7 Things To Take On Your First Long Hunting Trip

Hunting has long been a considered a sport but it’s also a return back to our primal instincts. Hunters hunt for a variety of reasons, the thrill, the challenge, or even as a necessary means to an end. For first time hunters venturing on their first proper trip, it can be all of these things and more. The nerves will likely be high for first time hunters which can make preparation and planning difficult. To help you with the process, here are 7 essentials to take on your first hunting trip.



Good quality boots are a non-negotiable when it comes to hunting. You will be doing a lot of walking and trekking across a variety of terrains. Good boots can be invaluable in these situations. Poor hiking shoes that leave blisters, or allow your feet to be damaged, will make hunting nearly impossible. There’s nothing worse than cutting a hunt short because your feet are too banged up.

best cold weather boots

When it comes to boots, you get what you pay for. Finding good hunting boots will depend on where you’re hunting, what you’re hunting and how you’re doing it. It will take research, so it’s best to understand the area of your hunt and apply this to the type of boots you’re looking at. For example, if you’re in an area where snakes are, research snake proof boots

Portable Generator

If you're wondering what is the difference between portable and inverter generator, please refer to an article from 10PowerUp blog.

A portable generator can make your hunting trip significantly easier, especially if it’s your first long trip. While these days, generators can be extremely portable, bringing one is really feasible and you can also bring a car to transport it and set up camping.

Having an inverter generator, like those from Outbax Camping, means you can have power for your hunt whether it’s for cooking, charging equipment, or simply a way to provide lasting light.


Another essential for your hunt is a quality pack. Like boots, without it your hunt will be over before it begins. While not as essential if you’re setting up a base camp, a pack will allow you to hunt on your own terms, provided it’s packed properly. You need to be able to pack 10 to 14 days worth of gear and food in, and your meat, cape, and horns/antlers out. This means you will have a relatively heavy load.

Often the best packs for heavy loads are frame packs, however, packs with harness systems can work just as well, while offering a bit more comfort. Again, research is key.

Rain Gear

Rain gear is another item that will depend on where you’re hunting. In certain hunting areas, such as Alaska, it can rain for days on end, so rain gear is vital. The type of rain gear will also depend on your situation. In situations where you have time/the ability to dry out your wet weather gear, you might want to take breathable rain gear, however, you will need to dry it out, and it can become quiet wet in sustained wet weather. In the event that you must endure lots of rain, or you simply can’t be bothered drying out your gear, rubber, or pvc type rain gear works best.

Glassing Optics

Glassing is a massive part of hunting, especially in high-country hunting. If you don’t have decent glassing equipment and skills, you might as well be hunting blind. Not only is glassing crucial for finding your targets, it’s also important for verifying that a target is worth hunting down. Spending countless hours and amounts of energy tracking down a juvenile deer is not how any hunter wants to spend their trip.



Unless you’re bowhunting, a riflescope is undoubtedly an important piece of gear. Today, there’s heaps of options when it comes to things like optics and long range shooting scopes. There are 3 main things to consider when looking for a good riflescope: value, ease of use and toughness. Of course, you don’t want to be spending huge amounts of money on a piece of gear when a more affordable piece will do the job just as well. Beginner hunters can often make the mistake of thinking the more they spend, the better they will be. While quality gear shouldn’t be substituted, it’s important to understand what features you will actually need and use.


Hunting Knife 101

Rounding out our list of essentials is one of the most tried and true essentials there is. Every hunter should be equipped with a good hunting knife for every trip, period. When it comes to hunting knifes, it’s pretty straightforward. You want a knife that’s sharp, lightweight, affordable and easy to use. Having a knife with easily replaceable blades is also a handy feature. One handy tip from experience is to get a knife with a bright colored handled, such as orange. 

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