Tips On How To Have A Fun Camping Trip

Heading out for a camping trip is loads of fun as long as you know how to plan.

Whether you're going with friends and/or family, it's never a bad idea to go into the trip prepared. This is why it's best to sit down, take out a notepad, and start jotting a proper checklist of things to do.

Here are the most important tips on how to have a fun camping trip.


Know the Campground 

Going into the camping trip without a good understanding of where everything is can be challenging. Even those with years of experience can end up overwhelmed because of the layout. This is why you want to take the time to map out a clear path through the campground without having to do it on the day you head outdoors.

By knowing the campground, you will have more time to have fun and make the most of your trip. Also if the campground has plenty of trees, you should try hammock camping instead of a tent. You can learn more about how to choose a hammock at Camping Forge.

Bring Lanterns 

When the sun goes down, a lot of people head to their tents and call it a night. However, a simple set of lanterns can make it a fun night outdoors. If you have enough light (i.e. headlights, flashlights, lanterns), you can start to roam around in the dark and observe the world around you in a different way. Of course, you shouldn't head too far out but this is a unique experience that will add to your memories of the trip.

Create Campfire Treats

Bring a fire starter and create a small campfire at the campground. The purpose of doing this is to not only have fun but also enjoy the moment for all that it has to offer. Whether you make s'mores or other types of treats, the options are endless as soon as the campfire is ready to go. Plus, it offers a unique way to prepare your desserts and that is never a bad idea. You can even get others involved in the process making it far more engaging than anything else. Sometimes, this is the best part of the entire trip!

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Design a Scavenger Hunt 

If you want to get the most of your trip, why not plan a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is great because it allows you to naturally explore the area without getting bored. Since there is something to find, you are going to have everyone engaged in the process and that alone is loads of fun. While it is going to take a bit of time to set up in the beginning, everyone will remember the scavenger hunt for a long time to come.

seniors with clipboard at a scavenger hunt

It is little adventures such as this that add to your camping trip, especially for those bringing kids to the campground.

With these tips, you are going to be well on your way to having a lot of fun and enjoying the memories that are created. A camping trip is all about having fun and all it takes is a little bit of preparation to set you down the right path.

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