Camping and Hiking with Your Dog: How to Do It Right

If a dog is a member of your family, camping and hiking together with your companion are one of the best ways to enjoy your spare time together. Most campsites accept pets, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation. Not to mention that if you choose backcountry camping, you’ll enjoy even more freedom.

However, there are some aspects you need to bear in mind when camping and hiking with your dog. If taking care of yourself is not a problem, you will have your dog along this time. You know it depends entirely on you, its owner and pack leader, so you must keep it safe. Whether you have a dog and would like to go camping together or you’re interested in getting a dog, the following pieces of advice will make time in the outdoors safer for both of you.

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Big Mistakes That Keep You from Catching More Fish

Having a tough time out on the water? You may be making a simple mistake that is preventing you from catching fish. Everyone makes mistakes, and when it comes to fishing there are abundant minor factors that could be heavily affecting your success.

There’s always more to learn about fishing, and even if you’re an old pro, you may be making a small mistake that’s hurting your ability to catch fish. Learn the most common fishing mistakes that are holding you back out on the water.

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Why You Need To Have Camp Shoes

Since your camp shoes aren't the main hiking shoes you wear, why should you bring extra footwear with you?

It is because camp shoes offer several very important functions that help to protect the health of your feet while you are out in the backcountry. Camp shoes specifically:

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Saltwater Fishing In The Rain: Is It A Good Idea?

As an avid fisherman, I wanted to test out what saltwater fishing in the rain was like. I heard a ton of good benefits and experiences when dealing with the storms and light showers, making it a fun and adventurous fishing trip. However, is it really as good as people claim it to be?

I did my research and also tried to fish in the rain as well, so read on! I'll be showing you all about what it's like fishing in the rain and if it's something you should try yourself.

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Black Bear Hunting: What Beginners Need to Know

Hunting a black bear could be lethal as well as thrilling. For someone who is going for the first time bear hunt, there are plenty to small to extensive details that one can use to make the expedition successful.

First of all, if you hunt in the western states, then it is crucial to determine the difference between a black bear and grizzlies. While black bears are huntable, Grizzlies are not as they seek protection under federal law.

Well, without any ado, let’s talk about some of the significant tips.

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Top 5 Popular Freshwater Gamefish In The US

We are all casting and hooking a lot of fish every season. So I think we should at least know the popularity of our catch.

In this article, we're gonna discuss 5 of the most popular freshwater and fish across the US. Now we all can assume which fish could take the top position in the freshwater realm. But not so certain how things are in the saltwater world.

Let's find out a few details about your favorite catch, shall we? And for more fishing tips and useful information, head out to We publish a couple of times a week so you will be in for a treat. 

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The Best Place to Shoot a Deer: 5 Effective Areas For Clean Kills

I've always established that shooting a deer means you have to be in a strategic location. Either you're on a comfortable ladder tree stand or down in a hunting ground blind, all that matters is that you're at your best position to shoot a deer. However, you know where to place yourself when shooting deer, but what's the best place to shoot a deer?

Is it on the head, stomach, or are there any other strategic parts to know about? After doing the research, I came across some interesting facts, so read on! I'll be showing you the places to shoot deer for a one-shot kill!

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Ready To Summon Your Inner Wild? Don’t Forget To Grab Your Binoculars for Hunting!

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only fan of the Hunger Games franchise here. It has been a couple of years since the trilogy has reached its conclusion but some of us (and by that, I mean me) still can’t get over the action-packed storyline. Needless to say, one of the characters that really stood out and resonated with the audience was the main heroine, Katniss Everdeen. There is a certain charm that envelops strong-willed women, after all. Their aura is just irresistibly captivating. It feels as if they can sweetly sing you a lullaby and cradle you to sleep – but cut your throat soon after, lol.

Kidding aside, the book and movie franchise was certainly a treat to experience and it has made a huge mark in many people’s lives, especially mine.

One of its biggest influences on me can be seen on the hobby I’ve been closely following in recent years. I have developed a love for hunting – believe it or not. Of course, I don’t do it the Everdeen way with a bow and all. I use a classic sniper rifle (check out other cool rifles here) to hunt. Archery isn’t something you’ll easily get a hold of in just a couple of years, after all. So I settled for the next best thing. A real gun certainly gives off the right feeling to. It’s more intense and thrilling, if I must say.

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