Water Filtration Tips from Preppers

Recently, it came to our attention that 64 million Americans have unsafe drinking water. Filtering tap water these days is not a luxury, but a necessity. There are too many contaminants in our groundwater from factories and underground pollution.

Regardless of how good your tap or well water may seem, it has some contaminants. Some of these come from environmental pollutants, while others come from natural surroundings. Rivers and lakes are generally good forms of water, yet they still get contaminated by pollutants, acid rain, and storms.

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The Best Binoculars For Wildlife: A Buyer’s Guide

Just as a sword or a magic wand is an extension of one’s arm. A binocular is an extension of one’s eyes. It needs to be perfect for you as if it was made just for you. Before you start your wildlife expeditions and camping, there are some factors you need to know before getting binocular.

There are times when birders, for example, can't locate the objects of love with their binoculars. They can't find a bird in their binocular field of view, can't see field markings, and can't discern subtle colors when they do see one. There's no denying that birders, even novices, want more from their binoculars than other users. Binoculars that are “bird-worthy” must be bright enough to see subtle features in low light and sharp enough to resolve fine detail. They need to be able to concentrate quickly to “get on” a fast-moving bird. They must have a large field of view to locate and track birds in flight.

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All You Should Know About Hunting & Fishing Power Bikes

The advent of electric bikes has had a significant impact on the way we do things today. Thanks to their overall convenience and versatility, electric bikes have become a ubiquitous feature in many aspects of our lives.

One of the industries that have greatly benefited from the applications of these machines is hunting. With an e-bike, it is much easier to track animals and access remote hunting grounds that were once out of reach.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative hunt vehicle to replace your ATV or motorcycle, here is all you need to know about hunting and fishing power bikes.

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The Rules Governing the Singles and Doubles Ping Pong Game

Table tennis is a non-contact sport that can be played by two or four individuals at once. When it is played by two individuals, it is regarded as singles; and when it is played by four people, it is regarded as doubles.

Now there might be a lot of uncertainties surrounding what’s wrong or right, which move is correct or incorrect, or perhaps what counts as a point or a foul. This especially happens when the game is played unofficially.

There’s no need for the arguments really, if you ask us. This is because the sport is an Olympic sport with well defined rules. You should find out more about the rules rather than continue in ignorance.

In this article, we’ll cover the most important rules that govern the singles and doubles ping pong game.

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A Simple Guide to Buying a Handgun

There are a lot of reasons why people buy handguns. Some will use them for sport, some for target shooting, and others for protection. For whatever reason, there are countless gun owners in this country alone. And if you are thinking about buying your first handgun, here is a simple guide to picking the right handgun for you.

This is geared more towards the beginner, but will still be useful for those with more experience. If you don’t know much about handguns and have not yet purchased one, this guide is for you.

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How to Pack Eggs for Camping: All You Need Today

Eggs are very fragile when it comes to traveling with them. They might create a massacre if you do not pack them properly. This type of outrageous result might ruin your camping mood.

Getting the eggs mixed in your clothes is the most disgusting experience and we completely agree with that. And that is why we popped up to show you how to pack eggs for camping.

So, let’s see how to pack them right away because we are not ready to waste another second:

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5 Tips on How to Camp with Your Horse

Camping is a lot of fun, but it can be a challenge, as well. Which is part of the fun of course. But, without a few hacks, it can go from fun to being like work. Now, add a horse to the mix and it can be a disaster if you aren’t prepared for it.

When you camp with a horse you really have to be prepared. These animals are ready for anything if you have everything set up correctly. If you don’t then be ready for a horse that decides not to play along.

In this article, I will give you some basics on how to camp with your horse for safety and fun.

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Brush Clearing Machetes And More: Essential Tools For Your Camping Trip

If you and your loved ones love going on a camping trip, you’re probably used to knowing the necessary tools to bring. You’ll need a tent, sleeping bags, first aid kit, flashlights, machetes, and many other essential things for surviving outdoors. However, with all the camping tools you want to carry on your backpack, you must prioritize bringing only the essential ones.

This list will give you some of the essential yet most critical things to bring for your camping getaway. Pack these items if you don't want to have a rough time in the woods. Of course, a brush clearing machete comes first on the list. It's one of the most classic survival tools as you may have seen a few times in survival reality shows. Although this could be used as a defense weapon, it has versatile uses to help you during your days out in nature.

Read along to discover more about brush clearing machetes and more essential tools for your camping trip:

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What Safety Precautions Should You Take When Hunting From A Boat?

What safety precautions should you take when hunting from a boat? It is a great question when hunting by a small boat can be ideal for enjoying the beautiful nature. The particular safety with legal considerations that have to be taken is unclear from time to time.

Boating safety is the most important to us, and we have outlined a few essential safety precautions in this article. But remember, laws and safety can vary based on the state and some particular environment in which you will go hunting.

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The Pro Hacks Only Camping Legends Know

Camping is such a fun activity that many of us love to enjoy. Those of you who are fond of camping cannot pass a year without going camping. It brings out the nature-loving and amiable side of you. Because this is the best activity for becoming close to nature. But it takes a strenuous amount of time to plan a camping tour.

All the work of arranging the tour to managing the gear requires a heedful action that camping legends are habitual of. But you can also manage your camping adventure just like these legends with the hacks we are going to tell you. Note down these hacks and become a pro at camping.

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