Beginners Guide to Fish Keeping and Fishing Gears (A Mind-Blowing Debate)

All Hobbies are selected according the interest and daily routines of a person. But these two hobbies are quite different from others. They have become hot topics of this century. We will discuss about both of them, who can go for fish keeping and else for fishing. I am a Successful Mr Fish Keeper very Proud to say But In this ultimate beginner’s guide, we will also discuss and compare different gears of both fishing & fish keeping in Details.


Selection of Fishing Vs Fish Keeping

There are two genders & types of people in this world. One who like to stay in home and on the other hand those who love going out to enjoy nature and visit some Good places. Mostly it is said that women’s are more likely to be in Fish keeping while researches also proved that males are more tend to be in love with fishing. Man also adopted it as profession to run their homes by earning a smart and handsome amount from it.

Now we will get short details of what is fishing and how It is different from fish keeping.

What is Fishing and Fish keeping?

Fish keeping is all about setting up artificial environment for ornamental fishes (Freshwater, saltwater or marine) in form of aquarium or fish tanks to keep fishes in home, offices or workplace. This hobby is skyrocketing in European countries because they love keeping pets in home. On the other hand Fishing is all about hunting fish from ponds, streams, lakes, rivers and from sea. You need Fishing reels, rods and kayaks to hunt fish. The hunted fishes are cooked in our homes and comparatively large in size and dumb in colors then aquarium fish.

Now moving towards Gears and Comparison.

Fishkeeping Gears

As we know that fish keeping is all about keeping and maintaining an aquarium. So to kick start your aquarium. We need Aquarium, Heater, Water pump, and gravel and air bubbler along with some ornaments in the tank. Additionally you can add some background wallpaper, lights and some kind of artificial or live plants. Take a look into short details of each to get a clear glimpse of each.


Fish aquarium is one of the main component of starting fish keeping hobby. Beginners usually start from 5 to 10 gallons fish tank. Expert aquarist go for medium sizes 50 to 70 gallons tank to setup community. On industrial scale the size ranges from 100 gallon to thousands of gallon aquarium. Don’t forget to add gravel in tank because it will keep dirty matter separate from water and settle down under it. One of the best example of large and extra-large aquariums is Georgia or pacific aquariums. Thousands of people used to see the creatures living in those big aquariums of world.

Aquarium Heater

After filling the aquarium and cycling it. We need best aquarium heater to maintain a precise temperature to heat up water to put fishes into the tank. The quality of heater can make or break your aquarium. Cheap heater can warm up your aquarium accidently and boil your fish too so always choose the best heater in your tank to maintain temperature. Along with heater you can install thermometer and heater controller for safety and precise heating. You can read complete reviews about quality heater that are safe to use and precisely heat up your tank. The link is given below

Aquarium Heater Reviews:

Air Pump

One of the most important tool of aquarium is air pump which is used to maintain oxygen level in deep or shallow water. It gives oxygen and life to the aquatic creature. You can also use air bubbler to make air bubble in water to give it great look. Setup it very carefully. You can get idea here

Water Filter

Unlike Aquarium Heating, Filtration can also prove to be very harmful for aquatic species. Keeping water without any filtration process can be very dangerous because of too many water in water convert into ammonia which is poison for your fish. Ultimately I can cause fish death. See how your aquarium filter works

Fishing Gears:

To make your fishing bait easy you need fishing gears which includes fish finder, fishing kayak, fishing rods and reels. Now we will know about each gear in short detail to have a look. Let’s Begin.

Fish finder

As the name is showing its function, it is the device that tells you about location of fish under the sea and also specie of your fish


For travelling on the water layers in the rivers, lakes and sea, you need a boat. Kayaks are specially designed boats that are used to hunt fish. They are light weight and only allowing 2 to 3 people travel along with some necessity things.

Fish Rods and Reels

After choosing the right boat for your fishing. You need wise selection for picking up the right fishing rod. It can make or break your fish bait. If it is not qualitative then it may be broken into pieces or not going to help you any more to hunt your fish. Also fishing reels are the devices attached with rods that used in winding and stowing line.

Wrapping up.

Fishing and fish keeping both hobbies are full of fun, adventure and grateful life experience. It depends on taste of a person which one he will choose. Always choose a hobby to have happy life full of fun ☺.

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