3 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Hammock While Hunting

What image comes to mind when you think about finding comfort while hunting? You’ll likely think of a tent. Over the past several years, tents and hunting trips have become inseparably linked. Before we get going. I’d like to give a shout out to Jared Miller over at Royalhammockheadquarters.com who gave me the idea of this concept!


However, an alternative and ideal way to hunt has appeared.

You should always have a gear that stays concealed and packs light whenever you are going to be out in the field for several nights. There isn’t much room for those additional comfort items that you really love. You’ve got to be able to bring everything you own several miles into the woods. Thus, one of the first things you need to have is proper seating. There are no comfortable sofa or lawn chairs out in the woods. Thus, your options are limited to (if you are lucky enough) the trunk of a downed tree. Else, you have nothing but the hard ground. However, neither of which is the peak of comfort. That is why you should always pack a hammock if you are smart.

Here are several reasons why you should definitely need to have a hammock while hunting:

Top 3 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Have a Hammock on the Hunt


You will not even feel the additional weight of a hammock. Usually, a regular one when you buy a hammock online weighs around 21.6oz. Proper straps will run around another 8 up to 11 oz. However, they’re completely worth it for the effort and time they save. In addition to that, hammocks are incredibly packable. Furthermore, it can be clipped also to the outside of your pack. Nothing can rival the mobility that a hammock offers in the field.

Ease of Use

When it comes to where you will lay your head at night, hammocks provide more freedom of location. You can find the ideal spot almost anywhere in the woods. To utilize a hammock, all you have to do is look for two anchor points, tie the straps around them, and then hang your hammock. Since you’re going in the woods, there are a lot of trees out there that can be utilized as anchor points. It is as simple as that.

There is no way you cannot find an ideal spot to place your hammock, especially that there is a lot of brand new straps out there. For a lot of hunters, trees are in much higher supply than hard ground filled with rocks and roots. In addition to that, a hammock can also hold up around 400 lbs. Thus, if you have a dog with you, it can also relax in your hammock and take a break with you. 

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Relaxation Ability

Almost every single one knows that days out in the woods can be tiring and long. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to look for an ideal spot to rest your head for a little while. Yes, a pile of leaves for the pillow can be an option for you. However, it is much better if you can simply relax and enjoy the comfort that a hammock offers. Guarantee there will not be anything more comfortable for miles around the woods.

Alternative to hunting with a hammock

Hunting with a tent

You can also opt to go hunting with a tent. Here are also some things to consider before going hunting with a tent.

  • Have a tent that is camouflage. A tent that is not camouflage is more easy to see by the animals you are hunting and might make them scared and notice you easier than if you have a tent that is camouflage.
  • Have a tent with a good bed. I always recommend to buy a camping cot whenever going camping/hunting with a tent since it just gives you that much better of a sleep experience than going camping with a tent without a camping cot.
  • Test the tent in your backyard before going hunting so that you know that you have all the pieces that is required for the tent to fully function. It is vital to have all these pieces since otherwise it will ruin the whole experience.
  • Make sure the tent is waterproof before going out hunting. In case of rain you don’t want your hunting gear to get all wet, so if your tent is not waterproof or water resistant, you wont have such a good time.
  • Don’t place your tent in a moist area if your tent is not a free-standing tent.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you have learned a great deal about going hunting with a hammock. If you have any questions feel free to drop them down in the comment section below! 

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