Why Do People Hunt Black Bears? 6 Interesting Reasons Why

Did you know that millions of people have hunted for deer, with only less than a million bears pursued? Well, the numbers are rising and it might be time for you to consider branching out from your usual hunting strategies! But why people hunt black bears in the first place?

It isn’t just about the population, there are a ton of reasons why you should consider hunting for bears rather than your usual game! Wondering why? Read on as I show you various reasons why you should consider hunting for black bears this year.

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Best Gun Safes 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (Feb. 2020)

Considering the fact that topics related to guns have long been discussed among all people, especially regarding careful preserving of a gun, we came to the conclusion that safes are considered the most predominant part of it. Moreover, if you want to become more familiar with guns and all that related to them, go and check the website, which sheds light on gun control topics so that you will be well-prepared to answer all questions regarding weapons and its subjects in today’s life.

 After a thorough examination of the best gun safes appeared on Amazon, we are ready to present the top-notch ones to ensure that your weapon will feel itself comfortably and securely behind closed strongbox.

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Bad vs Good Weather Conditions for Hunting (Deer & Duck)

Weather conditions affect almost every aspect of our lives. If you have children, then you may have noticed that weather patterns tend to affect their behavior patterns in their everyday lives. This is as true in the animal kingdom as it is in ours. Understanding the way weather affects prey is key to the success of the hunter in today’s world.

This guide will review various weather patterns and how these weather patterns affect the behavior of both deer and ducks. Outdoor sportsmen who learn to gain a good grasp on how the weather affects these animals stand a fair chance of coming home with a good dinner next time they head out on a hunt.

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Can I Shoot A Bear On My Property In Virginia? The Real Answers Here!

There are various reasons as to why we want or need to shoot a bear, whether it's for fun or defense. But you have to take note that there ARE rules and regulations to follow, depending on the state you're from. If you're from Virginia, you might be wondering, "can I shoot a bear on my property in Virginia?"

Well, that depends on some factors, so read on to see if you can or to leave that bear alone!

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The .45 ACP vs Black Bear: Effective or Not?

Whether you’re bear hunting or defending yourself against one, people often wonder about the type of weapon they can use. One of the most common debates is the .45 ACP vs black bear, with people either thinking that it will or won’t knock them down.

So I decided to weigh into the debate and share my opinions on the .45 ACP and if it can hurt or kill a bear. Read on as I show you how effective a .45 ACP is against bears.

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Are Black Bears Color Blind? How the Bear’s Eye Really Works

When it comes to hunting, one of the most important factors to consider is what you wear. After all, you wouldn’t want to be spotted by your target animal wearing bright clothes or ones that they’ll easily notice. But wait, do you really need to watch out for what you wear or care about what colors bears see?

A lot of people have wondered, “are black bears color blind,” comparing eyesight to whitetail deer. While there has been some debate over this, I answer your question to help you out. So read on to find out if black bears are color blind or not!

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What Does a Black Bear Smell Like? Do They Really Stink?

As I was learning how to hunt bears, I kept hearing everyone comment on how smelly bears can get. It got me thinking, “what does a black bear smell like, exactly?” I just presumed that they had a bad odor, but I decided to delve into the topic and see if that was true or just a myth.

Well, I learned that there were different factors to consider when it comes to a bear's scent and odor. Whether you're hunting bear or trying to stay away from them, read on! I'll show you if you can detect bears based on their smell.

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Coyote Hunting During Deer Season: Helpful Tips to Follow

Beyond deer hunting, I also love capturing coyotes, which also help with my hunting skills. It’s actually fun and inexpensive to do as the deer hunting season comes along. But is it possible to go coyote hunting DURING deer season, or are there certain times we have to follow?

Well, there are various factors to consider when hunting for coyotes during deer season. If you’re wondering if you can hunt coyotes at certain times and how to do so, read on! I’ll show you some tips on coyote hunting and when you can do it.

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Can You Shoot Coyotes In Florida? What to Learn About Coyote Hunting

If you live around Florida, then you probably know about how the many coyotes there are! It has hunters tempted to hunt not just for deer, but for these predators as well. But can you shoot coyotes in Florida?

With the many varied hunting rules and regulations per state, it can get confusing as to whether or not you can hunt for specific animals. So if you want to learn more about hunting for coyotes in Florida, read on! I’ll show you if you can shoot coyotes in the state and more facts to consider about coyote hunting.

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How to Find a Deer With No Blood Trail: Easy Ways to Follow

When you’re hunting deer, I’m sure you’ve already experienced the frustration of tracking them without blood trails! While you might think it’s the end of the hunt, it’s still possible to find your catch without trails! But how can you do that?

There are a lot of ways on how to find a deer with no blood trail. So read on as I show you different tips you can follow to track your targeted deer even without any signs of blood and whatnot!

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