6 Things For Hunters To Do At Home In 2021

As a hunter, you are instinctively driven to go out and put those sharpshooting skills to practice. The hunt, chase, and excitement that come with it are all part of the lifestyle. Exploring the wilderness, practicing and challenging yourself, and taking pride in your achievements are things to look forward to whenever the hunting season comes.

However, some hunting grounds are still difficult to access since the pandemic. Apart from the usual regulations, strict health protocols have to be followed as well. If you don’t want the hassle and opt to stay at home during open season, that’s well and good. However, staying home does not mean that you cannot do hunting-related activities anymore.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the top six things that hunters can do at home this year.


1. Play Online Shooting Games

It’s still possible to practice your hunting and shooting skills with downloadable online games. These games are available for Android devices in Play Store and iOS devices through Apple Store. There are online shooting games that simulate real-life Deer hunting or Duck hunting activities. These games also have a reward system where you can upgrade weapons or buy better ones if you accumulate enough points from shooting targets.

2. Create Animal Crafts 

If you want to extend your love for the hunt indoors, it’s a good idea to create animal arts and crafts. Take a look at the following animal craft ideas you can try while staying at home:

  • Animal Sculptures: If you have blocks or cuts of wood on your property, you can try creating wooden animal sculptures. You can start with simple sculptures of animals such as Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Hens, Cats, Dogs, Cows, Horses, and Sheep. Other sculpting materials include stone, papier mache, and ceramics.
  • Origami: Origami refers to the Japanese art of folding objects out of paper, creating two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) subjects. Origami animals are very popular. This activity is fun and cool as you see the folded paper start to take shape, looking like their real-life animal counterparts. You can start with the easiest origami animal like a Cat face. Eventually, you can create a Dog, Rabbit, or Bear.
  • Animal Targets: Shooting animal targets in a funfair can hone your hunting skills. Now, you don’t have to go out and look for a carnival to do this. You can simply print out some animal pictures sourced online, cut them, and attach them to hanging paper cups or standalone targets like paper dolls. Then, you can use a toy gun to shoot these animal-shaped targets.

3. Read Books And Online Content About Hunting

While staying at home, you can use that extra time to learn more about hunting. Though practical training is needed to hone shooting skills, you also need to sharpen your knowledge about hunting itself. You can read the best books about hunting or search for online articles to get a deeper understanding of its history, and even understand the behavior of animals. 

The knowledge you get can help improve your strategy when it’s time to go out on the field. It will also make you a more responsible hunter since you’ll be more conscious about ecosystems and the overall impact of too much hunting.

Of course, you’ll find books about hunter autobiographies as well. You can discover how these hunters achieved fulfillment through their passion and learn from their real-life experiences and their unusual legends to share.

Also, reading books and online articles about hunting can help you become more aware of the latest discoveries and innovations in the industry. This includes the latest devices or traps that can be used for hunting.

6 Things For Hunters To Do At Home

4. Teach Your Children Basic Hunting Skills

If you have children, you can spend your time at home trying to pique their interest in hunting. You can start by giving them basic knowledge about hunting and shooting. Be a good role model and share the dos and don’ts of hunting. Share your experiences and your reasons why hunting became your hobby. Tell your kids about the benefits of hunting and what kind of responsibility it entails.

You can also start a training ground with the use of animal targets (crafts) that were mentioned above. Just use a toy gun and have your kids get a go at aiming and shooting those cutout animals in your yard. It’s a great way to teach them basic hunting skills, and a fun game for family bonding as well!

5. Watch Hunting Documentaries And Movies 

If reading is not your thing, you can still enrich your knowledge through documentaries and hunting movies. Learn the best hunting techniques from experts in different countries around the world. Sit back, relax, and enjoy hunting adventures on your TV or mobile screen.

For starters, you may check out the following films:

  • The Rundown (2003): The movie is about Beck (Dwayne Douglas Johnson or The Rock), a bounty hunter who accepts any job without questions. When Walker, Beck’s employer sent him to the Amazon to look for his son, he discovered a population managed by a tyrannical treasure hunter.
  • Alpha (2018): This movie is an epic adventure with a visually stunning story. It sheds light on the history of dogs, as man's best friend. A young man (Kodi Smit-McPhee) from a tribe’s elite group got injured and has to survive alone in the wilderness. The young man tamed a lone wolf (wild dog) who was abandoned by its pack. Eventually, they learned to rely on each other. They endured countless dangers to find their way home.

6. Make A Hunter Collage

Combine photos of your hunting adventures, clippings, and other small objects onto paper boards, wood, cloth, or any material of your choice. Highlight your hunting achievements by making a collage. You can even have it framed!

You can also create a digital collage for your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media story or feeds. It’s also a good idea to create your own website, blog, or YouTube channel where you can share your experiences with online users. You can also start writing useful guides and tutorials online to help out others who are still new to hunting. The best part is, you can also earn from doing these activities!


Despite staying at home, you can still enjoy activities that are related to your hunting hobby. You can play online shooting games, make a hunter collage, write about hunting, and create animal crafts. Share these with your family and friends to inspire them to become one with nature and learn survival skills.

Also, watching hunting documentaries or movies, and reading books about hunting can help increase your knowledge. It also sharpens your skills and keeps you in the loop of the newest techniques and hunting trends that are recommended by experienced hunters. 

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