5 Great Camping Spots in America You Need to Check Out

As the winter months roll through, we're all waiting for the time when things warm up so we can get outside. Maybe you even want to take a trip out of state to a place where it's warm enough get out and stretch your legs.

Whenever your time to get outside comes, keep camping in mind as an activity that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. We're going to suggest a few great camping spots for you to consider.

The United States is overloaded with excellent campgrounds and natural beauty. Here are some of the locations that stuck out to us the most.


5 Great Camping Spots in the United States

If you're not a great camper, or you haven't experienced camping enough to feel confident about it, don't worry. There are a number of resources that can help you get the knowledge you need to have a safe, fun time.

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1. Shenandoah National Park

shenandoah national park

Camping in the the woods of Shenandoah Mountain with a bonfire.

Shenandoah, located in Virginia, is a massive park located under 100 miles away from Washington D.C. This makes it an excellent visit if you're looking to blend some city life, American history, and camping into one trip.

The national park has over 500 miles of trails to hike, most of which leading into vantage points and gorgeous views. Further, the campsites are open every season except winter.

It's a hotspot, though, so it's recommended that you make reservations before you arrive.

2. Acadia National Park

acadia national park

A beach in Acadia National Park.

Many people forget Maine when they plan their outdoor getaways, but we're here to remind you of one of its gems.

Acadia is a park that hosts just under 20 million acres of forest. Further, it's loaded with more ponds, lakes, and rivers than you could ever explore in one trip.

That means that a trip to Acadia in summer is going to provide a near-unlimited amount of opportunity to swim and relax in nature. Another bonus is that much of the park is open to campers year-round.

3. Denali National Park

denali national park

Camping in Denali National park, facing Mt Mckinley.

Denali is an Alaskan park which, we'll admit, is one of the coolest in North America. One of its biggest attractions is the fact that it's home to the tallest peak in North America, Mount McKinley.

The park's six million acres are home to thousands of trails for beginners to true experts. If you're an experienced camper looking for a challenge, Denali is certainly somewhere to consider.

4. Yosemite National Park

yosemite national park

Yosemite National Park - Reflection in Merced River of Yosemite waterfalls and beautiful mountain landscape.

Yosemite is world-renown for the fact that most of the park is designated to the wilderness. It's also well-traveled, meaning that there are a lot of amenities and comforts available to you if you need them.

5. Sequoia National Park

sequoia national park

Our final camping location is known for the presence of massive redwood trees. These things are ancient, colossal living things that will make you speculate on your place in the order of things.

It's not just trees, though. Sequoia, like the parks above, is home to excellent campsites, beautiful trails, and more than enough space to explore for a long time.

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