How To Catch With A Underwater Green Light

Every fisherman wants to know the easiest and most effective way to catch fish. Especially, how to catch fish with underwater green lights. This implies that the fishing will be done at night.

Green lights placed underwater at night will attract fish by the droves but they must be placed in the proper place and position. You can use green dock lights just about anywhere in the ocean, under a boat, or fishing your favorite fishing hole. 

There are definite methods to use for catching fish using green lights. Nighttime fishing is very popular among serious anglers and those who need to relax after a hard day at work.


Fish are attracted to Light

Fish have poor eyesight at night time just like human beings. The fish depend on vibrations, electric impulses, and a keen sense of smell when they are hunting for food at night. Using underwater green lights greatly increases the chance for you to catch fish and plenty of them. Setting lights at the right depth and in the right numbers will help you to attract fish and reel them in.

Fishing from a Boat

If your green light setup is from a boat then you better make sure the boat is anchored. The worst thing you can do is to have the boat along with the green lights moving in the water. The turbulent motion of both will scare the fish away and you better believe they will not return. Anchor the boat and make sure it is quiet and stationery because fish love quiet and calm waters when they hunt for food especially at night.

A big mistake a lot of fishermen make when fishing with green lights under a boat is that they drop the lights and position them too deep under the water. The lights will sit too deep under the water at a depth the fish will not be swimming at to find food. Position the lights at 5 feet if you are fishing in 20 feet of water but do not position the lights any deeper than 6 feet. If you set the underwater green dock lights at 5 feet you will soon have plenty of fish swimming around the underwater lights. You will attract so many fish you want to be able to haul them all in.

Another mistake is fishermen will place the lights on top of the water so the light shines from the top down. But the fish will be attracted to lights that are set under the water and shine from the bottom up to the surface. This simulates a natural light setting for the fish and they will flock to this type of underwater light setting.

A third mistake fisherman makes is that they think the fish will swim directly into the light and stay in the area of the direct light but this is not the case. The fish will stay in the darkness just outside the ring of light. They hide in the dark and when the bait comes near they snatch what live bait or food they can. So, you will want to cast just outside the circle of light and let your bait settle on the bottom. The fish will find the bait and you will begin catching fish.

Note: If you decide to position your boat in another part of the water let the underwater light tag along under the water. It needs to cool down because if you try to pick up the light right after you turn it off. It will burn your hand noticeably. Leave the light under the water this will let the light cool down,

Spacing the Greenlights 

The key to driving fish into your fishing area is to use two lights if you can. The fish will come in even greater numbers if there are two lights instead of one. How to catch fish with underwater green lights involves spacing the lights the right distance between each other. The green lights should be spaced between 4 to 5 feet apart. This will establish the best light radius and plenty of fish will come near the light radius and you will then start reeling them in.

Finally, if you follow the above methods for how to catch fish with underwater green lights then you will be successful fishing every time you go out. You will catch that prize fish every time if you follow these simple underwater green light methods.

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