How to Catch Big Fish from Yachts

Fishing is a gratifying activity and a perfect way to spend your weekends or free time, especially if you will be catching a big one. However, there are things that you may need to know first if you want to get that big catch.

We listed some of the essential ways and tips on how you can get a big catch easier.


Use the right gear

For you to catch your dream big fish, you need to have a short and strong boat rod and fairly big reel for trolling. Next, the reel should have a strong line or braid in case you catch a monster fish (It’s better to be prepared, right?). You should also consider using a tough leader to resist the sharp teeth, swivels, and crimps by attaching the lures and leader to your line and strong pliers to complete it.

Make sure that you have a quality type of gear to use, or else you’ll just be wasting your time and catch nothing in the end.

Remember the basic

Once you are sailing along at a steady clip, it is time to put your line in the water. Pick the perfect lure, and crimp a swivel to your leader and then your bait to the swivel. Don’t forget to tie your rod to the boat before letting your line out, tie it using a thin rope you brought along with you.

To let your lure swim along behind the boat, make sure when you are traveling, it should be between 2-4 knots only; this is the perfect speed for trolling.

Use a Yacht or a Boat

To catch a big one, you’ll need to have a yacht or a boat, and picking the right yacht will provide you with more convenience and, at the same time, pleasure. Hatteras GT65 Carolina has all the features of an ideal boat for fishing. Its performance data will surely bring you the best result, the same goes for its interior layout, where you can both have a living room and a kitchen. What more can you ask for?

Study the fish species

Familiarizing yourself with the different species of fish is something that you must not forget. Catching fish in a yacht would out you closer to the water and too big billfish, sharks, and tuna. According to Greg Stotesbury, every fish has the right way to catch it, and surprisingly, he already catch a 300 pounds fish. One thing you should remember is that you have to make sure to keep as much line on the reel as possible, run down on them, and keep the fish about 11 or 1 o’clock.

It’s better to keep yourself updated by browsing and learn how to catch every single monster fish.

Wait for the bite

When you hear or felt the line go, start slowing down the yacht as much as possible by bearing away to give you the chance to catch your fish. Of course, if you are targeting a colossal fish bringing it up to the surface is the hardest part of it, and the technique is to pull the tip of the rod up and lean back and then wind with all your might as you let it down, is the right way.

Fishing is not just a hobby; it’s an experience, so why not make the most of it. Don’t think twice about investing in quality gear and, of course, a yacht where you can both enjoy fishing and a quality vacation with your buddies. Also, make sure to know first all the safety precautions so you could avoid unnecessary accidents.

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