Know How To Get Odor Out A Pair Of Hunting Boots

Hunter’s feet are prone to three times more sweating than their armpits. And as they wear hunting boots, this excessive sweating can transfer foul odor from inside the shoes to the nearby space.

However, coming out the foul odor from the boots, not only a matter of feeling exhaust, it is also a matter of embarrassment.

A foul odor from the hunting boots may come out for different reasons. And the good thing is you can prevent this foul odor coming out from your shoes also.

Let’s see How to get odor out of a pair of hunting boots.


Why Hunting Boots Smells Bad? 

You have Smelly Foot:

You may have a smelly foot for two reasons. First one, you most probably do not clean your feet correctly, or you may have fungal infections on your feet.

You have a sweating problem while you wear boots:

Sweating is a very general problem and may occur while you are walking wearing boots or shoes. Moreover, when you walk for a long duration, especially carrying a heavy backpack in the hot season, it is normal to get excessive sweated inside the boots.


It is a medical condition and indicates you are sweating than the normal range. As sweat causes the accumulation of bacteria, fungus inside the boot, so these bacteria and fungus can easily dump your shoes and finally leave an odd smell.

Wrong selection of the shocks and the boots:

Insulated boots or wool socks are perfect for winter (for a short time as well). But if you wear these things in the hot season, they will cause excessive sweating of your foot inside the boots.

The selection of unbreathable/barely breathable boots can entrap moisture inside the shoes. Besides this, some shocks can absorb sweat inside the shoes and dump the boot to cause odd smells.

Dirty Boots:

Wearing dirty boots also can cause smelly odd from your feet. Some hunters have a bad habit of storing their muddy boots in the corner of their home until they are going for their next trip.

And the most horrible things are that they do not feel the need to clean the boots properly at the time of their next trip. So finally, bad smell comes from their shoes.

How to get odor out a pair of hunting boots:

Clean your feet:

It would be best if you cleaned your feet at first. If you wear dirty boots, undoubtedly, it will create a foul odor after a specific time. If you have an excessive sweating problem on your feet, wash your feet twice a day using antibacterial soap.

Scrub well the soap foam on your feet so that it can remove all the dead skin entirely from your feet skin.

You can also use an effective antibacterial mixture to get a significant result. Mix warm water with lemon juice or vinegar.

Soak your feet into this mixture around a couple of minutes. It is also going to leave the responsible bacteria, which leaves the foul odor inside the boots.

Select the correct soaks:

There is no alternate of using some thicker shocks in the winter season. However, wearing too much or too thicker sock also can create sweating inside your boots. Therefore, you have to know how and when your feet start to sweating, and secondly, you have to wear socks based on this.

In winter, please wear a layer of socks. Also, try to avoid cotton socks even in winter. Wool socks are the best. However, choose some thick but soft socks that will never entrap moisture, forcing you to feel cold and even hunt in a bitter winter.

Select a pair of good hunting boots:

Select a pair of good hunting boots to season-wise. In winter, you will need some insulated boot, which is strictly avoidable in summer.

Again, make roaster wear your hunting boots, like wear one pair of hunting boot today, and then another pair the next day.

Select a pair of breathable boots for hunting season. A pair of leather boots may be comfortable, but it is not breathable. So we suggest avoiding such type boots for hunting season.

Clean your boots properly:

Never wear a dirty pair of boots. Clean your boot regularly. Baking soda can remove the foul odor from the shoes. Baking soda neutralizes the odd odor from inside the shoes.

Clean your boots with warm water and scent killer. Let the scent killer set inside the boots for a couple of hours. Then dry the shoes very well.

Again shake this boot with some baking soda; leave it too for a couple of hours. Wash it finely with normal water and scent-free soap or detergent. Finally, dry your boots finely.

Store your boots properly:

Once you have ended your hunting season, now it’s time to store your hunting boots satisfactorily. Clean the shoes as I have described above, dried them well.

Finally, keep your hunting boots in a well-ventilated area. A dump keeping again will dump your shoes.

And one more thing, when you will wear these boots in the next hunting season, clean the shoes properly.

Use a shoe odor eliminator spray:

Despite cleaning both your boots and feet, if the odor is still coming out from your shoes, you can use some shoe odor eliminator. Select those odor eliminators, which at a time can reduce odor and also can kill the germ inside of your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ-One: What Is the Best Way to Stop the Bad Odor coming out from the Hunting Boots?

Answer: Shake your shoes with an optimal amount of baking soda and leave it as it is for overnight. You can also keep one piece of orange, lemon peel into your boots.

FAQ-Two: What is the Best Boot Odor Eliminator?


Below listed five boot odor eliminator is best now a day. You can get anyone from these five:

Final Verdict:

If following all the above procedures cannot stop the odor coming out from your boots, you must consult with a health professional as early as possible.

That’s all about how to get odor out a pair of hunting boots.

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Take care.

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