Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a real nuisance. They hide in bed, feeding on human being's blood. These pests are dangerous since, upon infesting your surroundings, they will breed very fast. Before you know it, the situation may get out of hand, and failure to address this can cause havoc to your surroundings.

Did you know that bed bugs can go without feeding for months? That’s the reason it is tough to eradicate when they infest. They can stay hidden in a crevice for months without food. Fumigation may not work out if they too deep inside. If you are going out for camping, bed bugs can find them in your camping items.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and appear at night. It’s rare to spot bed bugs during the day since they hide from view in crevices, chinks, or any other place where they’re not easily noticeable. There are several ways through which you can eradicate bedbugs in your camp. In the past, people have used pesticides, hot water, airing beddings, and the use of alcohol. But does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs? We will find out shortly.

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How do you know your beddings have bed bugs?

There are several signs you can spot that indicate the presence of bedbugs. For example, you may find blood-stained bedsheets and rusty dark spots of excrement on the bedsheets. You may also notice blood spots on mattresses.

They may also hide in sleeping bags, pillows, chairs and camp tables. You may experience some itchiness to the skin at night due to the bite and notice reddish, itchy pimples on the skin.

Bugs have a unique smell, and when they infest your surroundings, you’ll notice the smell even without crutching the bug. This smell is so strong, unpleasant, and sometimes disgusting.

You may experience a bite, and once you switch on lights to check, you may not get to see the pest as it moves swiftly back into the hideout.

Causes of bug infestation? 

There is a misconception that bed bugs show up due to a lack of hygiene or failure to keep the environment clean. However, this is far from the truth since even the cleanest tents can have bed bugs infestation, and this can be very frustrating.

You may incur a lot of costs to bring the situation under control, and fumigation can be costly. Undoubtedly, bed bugs can live in any place so long as they can access food.

There is nothing special that attracts these insects into you. They need a warm place to live, and your body is their number one target. They feed on their host’s blood, and you may feel some itchiness when they bite.

As the name suggests, they are known as bed bugs for a simple reason. Due to their nocturnal behavior, they have access to their prey when night falls and will attack when you sleep on your bed.

A bug can make you have sleepless nights. It’s mostly idle during the day and aggressive at night, thus denying you the comfort you desire.

Owing to the perception that they show due to dirt, they can cause shame and embarrassment if you carry them home from your camping expedition. You may not be able to tackle the problem if the infestation has spread to all rooms in the house.

It can be a challenge to protect yourself against bed bugs since you can get them from public places like learning institutions, hotels, or even public transport. You can import them into your house through second-hand clothes.

How do you eliminate bed bugs from your camping gear by using alcohol?

This method does not require professionalism and can act as a temporary remedy. Alcohol can, indeed, eliminate bed bugs. However, the question of its effectiveness is still in doubt, can alcohol offer a permanent solution to an infestation in your tent during camping? Does alcohol kill the bed bugs? The answer is yes, but just to an extent.

Rubbing alcohol kills bugs and their eggs. This method requires direct application to the bug or the eggs. It effectively dissolves the outer shell of the eggs. It also neutralizes the eggs from hatching through its dissolving action.

Perhaps the main question is, what happens to the hidden bugs? Nothing, since it’s is difficult to reach them. The eggs, too, are not reachable and will hatch and spread the bugs.

Bed bugs are not present in one area where you can spot them and spray alcohol with ease. Such a situation requires a more serious and effective method through fumigation. This approach ensures you reach even the crevices, cloth seams, and any other areas where the bugs could be hiding.

It would work better than spending a lot of time looking for a bug to spray with alcohol to end its life. The exercise can be tedious and frustrating.

Remember, as you’re spraying the visible bed bugs, others are hatching in the hidden areas. This method is, therefore, ineffective and might not solve the problem. It may be cheaper than the pesticide since alcohol is inexpensive, but its effectiveness might take too long to realize.

Alcohol is highly flammable and might expose your house to fire risk if it’s sprayed on furniture, clothes, mattresses, or any other item which is infested.

The most important thing is to keep a close watch by airing your beddings often in the hot sun. Once you notice the infestation embark on a suitable method of killing them before the situation gets out of hand.

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Bed bugs aren’t for poor or less fortunate; they can find their way into any house regardless of the individual’s financial capability or class. It can be embarrassing, annoying, quickly spread, and very hectic to control or eradicate and may ruin your camping expedition. You may contact an expert who is conversant in pest eradication and control. The use of alcohol is just one of the methods which may not satisfactorily save the situation. Look for an alternative and eradicate these shameful pests. 

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