Camping Crafts For Elementary Students

Expert advanced writing professional, Joan Young said “When students are on a camping trip, there is so much to do like campfire cooking, singing, taking a walk in the woods, swimming in the late, and more. While all of this is fun, you need to know a few crafting activities you can do to make the experience fun in case of a storm”. With the help of an expert professional essay service writer from, we will look at some camping crafts that not only encourage creativity but also keep students busy.

Tin can lanterns

When students are participating in camping activities, an adult needs to be present to supervise things, just in case an accident might happen. This activity here is no exception because the tins used from tomato sauce or beans when cut can be sharp. Once the cutting process is complete, students can then design a dot pattern on a piece of paper, tape it to the tin, and drill some holes. Once the paper is removed, a tea light can be inserted in the tin, and once lit up provides an amazing lantern.

Pet rock tic-tac-toe

If the camp is near a shoreline, students can create a board from natural material and play pet rock tic-tac-toe.  This is very straightforward to do as all that needs to be done is each player needs 5 rocks each which need to be painted a different color to differentiate them. Once the painting of the rocks is done, a tic-tac-toe board can be drawn in the sand using a stick and the game can begin.

Camping bingo

This is another exciting game that students can play, and the bingo board can easily be created at home with pictures attached to it. Creativity is at the heart of this game and what’s more fun than trying to name critters, plants, and animals that are in and around the campsite location. This can also be viewed as an educational game as students are also learning in the process.

Toilet paper roll binoculars

Without a doubt, the easiest things that can be created at a campsite according to many affordable expert writing services, and all a student needs is two paper rolls, a glue gun, twine, and markers for decoration. The first thing to be done is to decorate the rolls then glue them using the gun and for added security, holes can be punched on the outside of the rolls where the twine can be threaded to act as a neck strap.

Scavenger hunt

This one is self-explanatory, and it is where students are given a list of things to find by their tutors. To make things educational or challenging, tutors can do some research on the campsite to see what types of trees and plants are in the area, then ask students to find them with the help of pictures.

Leaf jewelry 

Beautiful and memorable, leaf jewelry is very easy to make since leaves are everywhere and students can begin this task by gathering a few green leaves. A single hole punch can be used to make two holes, one on either side of each leaf’s main vein. Twine is then threaded in the hole to create a good-looking necklace or bracelet.

Friendship bracelets

Top-quality friendship bracelets sold on the market are made by knots that are tied neatly into strands of embroidery floss. For students to be able to produce something that is of high quality, there are tutorial videos on YouTube that can help massively.

To make a friendship bracelet, students only need to braid between 3 and 6 strands together of different colors. They can start by cutting them to 5 times the length of their wrist and begin tying the knots together.

Painted rock dominoes

If a camp is located near a river, this is a wonderful activity to participate in, and all students have to do is gather 28 flat rocks. With these rocks, they can paint a line down the center of all of them except for one which should be left as it is as it will be the blank domino. After that, they can paint the remaining dominos to look exactly like a traditional domino set. Numbers from 0 to 6 should all be present here to make a total of 28 dominoes. To make a larger set, students can double or even triple the supplies.

Nature bracelet

Last on the list is a nature bracelet, and this is fun as well as simple to make. It is very easy to go out and buy a ready-made bracelet from the store, however, making one from scratch with nature as inspiration is even better. 

There are only three things needed for students to make these bracelets and these are scotch, tape, and nature combined with some imagination. Students start by taking a piece of scotch tape and wrapping it around their wrists with the sticky side out. After that, it is time to walk around the forest collecting sticks, leaves, and pieces of moss. This will go on the sticky tape to make a lovely-looking nature bracelet.

Final thoughts

Going out camping and spending time in the great outdoors does people, especially elementary students, some good. It is a great chance to get some fresh air because spending long hours indoors isn’t good for young students’ mental health. Experienced academic essay writers say when students are involved in crafting things, they can table into a creative part of their brain that they don’t use regularly. Crafting doesn’t only make students creative, it also helps them build confidence, perseverance, and motor skills. Camping is something that many people feel isn’t important but based on the points above, it does a good job in preparing students for the future even if they want to work for a top-rated professional essay writing service.

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