Best Gun Safes 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (Feb. 2020)

Considering the fact that topics related to guns have long been discussed among all people, especially regarding careful preserving of a gun, we came to the conclusion that safes are considered the most predominant part of it. Moreover, if you want to become more familiar with guns and all that related to them, go and check the website, which sheds light on gun control topics so that you will be well-prepared to answer all questions regarding weapons and its subjects in today’s life.

 After a thorough examination of the best gun safes appeared on Amazon, we are ready to present the top-notch ones to ensure that your weapon will feel itself comfortably and securely behind closed strongbox.


If starting with the most basic model, it appears to be a simple but very reliable safe to preserve your gun. At a reasonable price, which is $50, it can hold your firearm and the most fundamental things, such as passport and social security number.

We have tested all three ways of entry, which are RFID, 3-digit keypad, and an ordinary key lock. They work perfectly fine, so it is up to you, which one to use. What is more, having a carbon steel system with a solid surface, it prevents a variety of scratches and, honestly, it has a superb quality, which not only wards off from breaking intentions, but also impedes corrosion.

As to unique features, having alkaline batteries allow the case to be protected in nearly any region. Feel free to bring it anywhere for the reason that the safe meets TSA obligations for handgun security in checked luggage. When it comes to reliability, the seller provides a 1-year warranty, so be sure that in case of minor issues, you can always ask for the repairment. 

Stable Success

The Biometric Gun Safe is an excellent choice for people who like to keep their nose clean and be sure in safe credibility. Paying $140, you get a plethora of exceptional and unique features, which to ensure that your gun will always remain safe and sound no matter what.

First of all, after checking it, we have to admit that the lockers, either a backlit keypad or spare key, or biometric scanner, work extremely fast, so you can access your gun rapidly and without any delays. As to material, it is made of 16-gauge carbon steel, which guarantees to serve you for decades. Plus, when it comes to sneaky aspects, it possesses a Bluetooth easy-to-use application, so you can spare your phone and set up a diversity of features such as fingerprint, change password, and view unlocking record.

Moreover, you can set up an LED light, so accessing the coffer during the night is quite a useful feature; with the silent mode, which is also presented in this case, it will be even more comfortable. The aforementioned aspects are maintained by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which allows it to be regenerated up to 5,600 times by means of a micro-USB charging kit.

Our Choice

This compact steel case is a must for people who have a pistol. While having made of reinforced solid steel wall, it has a protective foam, which is to prevent against all break-ins as well as corrosion, scratches, and all that curious stuff. When it comes to the perks of the safe, we noticed that the fingerprint access works super-fast, approximately 0.2 seconds, and can keep 40 individual dactylograms.

The second advantage of the safe is that it has incredibly much space, which means that you can fit there two pistols, four clips, and two handgun bullets, which can be fastened with a wire anti-cut rope, so that nobody can steal it. What is more, you can install it on the wall or floor. Material is excellent, so no need to be afraid of breaking it.

Still Hesitating?

Verifi Smart Safe may well convince you to buy it because of the reasons and benefits we are to present. First and foremost, it has self-diagnostics, which means that in case of minor troubles with accessing and overall work, it will check itself. Plus, it conducts diagnostics every day to show access logs, previous alerts, different alarms, etc. As to the warnings, the sensors, which are built in the door, will create a sound if the door remains open. Other than that, some alerts show if somebody tries to reset the settings or puts an unrecognized finger on a scanner. Having 4 AA batteries, we noticed that it consumes a little battery power, even though it has LCD brightness.

Important to admit, that the fingerprint scanner is widely used by corporations and government institutions all over the US, so not only has it been engineered in the US, but also the aforementioned biometric sensor has been tested and certified by the FBI. As follows, do not have second thoughts that your belongings are protected to the highest degree. If you still have them, then install the safe in your wall.

A Couple of Final Words

A plethora of people are fully aware of gun control and what danger it can pose if not controlled. For that reason, we scrutinized the best safes presented in product placement and analyzed them thoroughly to leave you with a choice, depending on your financial state and size preferences. The deals, as mentioned above, are considered to be the most prominent ones, which are to fulfill your needs.

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