AR-15 Maintenance – How Can A Cleaning Kit Help You?

If you have an AR-15, you must be excited to take it to the range with you. However, before that, you must have all the necessary equipment on you. A cleaning kit for ar-15 maintenance would top the list of necessary supplies. With this kit, the worry of maintaining your gun is taken off of your shoulder.

With a variety of essential tools provided inside the kit, it becomes a must for this fabulous weapon. Still, many people argue that you can use a standard cleaning kit instead of an AR-15 cleaning kit. Here’s why you need to have a kit specifically made for your gun.

Why Should You Not Use A Standard Cleaning Kit?

The standard cleaning kits are designed by keeping shotguns, pistol, and bolt action rifles. These guns are pretty easy to clean, whereas an AR-15 requires much specific attention from the owner. Therefore, the thorough cleansing of an AR cannot be carried out by the general kits.

The hard-to-reach areas can only be reached with the tools explicitly made for this gun. With the help of a suitable kit, you will ensure the maintenance of your AR rifle.

What Do You Get In AR-15 Cleaning Kit?

As you can find a lot of AR-15 cleaning kits, all of them have their specific set of tools. However, keeping aside their uniqueness, each kit contains some essential tools that have their specific function to perform. Here are the tools that can be used for ar-15 maintenance.

1. A Gun Cleaning Rod With Adapters

The cleaning rod for the AR is basically a multi-part threaded rod. The primary function of this rod is to clean the barrel by going down in it. The bore brush you get with the kit attaches to the end so that you can clean the barrel.

Along with the rod, you must have received the adapters. These are really necessary as they allow the attachment of cotton pads.

2. A Bore Brush

Besides the cleaning rod, the bore brush is also responsible for thoroughly cleaning the barrel’s inside. It is just a round brush that is made of bronze. However, the brush should be of the appropriate size to work efficiently and effectively. You will have various brushes for different calibers if you get a universal kit.

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3. Cleaning Patches

For cleaning the gun, you also require ordinary cotton patches. The patches you get in the kit are called cleaning patches. There are two ways for you to use them. One is by your hands, and the other is attaching them to the adapters.

4. A Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush is an ultimate tool that helps you remove fouling for the areas like the inside of the action, the bolt, and others. It is the right choice when it comes to metal components. You can use a nylon brush if the stock of your gun is wooden. 

5. Either CLP Or Gun Oil

Cleaning kits usually come with their gun cleaner, lubricant, or combination. In addition, many kits today come with CLP. If you got a CLP in the kit, you have to pay for the lube to increase the effectiveness.  

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