Class B Motorhomes Rochester NY Buying Tips For Your Camping Trips

As the third largest city in New York, Rochester is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. This city has some of the world’s best locations for hunting and camping trips. These open to the public, to campgrounds and parks that offer tranquility, you can experience unique camping trips whenever you’re in Rochester!

But if you want to take your camping trips up a notch, consider buying class B motorhomes. Although class B homes are the smallest motorhomes you can buy today, the size of this investment makes it very easy to maneuver, park, and travel to different locations. Class B motorhomes have the amenities of a house and offer better gas mileage than other motorhomes.


To make your upcoming camping trips more exciting and convenient, start scouting for class B motorhomes like the options available from this website. Choosing a class B motorhome will come off easier once you follow these tips when buying one:

1. Know Your Options

Motorhomes are common today. Several brands enter the business arena by selling a wide variety of motorhomes. Sure, you might plan on buying a class B motorhome, but do you know from which brand? Are you aware of how these brands differ from each other?

Before heading out to scout for a class B motorhome, do some research to know what your options are. You can do this by browsing through different online platforms or asking for recommendations from friends who are also hikers and campers.

Being well-informed about your available options will help you properly manage your expectations, and prevent you from paying for a class B motorhome that clashes with your lifestyle or outdoor activities.

Doing research ahead of time also allows you to compare all of the available class B motorhomes and assess which among these truly fit your camping activities.

2. Make A Wish List

The versatility of a class B motorhome is one of the reasons why more and more people choose to buy it. Unlike other types of vehicles, a class B motorhome offers better storage, amenities, and comfort.

First-time buyers might be pressured to make sure that all these elements are present in the class B motorhome they are buying. After all, a class B motorhome can mimic the functionality and appearance of your home, but the question is, do you really need all of these things? Will the absence of certain amenities impact your camping trips?

When buying a class B motorhome, it’s important to make a wish list. This list can help you determine what to look for in a class B motorhome, saving you a lot of time and money from going around in circles. With a wish list, you’ll have a better idea of what a perfect class B motorhome is for you.

Consider the following tips in making a wish list:

  • Write down all of the features you want your class B motorhome to have. Since this is your wish list, list down as many features as you can. You can list down generic amenities or go into detail.
  • If you’re happy with your list, assess which among these features are needs and wants. Think about the activities you usually engage in when you’re camping, and how a class B motorhome can affect these activities.
  • Since you’re buying a class B motorhome to enhance your outdoor activities, storage space is a need, but an advanced surround sound system isn’t. Camping will require you to get out of your motorhome regularly, so there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars for speakers.

3. Check The Space

On average, a class B motorhome costs at least $40,000. Of course, when you buy one with bigger floor space or extra features, expect to pay more.

For you to make a smart investment from your hard-earned money, check the space of the class B motorhome you’re eyeing to buy. Having enough room is always a need when buying a class B motorhome.

Determine the number of people who are usually present during your camping trips. Do you take your entire family with you when you’re enjoying these outdoor activities? Or is it only you and your partner?

If camping serve as an opportunity to bond with the family, look for class B motorhomes that allow everyone to move around. Being cramped in one area or having limited movement inside will defeat the purpose of buying one. Spending a lot of money for a class B motorhome is useless if it doesn’t provide comfort.

class b motorhomes rochester storage space

4. Assess The Storage Space

Camping will require you to bring different equipment and gear. For you to hunt safely, you need to bring your first aid kit, rubber gloves, flashlight, and knives. Camping, on the other hand, requires you to bring a tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, and camp tables.

When buying a class B motorhome, don’t forget to assess the available storage space. If you already have your top picks, say your top three choices, thoroughly inspect the unit and assess if all of your gear and equipment can fit in its storage areas.

Installing or adding new storage inside the unit is an option, but it isn’t suitable for all types of class B motorhomes. In fact, buying used or older class B motorhomes might not provide this option.

The class B motorhome you buy should keep all of your camping essentials secure and undamaged while allowing people to move around inside the vehicle. A class B motorhome that has ample floor space but limited storage can cause irreparable damage to your gear and equipment.

Maintenance Is Key

A class B motorhome is a significant investment. Aside from its price, the motorhome you’ll buy can also influence your safety and comfort when you’re outdoors.

For you to enjoy your investment for the longest time possible, take time to clean all of the parts of your motorhome, and call for professional repairs whenever necessary. Owning a class B motorhome is a long-term commitment, so make sure that you’re up for the task!

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