Gun Control and Gun Rights: What You Need to Know as a Hunter

In the wake of many shootings that ended up with a big number of victims, many people are demanding that gun control is established. Nobody wants to see criminals swinging their guns around anymore, and rightfully so. Still, what does this mean for hunters?

Hunters take their profession seriously, and they’re doing it because they like it. In order to be able to have such a profession, one needs to be mentally and physically strong enough to do it.

Hunting has been around from the beginning of times, and the use of guns in this profession is necessary, as they make the whole thing much easier. Although some hunters are still using the old hunting ways so they don’t feel like doing injustice to the animals, guns are mostly the ones used to perform this job.

At the same time, many people are not okay with the use of guns, and demand that gun control is forced upon those who casually pull the trigger. How does this affect those into hunting? Well, in this article, you will read about gun control and gun rights, and how they affect hunters. 


Gun Control – How Does It Affect Hunters?

Basically, gun control is a set of rules and regulations that allow a certain group of people to use weapons in a certain way. As these rules are approved by the government, every citizen is obliged to follow them. If they don’t, they may suffer the consequence of breaking the rules, as expected. 

For hunting, there were no particular rules to affect them. However, the Government found out that the guns weren’t exactly used the right way for hunting. As a result, they came up with some guidelines in regard to that:

Range Finders

Range finders are used in some countries as they are helpful when trying to hit the target. This rule was created so hunters are safe while doing their job, as the technique allows them to hit an animal from the distance.

Range Finders

There were situations when some hunters died as a result of not standing on a standard distance, thus being attacked by the animals. So, range finders are a great solution to this, as they can save hunters from being killed. The authorities have made their use essential, and now hunters have the possibility to target animals without living in fear of being killed at any moment.

If you think a range finder is what you need, you should look carefully and research the top-rated ones in order to find a product with good features. They can also be bought from local sellers. The range finder needs to fulfill all the requirements needed for targeting and shooting the subject accurately. I recommend you to read this reviews article from Eric Patton (Founder of


Some countries do not allow hunters to use shotguns. Why? Because a shotgun can easily kill a whole group of animals by only firing one shot. Although it might sound good the first time you think about it, it can have quite awful consequences.

shotgun throwing its shell

This shotgun effect led to the disappearance of certain species of animals, which resulted in the authorities having to step in. As a result, they restricted the use of shotguns. 

If a hunter is now found using a shotgun for hunting, he will be fined and imprisoned for a certain amount of time. It doesn’t sound good, but it’s what the authorities have to do to save different species of animals.

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Is Gun Control Really the Answer?

When it comes to using guns, a lot of people are demanding gun control as a means to stop mass shootings and suicides that happen so frequently. Despite being intended for self-protection or hunting, guns are still dangerous items that nobody should play with.

Many gun control supporters think that it could stop violence and life will suddenly be all sunshine if guns are banned. While guns would maybe decrease the percentage of violence a little bit, banning them won’t put an end to human nature. Murders have been happening since before guns were even invented, and if someone wants to commit a crime, they will find other ways to do that.

That being said, criminals, bullies, and others would still live among us without us having any idea, and they will find a way to commit their crimes. On the other hand, without guns, it would be harder for us to protect ourselves against them.

Should Hunters Support Gun Control?

The hunting field is divided – some are against gun control, whereas some support it for various reasons.

Although guns might not have to be banned forever, hunters should stand up for stricter gun control laws. Basically, there are many high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic rifles that are not required to be able to perform a proper hunting session. Also, a lot of people take advantage of the fact that they’re allowed to own firearms, thus committing suicide and murders by firearm.

Gun control might not fully eradicate the evilness from the world, but it does have the possibility to save some lives. An analysis from the Epidemiologic Review has looked at data from 130 gun control studies. What they found was the fact that simultaneously implementing laws that target firearm restrictions is associated with a reduction in deaths by firearms. In other words, there will be fewer people dying because of guns.

Many hunters want to explore and protect the wildest places of the country. This is possible without the use of semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines.

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Final Thoughts

Gun control might seem like a bad thing for every hunter. However, whereas it may restrict the use of firearms to an extent, it should still allow hunters to do their job properly.

Due to so many deaths caused by firearms, gun control laws might be the answer to decrease their incidence, even if the evil will not be fully eradicated. Human nature will still make many individuals eager to do bad deeds, yet gun control could significantly reduce their number.

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