in separate care.

You see, store-bought eggs and farm-fresh eggs are usually in different care and that’s why they have a different life expectancy.

The store-bought eggs usually last for 4-5 weeks in the refrigerator. If removed, 1-2 days is the ideal time to consume the egg.

On the other hand, a fresh egg from the farm will last more than a month if you keep it at a constant dry temperature.

You might be wondering, how’s the temperature realted to the difference in their life expectancy?

Well, the volume of mucus and fluctuation of the temperature affect the eggs. Let us explain it a little more for you.

Store-Bought or Farm Egg?

The eggshell of the eggs is porous, passing the oxygen through for the baby chick.

In the case of store-bought eggs, they are shifted from places to places and so does the temperature. And this allows the moisture to get right into the eggs and start rotting it.

Store-bought chickens are kept outside for a long time even before reaching the supermarket. Moreover, the washing of the eggs might remove the coating that keeps the egg safe from rotting.

However, when it comes to the farm eggs, it’s fresher than the store-bought ones. As long as you keep it at the same temperature, it can be stored for more than a month.

So, if you’re going on camping, it’s better to get yourself fresh farm eggs. Those will at least last a bit longer than the store-bought ones.

How Long Do Eggs Last in Camping?

Life expectancy is a major issue for eggs. Because there are several factors that highly affect the eggs and in the end, they get spoiled.

And before you store the eggs in your backpack for a camping trip, it’s really essential that you know the spoiling point of your eggs.

Generally, if you keep the eggs in a cooler, you can expect that you can consume them in 5-7 days just like the other regular foods.

On the other hand, scrambled eggs need to be cooked before four hours in the open if you want healthy eggs.

The same goes for the bottled eggs for your camping trip. But it’s different when you freeze them. They’ll last 4-5 days long at least.

And if you keep the eggs in the camping egg holder and keep it at a constant temperature, they will last over a month.


Well, now you know how to pack eggs for camping. Hopefully, the article was worth your time and successful enough to inform you about the right eggs too. 

So, we hope that you enjoy your eggs and stay energetic enough to enjoy your camping trip. 

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