All You Should Know About Hunting & Fishing Power Bikes

The advent of electric bikes has had a significant impact on the way we do things today. Thanks to their overall convenience and versatility, electric bikes have become a ubiquitous feature in many aspects of our lives.

One of the industries that have greatly benefited from the applications of these machines is hunting. With an e-bike, it is much easier to track animals and access remote hunting grounds that were once out of reach.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative hunt vehicle to replace your ATV or motorcycle, here is all you need to know about hunting and fishing power bikes.


What are Hunting and Fishing Power Bikes? 

Hunting power bikes simply refer to electric bikes that are designed for hunting. They are no different from your standard e-bike as far as the operation is concerned; only that their features have been enhanced to suit the hunting environment.

This means more durable materials for the frame to take the punishment of riding off-road, a more powerful motor to propel you up hills, a higher capacity battery to maximize your range, as well as bigger and fatter tires to take you over bumps and obstacles effortlessly.

In summary, electric hunting bikes are designed to be the ideal hunting companion, providing you with adequate carrying capacity for all your hunting gear and the ability to drag your prey back to camp after a successful hunt.

How Far Can Hunting Power Bikes Go?

Typically, hunting bikes are fitted with a powerful battery that helps to enhance your range in the wild. On average, you can cover up to 40 miles on a full charge cycle while enjoying the motor assistance, which should be enough time to track, hunt down, and drag the kill back to your camp.

Unlike motorcycles and ATVs, electric hunting bikes feature a smaller and narrower build, which allows you to access more difficult-to-reach hunting grounds. You will be able to navigate narrower thickets and ride through squeezed paths as you pursue your target.

Furthermore, they have powerful motors that deliver a punchy torque to take you up hilly regions without breaking a sweat.

Transporting a Hunting Power Bike

Since you won’t be riding your e-bike from home to the hunting zone, there are a couple of ways you could employ to safely transport it. However, one of the best options is to throw it in the back of your pickup truck and find a hitched-mounted bicycle rack to secure it in place.

You can also buy a special e-bike carrier to ensure everything arrives in one piece. This serves to simplify the task of loading and unloading the bike, saving you precious time and effort.

Another use of the carrier is to keep the frame from getting scratched as it holds the bike with only the tires as the point of contact. Finally, a nice heavy-duty cable should ensure that your load doesn’t get loose on the way.

What are the Advantages of Hunting Power Bikes? 

Electric hunting bikes are more than merely a way of getting to the hunting ground. They offer a fair share of benefits, including allowing you to carry all your hunting equipment more comfortably. The same is true when it comes to retrieving your hunt from the wild and pulling it back to the car.

Overall, power bikes have a low sound profile, which enables you to remain stealthy as you scout and stalk the wild animals. This means there is no unnecessary startling of animals and causing them to get away even before you get a chance to pull the trigger.

Unlike ATVs, these vehicles make it easy for you to thrive in all kinds of hunting environments. They will take you up hilly routes and through dense tickets without slowing you down. The fat tires also make light work of the bumpy and rocky roads in the wilderness.

But these are just a fraction of the hunting power bike benefits; read this review for more of how these exciting machines can enhance your hunting adventures. 

How Much Do Electric Hunting Bikes Cost? 

A good quality electric hunting bike will cost you something in the range of $4000 or more. This is a well-built unit with a rugged frame that will last you several trips to the hunting zone without showing any signs of premature wear.

While hunting bikes are relatively more expensive than conventional electric bikes, the advantage is that they are pretty durable and don’t experience breakdowns easily. This saves you hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance costs down the line.

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So, if you are looking to bring a new dimension to your hunting escapades, power hunting bikes will be the ideal hunting gear to invest in. They are much easier to manage in the wilderness and take you to remote scouting areas with relative ease.

Not to mention that they are designed with ample carrying capacity and enough racks to accommodate all the other hunting equipment.

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