Home Invasion Defence: Top 5 Tactical Ways to Protecting Yourself

Different from burglary, a home invasion happens when the occupants of a home are present. This calls for ways to save oneself and the family members.

Below are five working ways to ensure you are safe from the home invasion.

1.   Don’t make it easy to enter your home

It is your home that is being targeted. Make it as hard as you possibly can to gain access to it. This means taking precautions in how you build your structures.

The way to access your home is through the doors. Ensure all the doors that give way into the house are well made. This could include the front door, back door, garage door, and any other door.

A home invader will also use a window if that is the only option left. Invest in beautifully grilling your windows to ensure you and your family are safe.

2.   Have Tools for Self Defense in your Home

Have tools that will help keep you safe. Most people will have a gun. Make sure it is functional. It is senseless to think of where you will buy ammo online when the burglar is already in the house. Have the gun at an easily accessible place.

Get adequate training on using the gun. Don’t let the first time you shoot be in the dark when a bad guy has broken in. Ensure the adults in the house know where you keep the gun. This helps in case you are in no position to get hold of it but someone else can.

More defense tools include pepper sprays, tasers, batons, baseball bats, a knife, and at the spa of the moment, anything you can throw or swing. Place these in different accessible places, a home invasion will be an emergency.

3.   Avoid Confrontation

There are times when one is caught pants down. In such scenarios where you find you have no self-defense whatsoever, avoid confrontation. Remember, safety first.

It is better that your possessions be taken rather than your life. Follow through with the wishes of the burglar. Although it’s hard not to panic while you’re in the middle of a dangerous situation, try to stay mentally active and think smartly. After all, it’s a matter of life or death!

4.   Keep strangers out

A home invader will develop interest by seeing. Keep people you do not know and trust out of your house.

At some point, you will need to hire contractors, do this with the utmost sensitivity. Ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. You could also check their reviews on social platforms.

Likewise, avoid flashing things that you have all over. If you have a posh car, let it be in the garage. The out of sight, out of mind principle works here.

5.   Dogs can be a great deterrent to thieves

Dogs may be a very great resource where home invasion is concerned. Good dogs will pick up scents of intruders and cause a commotion. This gives you room to get set for whatever might be coming. Get a trained dog and it will be helpful more than you know.

In Conclusion

There are many more options such as having alarm systems installed, changing locks once you move houses, building safe rooms and escape routes, and more. Choose the best option but the most important is keeping burglars from getting to the house. Make it hard.

With careful planning and consideration, you can create an inviting and comfortable living space that reflects your personal style. Whether you are starting from scratch or simply making a few changes, there are many creative ways to bring new life into your apartment while staying within budget.

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Author Bio: After doing her BA from ASU, Marcie Young held various jobs in different industries. She is now passionate about growing her blog where she writes about various topics related to gun safety, firearms ownership, and self-defense. She is a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment after a horrible experience she has had on the streets.

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