Best AR-15 Upgrades in 2021

Is Upgrading AR-15 Necessary?

The AR-15 modular system is a breeze to maintain and upgrade. After you get some time with your basic AR, you’ll likely notice areas that could be improved for specific purposes. The good news is, upgrading it isn't too tricky since the console has been designed so well by its creator.

The best thing about firearms is that they are always being improved and modified. AR-15 is one of the firearms that have many upgrade options including: upper receiver group, lower receiver group, furniture. If you have an AR-15 you might already be thinking of upgrading your rifle. Let’s see what kind of upgrade you can do!


1. Drop-in Trigger

The modern trigger is a finely tuned machine, and the average AR parts kit tends to leave you wanting more. Most triggers provide a basic single-stage function that can lead to an unpleasant sensation when pulling it back. The 4.5 - 5.5 pound range of pull weight leaves many disappointed in their rifle's overall feel as they shoot it for the first time after installing these kits into their lower receiver fire control group.

Mostly because this amount of force required to activate your weapon drastically increases fatigue while shooting offhand or from standing position due to increased muscle tension needed on muscles not usually used during routine firing such as those found around your shoulder blades which are made up primarily of small stabilizer muscles like serratus anterior rather than large powerful.

2. Free-Float Handguard

The other one among the AR-15 upgrades is free-float handguard. The free-float handguard is one of the most effective and easiest-to-install upgrades that you can throw on your AR-15 to improve performance and feel. The majority of factory handguards are heavy, rigid, two piece designs which affix directly to the barrel's gas block. This was a popular design for guns in military use but has been phased out by more modern rifles like M4s or AK47 clones because they're heavier than their counterparts.

3. Sights

Flip-up irons like these Magpul MBUS sights provide an excellent alternative to the old school fixed front sight bus and rear A2 style AR-15 sights. These original styles of gun parts often lead to your optic getting in the way, for example by requiring you "co-witness" with them so they don't interfere with it. Instead, flip up iron sites are perfect if that is what suits your needs best!

The rear and front sights on an AR-15 are adjustable for windage and elevation, which is perfect for hunting or shooting in all conditions. They also have large peep sights that work well in low light situations as well as small ones to use during the day

4. Angled Handguard Foregrip

Lightweight handguards can be a welcome upgrade, but you'll want to invest in an aftermarket angled grip to have the best recoil control possible. An ergonomic design like Magpul's Grip will help support your offhand and give more leverage on your rifle for better accuracy.

5. Ole' Sling

A sling can be an overlooked accessory, but it's a great addition to your AR. They provide additional support and accuracy when shooting from different positions depending on the stance you're in. Trusted by experienced shooters for their flexibility of use and functionality while shooting, these are a must-have if you want to shoot like one too!

A single-point sling is one of the most affordable, comfortable and versatile slings that can fit on an AR. This type of sling attaches to a buttstock or pistol brace so you are able to hold your weapon at low ready while walking around with it.

6. Light

When it comes to flashlights, there are a lot of options. Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlights are one of the most popular on the market and can be modified to fit shotguns, AR-15s, or rifles. The light offers a perfect solution for those who work indoors or at nighttime because it is very bright.

The mount is perfect for the AR-15, putting the thumb cap of light just in the right place without having to juggle around. This setup can be used on two different guns (shotgun and AR-15) but they both worked perfectly.


If you're new to the world of DIY gun building, there are a lot of questions about it with good reason. It's an area that has many questions where if not answered correctly can have serious implications.

If you’re just starting out on your journey into DIY Gun Building, welcome! There is plenty for newcomers to learn and get excited about in this fascinating hobby. You will have many questions for sure, but please make sure that you search carefully and find the correct answers.

When you complete your research, enjoy your new gun with the upgrades!

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