Camping Solo for the First Time? – Here is All You Need to Know

Camping offers an escape from our repetitive daily lives and offers a true refreshment from the concrete jungles we are living in. In nature, you can breathe fresh air, let your thoughts wander, and sharpen your survival skills. People most commonly decide to camp in groups as it is most definitely fun. However, team camping can be very stressful at times, especially for people who find it difficult to adapt to natural conditions. But whether you decide to skip the party in order to avoid adapting to other people’s needs or you are in need of a personal challenge, camping solo can be a life-changing experience and fun!

Finding yourself alone in nature helps you learn more about yourself and teaches you how to adapt to unexpected situations. So if you are ready to up your game and brush up on your wilderness skills we are here to help you prepare for a safe and successful journey. Let’s take a look at some of the important things to consider before stepping into a solo camping adventure!


Packing and Preparation 

Since you're going camping alone, don't forget that at some point you won't have someone around that can land you an item you forgot. Camping alone means packing your bags diligently and thinking of every detail. Starting off with gear, make sure you have a spacious one-person tent and warm bag manufactured to keep you warm at the temperatures expected at your destination. If you are still looking for durable and professional gear for solo adventures make sure to check the collections at Once you have those 2 items ready pack them in a comfortable and spacious backpack that will still have space left for clothing and food.

Take enough clothing that is appropriate for the season. Plan your meals and pack enough water to keep you hydrated. It’s good to try and learn if there is drinkable water accessible in the area that you’ll be camping in. You can also learn how to make water drinkable in case you are left without any supplies. And last, make sure you have a first aid kit and tools that will make your days easier. The best advice that you can get is to make a packing checklist and go through it several times before you decide that you are ready to go.

Accepting the Situation as It Is

So in case you're wondering if you'll sometimes feel fear or insecurity during a night camp alone, the answer is you will. However, it does not necessarily mean to give up such a great adventure. It can happen to anyone and not just when you go individually but as a team. Understandably, going alone is a situation where you are on your own in case of danger or emergency, which can be scary, though if anything happens you’ll get stronger and more experienced than before.

Wildlife can be dangerous and you may encounter wild animals and disasters, but imagine there is a team of people who can't help but panic and create further problems? We're sure you don't want it during a climbing situation. So going on your own can help you make a much more stable and appropriate decision when unforeseen situations arise.

Be Mentally Prepared

If you go for this kind of self-camp, you need to know if you're mentally ready for something like this. No, this does not mean it's dangerous, but at times when worries and fears arise, one must know how to calm down and put things in order. The most inconvenient and unpleasant situation can occur during the night. Noises around your tent of animals approaching can be scary, but if you are prepared to defend you should only work on keeping yourself calm until the danger passes.

For additional help, or for transitioning from group to solo camping, you can take your dog with you. A dog will keep you protected and help in a dangerous situation while they can provide comfort if you are feeling lonely.

Camping Solo for the First Time? - Here is All You Need to Know

Choose a Location Near Your House

When you decide to camp on your own, the place you are camping in must be near your home or a place that is very familiar to you. If you are used to camping with your friends and liked the place, it would be better to choose it because it will make it easier for you to find a place to pitch your tent and so on. If you've never been in this situation, then ask your friends to go camping together in different locations until you are comfortable with one to choose for your solo adventure.

What's an additional ideal idea is that when you decide to go camping on your own, let your friends and family know exactly where you're going. They must be informed in detail where you are going so they can come to the rescue if you are in need of help.

Bring Your Beloved Things

Since going alone means spending time alone in nature, you must have something to distract you from negative thoughts while still enjoying your adventure. It would be better to bring your favorite book, magazine, or notebook where you can write and draw according to what you do. So try to have fun bringing things that are dear to you and which you are very happy to enjoy. Trust us, sometimes hanging out with yourself may be the best adventure you can experience.

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