Camping 101: The Guide For The Beginners

Nothing compares with a night out in the fresh air under the starry night, huddled around a bonfire and listening to the strange sounds in the woods. For many people around the globe, camping is the ultimate escape from the routine. While you can simply pack up your bags and go camping with your friends, nothing compares with a well thought out and planned trip.

For instance, I wouldn’t go camping without my favorite camping percolator, and you can take a look at this guide for the right options. But of course, that’s a matter of personal preference. That said, you just need the essential gear and knowhow of camping, and you will be all set for years of unforgettable experiences. 

So let’s get started with Camping 101: The Guide For The Beginners!

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5 Helpful Tips for Buying the Best First Rifle for You

There has been a 77% rise in female gun ownership since 2005. If you're interested in owning a firearm, there are a few things you need to think about.

Looking for the best first rifle isn't about buying the best on the market. It's about the best rifle for you and your intended use. Pay attention to these five qualities when buying your rifle to ensure you have an enjoyable and positive first shooting experience.

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3 Tips for Taking Care and Maintaining Your Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is not just an extremely challenging war game that keeps your mind and body active. It’s also a great way to get used to having a gun and work on your aim without having to go to the shooting range every day.

As long as they have the orange tip and there’s no risk of hurting anyone, you can use airsoft guns in the backyard or on private property. Even more, the ammunition is extremely cheap, so you can practice for as long as you want.

But what’s most important, an airsoft gun also needs cleaning and maintenance, which allows you to get used to the idea of field stripping a gun. For this, it’s important to get an airsoft rifle that resembles a real steel design, like these airsoft sniper rifles, so the disassembly and assembly are similar. 

So, if you decide to start your training as a future hunter or marksman with airsoft guns, make sure to check out this maintenance guide!

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Try These 7 Fantastic Genius Camping Hacks on Your Next Hunting Trip

You are probably busy preparing for your next hunting trip.

Of course, who does not want to enjoy a great day out there in the deep woods?

No one.

We all want.


We all want to have a ball while playing out in the thick of the woods.

Of course, this is the big question:

How can you become an excellent deer hunter so that you can bag every buck targeted in the deep woods?

Well, let's right away, get to the point!

You certainly need the following 7 camping hacks to help you in your next expedition.

What is more, the tricks are all gorgeously inexpensive!

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Best 8 Games to Play While Camping

Picture this. You're away camping with your family, friends, or partner. The scenery is beautiful. Trees are swaying gently in the breeze. The sunlight is glistening on the lake. The setting is so tranquil that you can relax and hear yourself think. This is brilliant. Until you realize that there's nothing to do. This is why you need to plan ahead. This is why you need some camping games in your locker.

You needn't be bored when you're out in the wilderness enjoying the great outdoors. There are a plethora of fantastic activities that you and your camping party could be getting up to. Don't believe us? Well, let us show you. Here are some amazing camping games you should totally try out.

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Must-Have Basic Wilderness Survival Skills To Keep You Safe and Alive

Life is completely unpredictable.

This is why to keep yourself safe, you need to learn and master basic wilderness survival skills. You will need the right survival gear and techniques to ward off danger. But what exactly are these?

Whether you love the outdoors, or you prefer to stay in the city, it is necessary to have these survival skills. You can be sure that you and your loved ones stay safe amid the face of danger.

So, we enumerate and discuss these skills - what they are and why you need to learn all of these.

Let’s dive right into it!

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From Gear to Dogs: 8 Rabbit Hunting Tips for Beginners

Rabbits make for a great hunt, but they sure can run! While a rabbit head is not such a good hunt trophy, the hunt is nevertheless exciting. The stakes may be low, but that doesn't make a rabbit hunt any less difficult.

The difficulty increases manifold for a beginner. That said, it doesn't mean landing your first rabbit is impossible. Rabbit hunting should be a piece of cake for both beginner and professional hunters.

You don't need the fanciest, most expensive artillery to make your rabbit hunting a success. All you need is the right advice, like this here, and you're good to go.

In this piece, we'll look at eight incredible rabbit hunting tips for beginners. So you'll be able to hold your own among the worthy hunters when it comes to rabbit hunting.

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What Should I Have In My Hunting Backpack?

Are you an adventure junkie? And eagerly waiting for your next hunting venture? Then you might be confused about what to carry with you if it is your first time. As while going for a hunt when covered with bushes, your hunting backpack is the only thing that you can rely on. The following are some of the essential equipment that you should carry in your backpack for hunting without having any extra weight:

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Pheasant Hunting In Snow: A Short Guide To Get Your Catch!

A lot of people tend to be so put off trying to hunt during the winter. However, it’s actually one of the best times to hunt pheasants, and one of my favorite things to do! There’s nothing like pheasant hunting in snow, from the quiet environment, the cool air, and the excitement of spotting game to catch for the day.

While fun to do, it's not the easiest thing, nor is it exactly the same as hunting during more normal conditions. That said, it's possible and anyone will be able to start with the right knowledge and equipment! So read on as I show you tips on how to go pheasant hunting in the snow.

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Where to Shoot a Black Bear With a Rifle: Strategic Hunting Tips

A lot of black bear hunters aspire to shoot down their game successfully and, hopefully, in one clean shot. While it’s possible, it does take a lot of practice and knowledge in making sure that happens! Because of this, one of the many questions asked is on where to shoot a black bear with a rifle.

This is where learning about bear anatomy and the right target practice is extremely helpful. But where can you start and how can you make sure you have a clean shot? Read on as I show you where to shoot a black bear with a rifle and more tips you can follow.

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