How Rangefinder Technology Changed the Hunting Industry

The rangefinder isn't new tech. It has been in the market for over 20 years now. Although it caused quite a stir when it first made its entrance into the market, it didn't perform as much as was expected. As a result, hunters went back using their old methods of judging range with mere eyesight which proved to be better at the time.

Although some hunters still stick to traditional methods of hunting like using bows and arrows, a larger number have embraced the use of technology for hunting game. Also, currently available rangefinders for hunting are way better than the initial models and are making a huge difference in hunting. This article covers a brief overview of rangefinder models, reasons to use it or not to use, and explains how rangefinders work.


Old model vs new model rangefinders.

The first set of rangefinders, though intriguing equipment at the time, were not particularly convenient to carry along on a hunt. Also, the accuracy of the equipment was easily affected by any sudden obstacle between the hunter and the game. Having to recalibrate the rangefinder usually resulted in losing the game altogether.

These days, rangefinders are a lot more compact than they used to be. Apart from greater ranging distance, they have also been integrated with digital technology that makes them faster to use. They also come with a digital display, memory storage, and are more accurate.

Why should a hunter get a rangefinder?

Hunting is not only a huge sport in the US, but it is also a main source of revenue for many people. This means that if you're a hunter today, you will need to invest wisely in modern equipment. Getting a rangefinder is definitely a good investment towards greatly improving your hunting experience.

Using a rangefinder increases the chances of successful hunts and makes it easier for new hunters to learn quickly. For experienced hunters, it is easier to judge the distance and position of the game before aiming and shooting it.

Does it matter what type of hunter I am?

The good thing is there are different types of rangefinders available. The type of rangefinder you get should be determined by your preferred method of hunting. If you are a bowhunter, for example, you may want to get a rangefinder that can allow for the arc of a shot arrow and a steep terrain. This usually requires good technical knowledge.

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Rangefinder downsides

Like any other piece tech, to get the most out of a rangefinder, you have to learn to use it properly. Despite all the advantages of using a rangefinder, it cannot penetrate the thick cover. You should also understand its limitations to effectively maximize its use. For instance, you may decide to get a tilt-compensated model if you find that you usually have to shoot at certain angles.

The hunting game changer

Current rangefinder models have now become a huge solution to the major problem hunters encounter-distance. This reduces your margin for error during hunting and gives you a more successful adventure. This is why the use of rangefinders can no longer be separated from a good hunting experience.

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