Camping Essentials: Simple Items That Have Multiple Use

Going on a camping trip for the weekend is always a fun idea. There's just something about the great outdoors that brings in a lot of fun and excitement for the family or friends that are going with you on the trip. Before all the fun and games, there's the difficult task: one must first deal with the packing.

Yes, even if you're already an expert camper, packing your essentials for the trip is really not a fun drill. As you're not anywhere near your home's comforts, you must ensure that you have everything you need for the trip. There's also that added challenge of packing light, so you need to be very efficient in deciding which things to bring with you, and which to leave at home.


Thankfully, innovative inventions have now made possible to have camping tools with multiple uses. When you have these camping gear, equipment, and tools, you need to bring those along with you on the camp. That way, you don't have to feel as if you're chugging your entire home on the camp.

That said, here are some of these simple camping essentials that can also serve multiple purposes:

1. Laundry Bags/Trash Bags

When you're going camping, even if it's only going to be an overnight trip, you're going to have some trash with you. Apart from the waste, there's also the dirty laundry that you'll still want to segregate from the clean ones.

For this reason, a simple and basic essential always to pack for camping would be heavy-duty trash bags. It's also best to immediately go for the largest bag that you find while choosing the size. That way, it can serve multiple purposes.

For instance, when it rains and the ground gets wet, you can sit on the trash bag to protect your clothes from the dirt. You can even use the trash bag as a makeshift raincoat, if you weren't able to bring one, or if you want to be very light with your packing. Not only do you keep dry with a thick and heavy-duty trash bag, but also your things will remain protected.

Additionally, the thick and heavy-duty trash bag can also serve as the groundsheet for your tent, should it suddenly rain, and you haven't brought a tarp with you for this purpose. That way, the base of your tent still stays dry.

2. Roof Racks

This essential applies to you if you're a frequent camper. If camping is something that you do regularly, a roof rack in your SUV will come in handy. With this, you're able to maximize the space on your roof, for all your camping gear and equipment.

The roof rack is very versatile, too, as it can hold just about anything, from a tent to kayaks, surfboards, and even paddleboards. If you're going on a holiday, it can also be safe enough to hold all your luggage, should your car be full of passengers.

While a roof rack may be quite expensive, it's an investment that'll always be worth it, in the long run. Plus, when you buy one that's of excellent quality from Yakima, you also won't have to keep on buying a new one repeatedly.

Simple Items That Have Multiple Use when Camping

3. Sleeping Bag

Another basic essential is the sleeping bag. Today, sleeping bags are made even better, such that you can easily roll them or make them into a smaller size. These sleeping bags are also lined and made well, such that they're enough to keep you warm from the cold. So, you don't have to bring with you a separate blanket or comforter.

These sleeping bags also have a pillow-like feature on the top, so you have that added comfort. If it isn't enough, then don't bring a pillow anymore. You can use any of your folded clothes or puffy jackets instead, to keep your head propped up.

Sleeping bags are convenient to have on a camping trip, as you can use it both inside and outside of the tent. They also have enough softness, therefore while sleeping, your back won’t be in direct proximity to the hard ground. A good sleeping bag with all the right features can drastically eliminate the need for you to have to bring along so many other sleeping gears.

4. Collapsible Bowls

Depending on where you're going and the number of days that you'll be out in nature, you're also going to have to do makeshift kitchen and laundry stations. But, to protect nature's waters, direct washing in the rivers may not be allowed. So, you’ll have to find other ways to do your laundry and wash your kitchen tools and utensils.

This is where collapsible bowls or sinks will come in handy. These are mostly made of silicone and rubber, which makes it light and easy to wash. Plus, these are very versatile for multiple uses, too. Not only can you wash clothes and utensils in it, but you can also use it for a wide variety of other purposes such as serving bowls, and whatnot.

When you're limited in the camping site, you must shake up your resourcefulness.

5. Pocketknife/Multi-Tool

The pocketknife or the multi-tool is just like the commonly known Swiss knife. Despite its small size, it can do so much, hence its name multi-tool. First off, not only can you use this for cutting grass or whichever thing may get in the way, ropes and whatnot, but you can also use your multi-tool for slicing and cooking your food.

Another advantage of the multi-tool is that it can be stored very safely, so you know that it won't accidentally cause any unwanted accidents and incisions while at the campsite.


After going through this checklist, do note that this isn't everything that you may need to bring. You'll also have to consider your destination and your personal needs or that of your family. This list is a good start for you to have as you begin packing for that camping trip. If you're a beginner camper, then this list is also great to follow, as you head out and shop for your essentials. After all the challenging work is over, Congratulations! Now you can finally be directed off to that camping journey!

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