How to Keep Your League of Legends Account Safe

Most of us already know that League of Legends is the most famous MOBA game today. Most LoL players know how to take care of their RIOT Games account since account stealing and compromising is nothing new. For you to protect your LoL gaming account, you must take things seriously!

If you lose it - you might never get it back.

There are several tools and tips that can help you protect your account, as this should be your top priority when playing LoL. You should never allow your account to fall into the wrong hands, as all that you’ve achieved so far might get lost forever.

To avoid such an unpleasant scenario, start protecting your Riot account today.

In the article below, we’ve compiled several tips that will help you keep your League of Legends account safe - all of them provide a maximum level of security and ensure that your account stays yours no matter what!

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Start Using a Password Manager

Let’s kick off with the most practical security method - password manager. No matter which search engine you have, you can use the password manager option in the settings to store your RIOT password. Since the ideal password should be something random, it’s not easy to remember all of your passwords, not only the one from RIOT. With this option, you can choose to remember the password, and it will automatically fill the field without typing it.

Besides saving it, you can also generate a password using this tool. By doing this, you will make sure that nobody can lucky-guess your password and access your account. Including your name, home city, or pet name as a password is not a smart choice.

Never Share a Riot Account With Others

This is one of the oldest ways to keep your account safe. Veteran gamers know - you should never share an account - no matter which game you play. Nowadays, with all of these ranks available, some gamers put in a huge amount of effort into stealing an account.

Moreover, rank boosting, account sharing, and everything in between are considered as violating RIOT’s Terms of Use. If you choose to share a RIOT account, you’re doing that at your own risk. The chances of getting banned because of account sharing or boosting are high if you’re not careful enough.

Only you and no one else should have access to your account!

Always Choose a Strong Password

Choosing a weak password is good for remembering it. However, when it comes to creating passwords for online games or basically everything else - make sure to create a strong one.

Once you enter your preferred password, the client manager will tell you if it’s strong or not. Usually, your League of Legends password should contain one capital letter and a number of your choice. Furthermore, you can try setting a random password of mixed letters that makes no sense, but these passwords are somewhat hard to remember. To avoid such a scenario, make sure to use the password manager from your browser, as mentioned before.

Your password should never contain dictionary words, and you must never use the same password for other games or in every other place that requires a password to log in. Additionally, make sure to avoid common passwords such as ‘password1234,’ or similar, as they are likely to be cracked by online hackers.

Lastly, you should always write down the password on at least a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. This is a better option than to write it down in Notepad or Word since you might lose it due to computer formats or other factors.

So, either download a program and allow it to help you out or simply come up with a password that you’re positive nobody will ever guess!

How to Keep Your League of Legends Account Safe

Update Your Operating System

While some players don’t like to update their operating system for several reasons, you must do it if you wish to protect your LoL account. Once you’ve updated the operating system, your PC will receive a new security update that will keep your League of Legends account safe.

These latest features will keep your system’s drivers up to date, resulting in better security.

Secure Your Email Account

You must enter an email in order to sign up for an account - no matter if it’s League of Legends or any other game for that matter. For this reason, it’s okay if you decide to use your standard email, but if you wish to make the account safe, create a new one.

This process won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, and you’ll have a unique email just for the game.

Nowadays, people share emails for various reasons and making a new one will increase the security of your LoL account since no one will ever know it. Therefore, if nobody knows your new email - nobody can break in and steal your LoL account through it.

Get an Effective Antivirus Program

This might not sound like a common factor to secure your LoL account, but it’s an effective one. For you to keep a LoL account secured, we advise you to install proper antivirus software. The software will not only fight off viruses on your PC but will also block any third parties from trying to access your computer.

Riot Games does not recommend the use of specific antivirus software, which means you can use anything you deem secure.

Avoid Using Public Sharing Systems

One of the oldest ways to protect your account is to avoid playing from an internet cafe or any other publicly available PC. If you do decide to play from one, make sure to check off the ‘Keep me Signed In’ button. If you forget about this, the next player who opens the LoL client will get immediately logged into your account.

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