Hog Hunting At Night: Thermal Scopes And Essential Gear

When is the most appropriate time to hunt for hogs? Honestly speaking, this is a question we hunters have asked or have been asked over and over again and with no doubt, the answer is always the same.

When the sun goes down! I mean, since hog hunting has become a popular and effective way of controlling their ever-expanding populations, these destructive feral beasts have instinctively adapted to beat the hunt by becoming nocturnal feeders in a bid to avoid being taken down during the day. For this reason, the best time to land one of these trophies is at night when they are actively feeding.

The problem is, hunting in the dark comes with its own set of challenges from limited visibility, to a high likelihood of spooking your target in the dark. Fortunately, all the odds are not stacked against you as a nocturnal hunter. With the right preparation, tools and gear, you can easily guarantee yourself a successful night hunt. And this is how!

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The Top 5 Excellent Tips On Scent Control For Deer Hunting

An important aspect to look into when deer hunting is your scent. Yes, it isn't just about using deer attractants and other products that can lure deer to you, but to control your own human scent! Because deer have such high senses of smell, even the faintest touch of your scent can put them off, with them running away before you even get the chance to begin hunting.

But how exactly can you control your scent while hunting? It isn't just about the products you purchase! Read on as I show you the important tips on scent control for deer hunting.

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5 Helpful Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting to Follow

When it comes to owning your own trail camera, I recommend Wildgame Innovations, which offers a lot of features and the quality you need. However, some people can experience a few problems with it along the way, which requires troubleshooting. From setting it up with camera arms down to the SD card not working, there are various issues you can face with it.

Fortunately, there are ways you can fix it and enjoy the benefits of your trail camera! If you're wondering about what you can do, read on to learn more about the Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting!

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How to Train a Dog to Shed Hunt: All The Things You Need to Know!

Are you planning to go shed hunting soon? Then you might want to train your dog to help you out! That's right, your hunting dog can also go shed hunting with you and provide the successful results, so you can come home with a strong set of shed antlers to show off!

But the question is: How can you start shed hunting with your dog and what are some strategies to train him well? Read on as I show you the top tips on how to train a dog to shed hunt. After this, I'm sure you'll find it easy to teach and hunt with your dog!

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Gun Control and Gun Rights: What You Need to Know as a Hunter

In the wake of many shootings that ended up with a big number of victims, many people are demanding that gun control is established. Nobody wants to see criminals swinging their guns around anymore, and rightfully so. Still, what does this mean for hunters?

Hunters take their profession seriously, and they’re doing it because they like it. In order to be able to have such a profession, one needs to be mentally and physically strong enough to do it.

Hunting has been around from the beginning of times, and the use of guns in this profession is necessary, as they make the whole thing much easier. Although some hunters are still using the old hunting ways so they don’t feel like doing injustice to the animals, guns are mostly the ones used to perform this job.

At the same time, many people are not okay with the use of guns, and demand that gun control is forced upon those who casually pull the trigger. How does this affect those into hunting? Well, in this article, you will read about gun control and gun rights, and how they affect hunters. 

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How to Read Topo Maps For Deer Hunting: All The Helpful Tips You Need

When it comes to searching for deer, you may already know the various attractants and methods to get them to you. But have you ever considered scouting them using a map? Not just any type of map, though, but a topographic map!

Not many hunters have tried and tested this way on searching for deer, as it can be a bit too complicated. However, learning how to read topo maps for deer hunting is actually easier than expected and can reap you the benefits! If you’re wondering how then read on as I show you all about topo maps and how to read them!

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The Best No-Till Drill For Food Plots: Attract and Help Deer Grow Now!

If there was one thing that helped attract deer, it had to be food plots. These didn’t only have deer come near my area for hunting and viewing, but it helped them become healthier, too! It’s the reason why I started growing food plot, which held more benefits as a hunting strategy.

After a long time of growing food plots, I came across no-till farming, which seemed even easier to do to avoid too much work. To learn more about this and the best no-till drill for food plots, read on! I’ll show you more about how to do no-till farming.

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How to Attract Deer With Peanut Butter: 3 Effective Ways

When it comes to attracting deer and getting them near enough to shoot, you'll want to consider peanut butter! As strange as this may sound at first, it actually is quite effective and has deer coming to you. After I tried it once, I decided to continue doing it when I have the chance (provided that attractants like these are legal in wherever I'm hunting).

Are you wondering about how to attract deer with peanut butter as well? Then read on as I show you what you need to know about deer and peanut butter, as well as attracting them with it!

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The 4 Best Elevator Brackets for Deer Stands to Add Support and Height!

When I began hunting deer on an elevated stand, everything was smooth sailing. It was easy to install and setup, giving me the wide area and sight I needed to capture deer. But the deer stand I chose wasn't as big as I wished would be, but I didn't want to get a whole new deer stand, spending more money! That's when I found out about the best elevator brackets for deer stands.

These products helped me out big time but it can be quite difficult to find the best one for you. That's why I made this helpful purchasing guide, so read on!

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The 5 Best Bone Saw For Deer Reviews: Easier Time Field Dressing Now!

When I began deer hunting, I realized there were so many tools I needed! I didn't only have to invest in the proper bows and carbon arrows, but I also had to get the best bone saw for deer and other field dressing equipment just in case I caught one.

While field dressing deer on your own does take on a bit of work, it's quite an accomplishment when doing it on your own. And with the proper saw and equipment, there won't be an issue in getting the meat for your next meal! So if you're looking for a quality bone saw, read on.

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