Essential Things to Pack for Traveling

Do you remember the last time when you traveled to a beautiful place? It was a fantastic journey, wasn't it? But remember that one moment when you felt like, “Ow oh, what if I took ‘that thing’ with me!”? But, regrets are not going to reduce your hassle during the journey.

Whether you travel within the country or fly to anywhere else, you don't want to forget the essential things. Well, no worries for the next time! This article is going to help you not forget the essential things to pack for traveling.

Here, I’ve listed almost everything that you will need during your travel.


Checklist of Essential Things to Pack for Traveling

To make your journey more comfortable, you need to consider two things:

1. Don’t Fill Your Bags with Unnecessary Things: Your baggage shouldn’t be so heavy that you have to struggle to carry them. Also, if you've too many bags with you on the travel, you will probably not love to take them from place to place, all the time.

2. Don’t Forget Anything: However, you don't want to miss any essential things on the travel. Especially the items that could make the journey even more fun!

Luckily, we have Goo Travelers to check out essential travel items within a few seconds!


In most cases, travelers tend to fill their bags with casual clothing. But how many pants, shorts, and shirts would you pack for traveling? Well, it depends on how many days you're going to spend on the travel.

1. Regular Outfits and Shoes

Generally, clothes worth of days should be enough for even a months-long trip. If you want to go even more modest, two pairs of pants, two shirts/T-shirts, and a couple of shorts should suffice. Besides that, take enough socks and undergarments as you don't want to run out of them when laundry isn’t available.

We don't recommend extra shoes as you obviously wear a pair of them when you go outside. But, don't forget to take a couple of slippers. You will need them when you stay in hotels or resorts.

2. Going out Outfits and Shoes

Besides the regular attires, you may take one set of dressier clothes for going out or partying during your trip. Besides that, a pair of trainers or boots should enough for clubbing or going out.

Keep in mind that you don't have much space to pack as many things as you want. Only take what you need.

3. Sleepwear/Pajama

To have a sound sleep at night, take a set of sleepwear or pajamas for the trip. This will also help you keep other clothes clean and tidy.


1. Smartphone with Charger

This is something that no one's gonna forget. But, check if you’ve taken the charger.

2. Camera with Charger

Smartphones are sufficient for taking photos. However, if you want to take really good snaps, a camera is recommended.

3. Power Banks 

If you the batteries in your smartphones and cameras die, your traveling experience would become awful. It's absolutely crucial for those who follow the GPS along the way. Try to take at least one power bank if you don’t have more.

4. Global Sim Cards

If your travel destination is outside the country, you must take a sim card with the network in your destinations. Some cards provide networks in all of EU countries. Local network operators also not bad if you plan for only one country.

5. Travel Adaptor/Extension Cord

You may not find a travel adaptor or extension cord everywhere you go. It is better to have your own one to recharge your phones and other devices.


Toiletries are one of the most essential things to pack for traveling. Although you can purchase toiletries after reaching the destination, a good toiletry bag wouldn’t be available everywhere. So, take a hanging toiletry bag so that you place it on a clean wall, rather than putting your toiletries on untidy surfaces.

You shouldn’t forget the following toiletries:

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • A soap
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Wet Tissues & Hand Sanitizer
  • Moisturizer & Sunscreen
  • Makeup & Makeup Remover

You may consider other toiletry items according to your needs. But don't forget the essential ones.

Refillable Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle would help you save some money as you can refill water from free and freshwater sources available in hotels and other places.

Sometimes, you may not find a grocery to purchase a water bottle when you travel any place far away from the busy city. At that point, you can rely on your refillable water bottle.


Many hotels don't show the courtesy of providing a towel. Keeping that in mind, pack your own towel, ideally a thin one. Avoid thick towels as they take more room.

First Aid Kit

Every traveler should have a first aid kit with him. No one knows when unwanted incidents happen. Having a first aid kit may help in that type of situation. The first aid kit should include:

  • Bandages
  • Medical Tape
  • Gloves & Eye Protection
  • Painkillers
  • Antiseptic Solution etc.

Pen and Papers

A pen and a notebook don't occupy much space, yet they are handy at times. They come into play when you need to sign on paper or note down an address or phone number.

Although you've a smartphone to get this sort of works done, not having a pen becomes a hassle sometimes.

Besides all of that, you will certainly not forget the following things:

  • Passport
  • Euros/ US dollars/ Currency (which is available in your destinations)
  • Wallet (with essential ID cards)


Traveling has always been fun unless you forget to take essential things. Hopefully, this article would remind you of the essential things to pack for traveling. However, this listing might miss something that you think is vital. Let us know what you think in this regard.

Have a sound and safe journey; have fun!

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