5 Ultimate Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know

Camping can have its struggles, some love it, some hate it. Whether you love the freedom of waking up and being able to relax with the family, go wherever you like and live in the wilderness or hate being out of you home comforts sitting in front of your favourite TV programme, takeaway on order and a glass of wine in hand. These camping hacks will revolutionise the way you camp, moving you up in the camping world!

Sounds good right? Well keep reading!


1. Struggling to pack your luxurious heavy Egyptian cotton towels into hiking bag without adding large amounts of weight?

Fear no more! Microfibre are the perfect solution! Not only are these towels even more absorbent than regular towels, they are also considerably lighter, meaning your bag will be far easier to carry without having to compromise. They also have a much faster drying time meaning that mould is far less likely to start growing inside your bag. Purchasing microfibre towels really are a no brainier if you’re planning your next camping trip!

2. Sleeping somewhere cold?

We’ve got you covered! Placing air activated hand warmers in you and your families sleeping bags is the perfect solution and will keep you warm and toasty throughout the night. So you can say goodbye to waking up in the night shivering and cold toes in the morning!

Two Sleeping Bags Inside

3. Soggy shoes from the day before?

Whether you’ve been in the sea, on a damp muddy walk or have had a water fight, crumpled newspaper will be your best friend! Wet shoes are the worst but this newspaper hack will dry you shoes up overnight!

4. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

If the answer is scrambled we’ve got the ultimate solution for you! Save the dangers of carrying an egg while camping and pre-scramble your egg! Easy meal prep is key for a relaxing camping trip, just scramble your raw eggs and pour them into a water bottle. You’ll be moving up in the camping world, being able to wake up to your favourite breakfast with a great view and nice warm cup of tea.

5. Sleeping bag zipper stuck?

A common annoyance for many happy campers. Sleeping bag zippers can often get jammed, caught or stuck but by adding unheated candle wax from the candles you’re using to light the campsite at night you’ll be able to lubricate the zipper and voila! Your sleeping bag will feel good as new!

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Wrapping It Up

Useful hacks? Thought so! If you put all of these hacks together you’ll be the ultimate happy camper with all of the other families and couples on site feeling rather jealous, asking for these tips and tricks on how they can sort out their soggy shoes, heavy bags, stuck sleeping bag zippers, cold sleepless nights and stale toast for breakfast...you’ll have the answer...how good will that feel being the only one to know the best camping hacks around! You could even share them if you’re feeling helpful!

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