What is the Best Cooler to Buy? 8 Amazing Options

Did you know that the earliest domestic coolers globally first appeared in the 1930s? Well, back then, affording such appliances was a reserve for the wealthiest in society. Also, due to the limitations in innovations, these machines were bulky and highly susceptible to malfunctions.

Things have changed a lot since then, with the emergence of portable domestic coolers that serve you with greater efficiency. Coupled with the increasing levels of disposable income, more Americans can now afford to keep their drinks cold and enjoy the convenience of a cooler while outdoors.

Are you shopping around for the best cooler in the market? You are in luck. This article provides a list of options for eight of the best coolers any shopper should consider.

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Hunters Are Turning To Electric Bikes

Hunting has transformed a lot over the ages and when technology improves to give hunters an advantage, they’re quickly adopted and the art of hunting becomes more enjoyable and more accessible to more hunters, regardless of age and stamina.

One such new technology is the electric bike. Electric bikes in some form or another have been around for over one hundred years but it has only been the last 5 years that has seen an uptick in popularity among hunters.

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6 Tips For Using and Choosing Boilies

Boilies are some of the best baits, especially when it comes to bigger swims. They are incredibly effective right out of the freezer or packaging. That being said, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the most out of your bait.

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How Hunting Your Own Food Can be Beneficial to Your Health

Hunting is a controversial topic where there is much debate as to whether it is good or not. Although this article will not discuss gun laws, there is not another sport where you can get both physical and nutritional benefits. We live in a time where practically anything can be purchased, but that comes at a price, especially in the meat business. They have a lot of unappealing qualities that make hunting for your own food a lot more tempting.

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How Social Media Drives Up Sales In the Gun Store Industry

Social media is everywhere today, and it isn’t just for communicating with your loved ones! With features such as Facebook Markets and Instagram Business Accounts, you can now sell your products and services in the most-used social networking sites.

You can practically sell anything, from baked goods to appliances, homes to furniture. And in my line of business, selling guns in social media has given my sales a ton of positive impact.

YES, gun stores like mine in Chesapeake have shown an increase in sales thanks to social media! How so?

Read on as I show you what social media has done for the best gun store in Chesapeake Virginia Beach Area.

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The Right Gear Can Take You From Fly Fishing Amateur To Master

Fly fishing is a great pastime and a different way for hunters to make their kill. There's a huge competitive element to it, with sports news service For The Win reporting that a 21 pound permit fish catch would smash the world record, showing that hunters can make a name for themselves with the right dedication. 

Elevating yourself from a fly fishing amateur to a pro is quite simple, too – once you have all of the basics down and figured out, it’s time to focus on gear to take you the next level.

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Build Unique Gun Rack Ideas for Your Guns

Do you have a couple of guns that you want to store in an efficient and safe place? Well then it sounds like you need a gun cabinet or gun rack. However, if you're looking to buy one they can be pretty pricey so keep that in mind. Therefore, if you keep reading, you will find plenty of unique gun rack ideas that you can copy or even take inspiration from. This way, you can save your dollars and still have a functional and aesthetic gun rack.

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11 Essential Hunting Gears For The Serious Deer Hunter

A serious deer hunter is someone who takes the sport so seriously that nothing but the best hunting gear will be acceptable. This is because your hunting trip will definitely proceed more smoothly if you have these essentials, and you will be able to stash enough fresh venison in your freezer to last for the rest of the season.

Here is a list of the essential items you will need for your deer hunting trip.

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Making The Most Of Loosening Night Hunt Rules

Night hunting has always been a niche pursuit in the hunting community, but the loosening of night hunting equipment regulations, as reported by the Springfield News-Leader, is opening the door to a new generation of night hunters. 

Whereas the wrong equipment can quickly make a twilight expedition dangerous, looser rules on what you can and cannot use is making it far safer – and perhaps easier – to have a fruitful hunt.

There remains a heightened risk of injury, of course, and so it’s a good idea for hunters to become acquainted with the latest developments that enable a quality night time hunt.

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How to Set Up a Canopy by Yourself

The blazing sun will carry sunny and uncomfortable outside gatherings. The simplest option is to install an awning outside. This is essential stuff for people that attended casual picnics, heading to the shore or all other events which allow the bright sunshine to be available. Our manual can teach you how to build your canopy and provide you with several helpful advice to keep your fun in the sun better and much more pleasant.

A canopy tent is a compact courtyard or framed canvas that includes an overhead covering to shield the weather. They come in a range of sizes varying from tiny to very big. When fastened, they are lightweight and allows movement from one place to the next quicker. Many of these tents are waterproof, providing support against rainfall and tiny-sized hail. Canopies for camping are more widely used for shelter at numerous activities like flea markets, picnics, soccer tournaments, celebrations, and dance parties.

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