6 Awesome Camping Summer Holidays Ideas for Students

Are you fed up with learning? Keep calm because summer is coming! Many students feel overwhelmed by studying and exams, and this is totally normal. Getting burned out from all of the academic workload is, unfortunately, an inherent part of your academic life. However, you can treat yourself with a little reward for all that effort that you put in.

Planning the summer holidays in advance is an amazing way to release some stress. Whether you’re going alone, or with your loved one, or your college buddies, this is something for you to look forward to, once all the difficulty of the exams are over. Is there anything better than hanging out by the beach with a like-minded crowd or even going abroad together? When you do this every summer holiday or during any break that you have from school, you’re also giving yourself ample time to refresh and relax before another year of hard work.

It’s hard to overestimate the value camping has for college students. In such trips, they often build lifelong friendships and find networks of soulmates essential for the future. There’s also nothing better than seeing the world while you’re young. While money can’t buy anyone happiness, these are certainly exceptions to the rule, in which you’re now able to build a lifetime’s worth of memories. Don’t just spend all your hard-earned money from part-time jobs on shopping. Give yourself the better option of spending for travel and new experiences instead.

That said, here are six awesome camping summer holiday ideas for you, both within the United States and outside of it.


Hit the Beach

There’s no need to buy a pre-packed trip to enjoy summer with your peers. All you have to do is to get ready with your camping gear and then create your own itinerary with friends. There’s nothing better than being spontaneous during each day of your trip, for as long as you’ve also got the right supplies ready. When you’re having this much fun, you wouldn’t want the party to end simply because one of you forgot some of the basics. Here’s a camping checklist for you to follow and get started with: https://outdoorish.com/resources/camping-checklist/.

When you’ve prepared all that, be ready to wake up listening to the waves crashing on the beach.

Tillicum Beach Campground in Siuslaw National Forest Oregon

If you want to experience the solitude of a stretching beach, you should decide on Tillicum Beach Campground as an ideal campsite. There are miles of sand dunes and undeveloped sandy beaches. What’s more, the campsite is especially convenient because there are drinking water and bathrooms.

No doubts, hot sunny summer days are the most popular time to camp on Tillicum Beach with its mountain views. Nonetheless, many visitors stay there untill the early fall. Even the busy freshmen can’t stand up to the temptation. They usually spend the whole summer here and delegate writing to essaypro.com/admission-essay.html where professional authors get them covered. 

The early fall greets students-campers with better weather; there are less rain and fog. Many of them stay there till the middle of September to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. So, take advantage of the perfect waves while swimming or surfing. Such waves are definitely worth skipping a few classes.

California State Parks in Sonoma County 

If you and your friends are true fans of undeveloped coastlines, this campsite definitely won’t leave you bored. Sonoma Coast remains one of the most popular beachfront camping sites around the US; thus it is open year-round. The administration charges $35 per night or $45 for a premium campsite with running water.

Biscayne National Park in Florida

Biscayne National Park in Florida

This one is probably the most unique national park in the US. What’s truly interesting is that campers must ferry over via boat, because almost the entire park is underwater. Don’t forget to spare some money for renting a kayak (20$) to enjoy the coastline waters with friends. Add snorkel gear to your bucket list to explore the vibrant underwater jungle of coral reefs. The best camping place for students is Elliot Key because it offers many commodities such as showers and hot water. The camping here will cost you about $15 per night while ordering a round-trip ferry shuttle is $60.

If you’re lucky, you may also be able to bring your rifle and experience hunting in areas where it’s allowed.

Backpacking Programs Abroad

Backpacking Programs Abroad

Traveling around the US is exciting, but going abroad on camping with your college friends could become an experience of a lifetime. Thus, if you don’t want to think a lot about camping preparation, you can always opt for cheap camping programs abroad.


Frontier offers programs in Central America. It is not far away from home and you don’t need to cross the ocean. If you have always been dreaming about climbing to the rim of active volcanoes, the guys from Frontier have got you covered. This is an active type of summer holiday. You are going to snorkel and dive, ride horseback down mountain trails, zip-line through the lush jungles and, finally, dance the night away in the world’s best salsa clubs.


This camping program is based in Southeast Asia. Stray’s camping programs encompass Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo and Bhutan. Their credo is “see more and do more”, which means they won’t let you stay in one place for more than 48 hours. If you want to explore the iconic must-see hotspots and some adventurous places off the beaten track, the Stray is your ideal companion for the next summer break.

Nullarbor Traveller

If you want to spend a couple of weeks between Adelaide in South Australia and Perth in Western Australia, you should join the Nullarbor team. With them, you can enjoy the wildest camping this summer while sleeping under the stars in swags.

If you’re up for a more adventurous experience, this is definitely one for the books. You can try something extreme like swimming with dolphins and sea lions in the open ocean or go completely mad by cage diving with great white sharks. It's not every day that you can claim you’ve experienced this thrill.

The Nullarbor team will engage you and your friends in hiking, as well as sandboarding on the mountainous dune. Plus, when it comes to nature trips, Australia is really one of the best countries to visit for this purpose. The journey halfway across the world will definitely end up being worth it.

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Summing Up

There’s no difference whether you’ve decided to travel abroad this summer, or stay in the US. Following these camping ideas above, you’ll have the best summer ever. Whether you’ll go for a self-organized camping or pre-bought trip, everything is designed that way to leave campers with something to think about during the academic year. These beautiful places will give you a deep feeling of self-understanding and push you up the next academic year. Think of these camping ideas as your reward for all the hard work that you put in the university. Plus, because they’re also affordable programs, you know for certain that these camping ideas are all student budget-friendly.

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